Three categories of values, The meaning of life...

Three categories of values ​​

Values ​​play a huge role in our lives. However, it is extremely important to discover the wealth of values ​​in their entirety. After all, a person should not dwell on one group of values, but must be flexible enough to switch to another, if here and only here the possibility of realizing values ​​is revealed. Life requires from the person in this respect exceptional flexibility in adapting to the chances she gives him. Indeed, in psychotherapeutic practice it often happens that a patient complains that his life does not make any sense, since his activity is devoid of high value. But it's not important where a person works, but how he works. Values ​​of this kind Frankl calls the values ​​of creativity.

But he also identifies the values ​​of experience that are realized in the perception of the world, for example, in the fascination with the beauties of nature or art. Do not underestimate the fullness of the meaning that they can give to human life. If someone doubts this, Frankl states, "let him imagine that a person who loves music sits in a concert hall; The beautiful sounds of his favorite symphony sound in his ears, and he experiences that trembling that can be experienced only in the perception of the purest beauty; let him imagine that this person will be asked at that moment whether his life has meaning; the questioned will respond that due to this one wonderful moment his life is justified. "

But this is only a moment. Of course, but by the greatness of one moment you can measure the greatness of his whole life: the height of the mountain range is also measured at its highest peak. So in life - its meaning is decided by its vertex moments, and one moment of life can fill it with the highest meaning.

Life can also be meaningful when it has neither creative impulses nor rich experiences. It is extremely important in this case how a person relates to limiting his life opportunities. These values ​​Frankl calls the values ​​of the relationship. It's about how a person relates to his fate, which can not be changed.

Here Frankl talks about courage and suffering, about dignity, even in the fall and failure. In life, a person is given the opportunity to address one or the other group of values. Life requires us to either realize the values ​​of creativity, or appeal to the values ​​of experience. In the first case, we can enrich the world with our activities, and in the second we will enrich ourselves with experience. In one case, the demand of the moment can be realized through activity, in another - by means of our perception.

The Meaning of Life

Logotherapy does not prescribe, but describes the meaning of life, i.e. carries out a phenomenological study of the experience of everyday life of a person, allowing to expand the field of his vision due to the concepts of meaning and values. It involves setting that the meaning needs to be found rather than opened or transmitted.

The meaning is not set by the therapist and is not transmitted to the patient. Sense is not prescribed as a medicine. But this meaning exists, and a person has the opportunity to begin to implement it. In life, up to the very last moment, there is always a sense, and the task of logotherapy is to make this truth not only accessible to the understanding of man, but also to contribute to the realization that life is filled not only with the meaning of work, creativity, beauty, goodness, other people, but also the meaning of suffering.

The limited life of a person does not belittle its semantic fullness. The meaning of life can be found not only through the perception of goods, but also through suffering. The will to sense is connected with semantic orientation and semantic confrontation. The problem of the meaning of life is associated with existential frustration, which, according to Frankl, became a collective neurosis of our time. This type of neurosis is characterized by loss of interest, lack of initiative, a desperate feeling of emptiness, people's doubt that life has any meaning. This is an existential vacuum - a feeling of a general lack or loss of the sense of existence that makes a person's life attractive.

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