Sociology Essays

Science as a vocation and profession - Sociology of professions

Science as a vocation and profession in the winter of 1918, a report by max weber on the topic science as a vocation and profession was held at the.

Qualitative methods for studying the audience, Method of focus...

Qualitative methods for studying the audience the wide use of such methods by sociologists confirms their practical utility in applied theory. vladimir.

STYLE OF MANAGEMENT, Theory of personality traits - Management Sociology

Style of control as a result of studying the material in this chapter, the student must: know • the content of the basic concepts that analyze the.

The concept of profession and professionalization...

The concept of profession and professionalism: the approach of t. parsons talcott parsons (1902-1979) is an american sociologist, an outstanding.

Monitoring the quality of services and monitoring compliance...

Monitoring service quality and compliance monitoring standardization in the service sector is developing in parallel with the methodology of applying.

Socialization of the individual, Personality in scientific discourse - Sociology

Socialization of an individual the subject of sociology is a society consisting of social institutions, organizations, groups and individuals. people are.

LABOR MARKET, Labor market: from economic characteristics to...

Labor market the labor market can not be studied outside the subject field of sociological science, and the processes occurring on the labor market can.

Postfordism - the paradigm of labor in a post-industrial...

Postfordism - the paradigm of labor in a post-industrial society the post-industrial era has significantly changed the look and purpose of production and.

Classical approaches in sociological science, Professions...

Classical approaches in sociological science after studying the material in this chapter, the student must: know • key personalities from the history of.

Problems of long-term care in the family - Social work

Problems of long-term care in the family is it possible to shift a large part of the need for care to the families of the elderly themselves, encouraging.

Social conflicts and ways to solve them, Causes of...

Social conflicts and ways to resolve them causes of conflicts each person throughout his life repeatedly encounters conflicts of all kinds. for example,.

Function of organization, Building of organizational...

Organization function after defining the goals and plans, it is necessary to create, complete or reorganize the structure of the organization that would.

Labor in the Middle Ages, Labor in the Early Middle Ages - Labor Sociology

Work in the middle ages considering the genesis of labor in the middle ages, you can find two stages of its development. the first stage (v-xii.

The problem of communication in conflict situations, It is necessary...

Problem of communication in conflict situations significant losses and distortions of information, always existing in the process of interaction - one of.

Goals, objectives, methods ADF, Aims, objectives, methods ADR - Social work

Aims, objectives, pra methods the objectives of the pra are to activate, maintain or restore physical strength, prevent fatigue, improve health, increase.

Technology of Social Rehabilitation - Social Work Technology

Social rehabilitation technology the term rehabilitation (from latelate rahabilitatio - recovery ) is widely used in medicine and psychology, and since.

Period of limited opportunities - Social work technology

Limited capacity period consider the problem of applying public education measures to people who are no longer able to leave the house without.

Flexible work schedule - Labor Sociology

Flexible work schedule the desire for greater flexibility and productivity growth of enterprises led to a wide use of reduced working time (less than.


Nonlinguistic foundations of sociolinguistics: sociology, social psychology, demography sociolinguistics is a linguistic discipline, but luggage of.

The concept and functions of social security - The law of social security

Social security concept and functions until now, domestic science has not developed a generally accepted definition of the concept of social security,.

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