The image of a man-politician, the image of his father - Political psychology

The image of a man-politician

As a result of studying this chapter, the student must:


• the main features that characterize a man-politician;

• the activities of prominent politicians, leaders of different states;

be able to

• conduct counseling work with patients in the spirit of individual psychology;


• The skills of psychoanalytic analysis of political figures.

And around him a rabble of thin-necked chiefs,

He plays the services of half-people.

Who whistles, who meows, who whines,

He alone babachit and pokes.

Osip Mandelstam

Father's image

Political psychology in our country is just emerging. But what are the miscalculations already discovered? We borrowed from world experience not so much philosophical tension, psychological discoveries, anthropological intuitions, as an arsenal of techniques. Of all the wealth of political thought, we were only available to manipulative delights. It's like in the Kamasutra discover only the whims of sexual poses, but remain indifferent to the spicy philosophy of the East. There were own masters, connoisseurs of political technology. And suddenly the profession turned out to be unclaimed. If governors are appointed, then who needs brainwashing specialists? Begins the denouement, the plot ends. Political images are collapsing, politicians are sagging. Mayak no longer mezhi, and some crotches. But, perhaps, political psychology only now will get a real breath? How many topics are not studied. It's about the phenomenon of charisma, about the images of villains and heroes in history, about the obsessions of crowds, about PR and manipulation. Of course, the development of these topics is important not only for political practice, for the effectiveness of politics or for the development of sober political thinking. Political psychology, as Freud had shown in his time, can greatly enrich the general psychoanalytic theory, push the horizons of psychological knowledge. Perhaps, right now there will be a real request for political philosophy, to a deep comprehension of those laws that determine the shape of politics?

"The politician is always a man. Two images - the image of "father" and "parricide" & quot ;. Y. Dubeykovskaya calls the psychoanalytic model: the psychological coil dragged out by the Oedipus complex drags into a policy in which there is an opportunity to prove its influence on a daily basis and defeat the enemies-symbolic fathers, or, on the contrary, fight for the recognition of the father (the president, the governor) with other brothers. >

It is from this oedipal situation that two dominant candidates emerge in the election: the image of the father personifying strength, stability, responsibility and care, and the image of a patricide that carries criticism of power, shaking the foundations, intimidating voters.

Narcissistic sexuality. Politics love, they are afraid of him, they are admired. The ideal politician is the ideal object, collecting the maximum amount of energetically charged projections of love, hate, fear and respect.

We use the materials of the study, which was conducted at the Department of Political Psychology of the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. Vladimir Putin still remains "a man who is pleasant in every way": fit, athletic, not drinking. The only one who could compare with him (and in some ways even surpass) is Chairman of the US Government DA Medvedev.

The writer and generally public lady Maria Arbatova tells for a long time on the air why she likes President Putin, and just like a man. Engaged in martial arts, he somehow in a special way, apparently, as a creeping tiger, although at first glance it looks like a hiding dragon. This makes him, according to the writer, a sexual symbol of the country (and if you look at the head of all famous pretenders as elephants for the night, then perhaps he will draw on the sex symbol of the planet!).

The former chairman of the US Government, M. Ye. Fradkov, in Shestopal's opinion, lacks the imposing nature of predecessors - M. M. Kasyanov and V. Chernomyrdin. But in something and he succeeded. The best half of the country probably remembered how sincerely the head of the Cabinet regretted the absence of women in the government.

To attract voters, it is not enough to say clever things from the rostrum. Russia is a country with a female character. Before she can be persuaded, she needs to get better, "said Alexei Mukhin, general director of the Center for Political Information. - Everyone comes up with something different. For example, Zyuganov removes warts from his face, Gref dresses extravagantly, even provoking unpleasant rumors for a time. Most politicians wear expensive suits, which cause women's emotional trembling. And at times they change into camouflage, "cocking" before the cameras at military gatherings, even State Duma deputies burdened with beer stomachs, build themselves brave machos. "

Minister of Defense SK Shoigu remains one of the most brutal politicians, but the former profession of the hero-rescuer helped him in this. SB Ivanov, in the not too distant past, the Minister of Defense, willingly demonstrates a military bearing. On occasion, Zhirinovsky puts on the colonel's uniform, or, on the contrary, undresses, demonstrating the buttocks worn at the Duma meetings (he once did inoculate against flu in the presence of television cameras). However, according to image-makers, the leader of the LDPR in recent years, a little flabby and podrasteryal charisma.

Someone helps out natural data. "So, three years ago, the leader in the rating of male attractiveness along with V. Putin was M. Kasyanov," says psychologist Dilya Enikeeva. However, today the famous Kasyanov's baritone only excites supporters of the opposition at a few rallies. According to experts, the lower the voice, the higher the women value the male dignity of the politician. This largely explains the phenomenal success of General AI Lebed. But a low voice is not given to everyone, but everyone wants votes.

"When working with a female audience, politicians use different methods," one experienced political technologist told. - And it's not that they have something to stick out of their pants. The main thing is to create an image of a reliable man, a defender ". It is not simple. According to one of the veterans of the public policy of Boris Nemtsov, "women are better than men who feel falseness and posturing." However, in the most United States policy of publicity is less. On sex appeal elite is not reflected in the best way.

"Men-politicians do not want to be milled - they are perceived as less courageous," Shestopal says. - The era of "playboy", like the same Nemtsov, is a thing of the past. Many people no longer think about the impression they make on the voters. Officials are increasingly not chosen, and appointed. Politics is done under the carpet - and there are already quite different rules of the game .

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