Workplace stress


This statement investigates workplace stress and the influences it can have on business.

The report targets what can be done to reduce and stop stress at work. It will go through the following

* What is stress

* Main causes of workplace stress

* Solutions to deal with office stress

* Preventing stress in the workplace

The report concluded by looking at lots of recommendations that may be put in place to combat place of work stress. These recommendations include

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Terms of reference

This report has been well prepared at the get of Darren keegan, lecturer at Coatbridge college or university.

It was produced by Lesley Jones, Coatbridge college or university student. It presents the results of a study into workplace stress including results on business and long term prevention.

The submission date for the record is the ___________, 2010.

2. Treatment

The information because of this report was compiled using the internet.

3. Sectionalised Findings

3. 1 Classification of stress

"Stress, it is argues, can only be sensibly thought as a perceptual sensation arising from a comparison between your demand on the person and his or her ability to cope. An imbalance in the system, when coping is important, offers rise to the experience of stress, also to the strain response. "

T. Cox (1978) Stress. Basingstoke: Macmillan education

The classification of stress by Cox highlights stress as being an imbalance between demand and personal capacity to cope.

3. 2 Causes of workplace stress

All individuals are affected diversely by work and the demand put to them, however there are several factors that can cause unnecessary pressure in the work place creating extra stress.

The work place - personnel that are exploded to poor work conditions such as cramped work stations, limited facilities or poor ventilation or no air conditioning can have stress build-up over time because of the surroundings.

Unsocial or long working time - people working unsocial time in random change patters or constant nighttime shifts somet somet somet

Economic downturn - companies being influenced by the monetary climate may have to reassess job positions and departments, the fear of job damage can be considered a high stress factor.

Training and induction - it's quite common for new participants of staff to experience more stress than normal, this is eased by proper induction and training, people who don't realize their role or work will quickly become stressed when they cannot produce work or make deadlines.

Discrimination and harassment - employed in an environment where an individual is subjected to discrimination or harassment can cause severe stress and pressure within any business.

3. 3 Solutions to stress in the task place and prevention

Some stress in the work place is inevitable however there are always ways to control stress and reduce its effect on business. Both companies and people can take action to assist in preventing pointless stress in the work place.

Company initiatives can be having plainly defined work tasks and responsibilities will help individuals feel safe in their jobs, promotion of social occasions, have a strict code for deal with any discrimination among staff, workload should be supervised to ensure personnel find a way and recourses to deal, communication between all departments, management and staff should be optimum with regal appraisals and feedback both upwards and downwards between management and staff.

Individuals who are affected by work related stress may take some control in which makes it better, positive thinking could prevent stress when offered issues. Changes to lifestyle and diet can also make the working environment less demanding, enjoying less caffeinated and sweet drinks while adopting a healthy diet plan can help.

3. 4 Occupational health

3. 5 How business is affected by work related stress

4. Conclusion

5. Recommendations

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