The image of a politician-woman, The phenomenon of...

The image of a politician-woman

As a result of studying this chapter, the student must:


• the main features of a woman as an image of politics;

• how postmodernists interpret the change in the female image;

be able to

• Analyze women's roles in politics;


• The skills of psychoanalytic analysis of the historical fate of women politicians.

Being a woman is a great step,

To drive mad is heroism.

Boris Pasternak

The phenomenon of femininity

The phenomenon of femininity in modern public consciousness is often questioned. Dozens of ideological positions (feminism, unisexism, etc.) challenge the value of women's appearance and female character of behavior. The hidden tendency of these minds is the idea of ​​the possible unification of the sexes. Sketching out a sketch of philosophical anthropology, Kant wrote that in the organization of women, more art is invested in the organization of nature than in the organization of men.

According to Kant, in the division of the sexes, each side must excel different in the development of culture in different ways: a man with a woman's physical strength and courage, and a woman man with her natural gift to master the inclination of men; therefore, when creating a philosophical doctrine of a person of researchers should be more interested in the views of a philosophical anthropologist.

The female sex is frail. Since nature has entrusted to the female womb its most valuable pledge, namely the human race in the embryo, through which the species must multiply and perpetuate itself, this determines the importance of femininity to a greater extent. According to Kant's conviction, women's virtues and vices are different from men's, not so much in gender, as in motives. She must be patient, he must be tolerant. She is sensitive, he is impressionable. In the economy, the man's business is acquisition, the woman's business is thrift. A man is jealous when he likes; a woman is jealous and not loving, for she loses as many men from her circle of admirers as they start taking care of other women. A man has a taste for himself, a woman makes herself an object of taste for everyone.

Both girls and boys suffer from the pressure of all equalizing upbringing. According to O. Weininger, any definition of the concept of femininity, which would see its essence in the need to be personally in possession of a man, would be too narrow. Any statement that the only content of a woman is a child, or a husband, or both, is too broad. Here is what Weininger wrote: "In contrast to the man who above all places purity, innocence and in his erotic need to see in a woman the personification of this higher idea of ​​virginity, in a woman we see a constant desire to carry out sexual intercourse."

The meaning of a man and a woman can be known only through joint research and comparison. Only a relationship to each other can give a clue to the disclosure of their essence. Before the law in all civilized countries, men and women are now equal. In politics, management, business, i.e. where human energy increases dramatically by subordinating and using the energies of many other individuals, a woman rarely reaches noticeable peaks, and exceptions such as the head of a large firm or state just confirm this rule. Ambition, love for power, the need for self-assertion through a high social role in women is on average much weaker than for men. Matriarchy anywhere and ever in the past is rather an arbitrary speculation of historians. There are no reliable arguments in his favor.

The mystery cults were called upon to break through to higher forces, create a single energy field and return to the original state of unity and unseparability. Atman is great as a man and as a woman when they embrace. Mysterial connections have a profound initiatory meaning: a breakthrough to the One, through the pacification of the gods, the sacrifice to them both through physical sacrifice and through trauma of sex.

Sex means duality, bifurcation, the abbreviated form of the concept "half", contains not only the force that divides the one into parts, but the force of mutual attraction, union, and fusion. A breakthrough into this highest region can be accomplished in two ways: the first involves mastery of erotic energies in real practice, sexual love (the sexual version of tantra), the other is the complete ousting of sex from the sphere of one's own life and consciousness (asceticism).

Sexual profanism can be divided into two directions: hedonistic, based on the recognition of a sense of pleasure as the main engine of the person's sexual activity, and utilitarian-natural, which states that the main function of sex is reproduction of the offspring.

Neoplatonic philosophy of love (VS Soloviev, LP Karsavin, BP Vysheslavtsev), as well as orthodox theological (PA Florensky, SN Bulgakov, IA Il'in) , goes back to the ancient understanding of Eros.

With the sex is connected the mystery of the gap in the world and the mystery of every connection, the secret of individuality and immortality.

Anti-Western hate brand all female. Nakedness, sexuality, equality of men and women are poisoned gifts, which the West uses in its great corruption to shock the souls and bodies it colonizes. The awakening of the confrontation that separates humanity for thousands of years does not speak of atavistic obscurantism, condemned, sooner or later, to go to the garbage baskets of history. Quite the contrary, it threatens a universal fire in the 21st century.

Traditional societies live in eternity, like King Priam. They are unable to foresee the threat posed by a previously unknown image of a woman. The question for them is decided in advance by traditions, customs and unshakable rules of kinship. In Afghanistan prior to the Soviet invasion, the covering was prescribed by the family, clan or tribe, it protected the "woman in general" - for lack of such a concept. Women covered with a veil, who took it off, never carried it, could coexist for decades.

Transitional societies on the way to the Western way of life disclose that the enemy has already made his way to their house. They dispute the simplicity of Priam and the traditionalists who imagine that they are inaccessible to the action of the female poison. Poets and thinkers of antiquity describe the relationship of a man and a woman rather as a battlefield than as a ruinous place. A woman is a borderline being. It reminds everyone of its limits. You can deceive, you can deceive me, I can deceive you, we are all not without sin and are mortal, the heavenly gates are not open to us.

The Greek, and then the Western image of a woman turned the world over. The Greek woman (and soon the woman of the West) varies to infinity. If there is no eternal female in fact, there is no specific position in society. Equality between women and men in their capacity for evil, as well as good, does not allow them to be identified.

One hundred years ago, engaged intellectuals, whose advantage was the knowledge of classical culture, did not feel anything shameful in the circulation of inspiration for a woman. Female existence testifies to the existence of the human.

The mass is white, the mass is black - there is no unprecedented scandal here. Plato distinguished the cult of Aphrodite earthly and folk and the cult of Aphrodite spiritual and stellar. Two complementary male views lead to the same result: a sacred or worldly evasion from the tragic tension that illuminates the flame of the fire, the universal love experience.

Western woman aggravates the diagnosis of world fragility, advertising it without false shame. Its troublesome image spreads across the planet a moral crisis. To think of a woman as such, it was necessary to emancipate her from millenarian stereotypes.

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