A Critical Examination Of Patriarchy Sociology Essay

In the article "Patriarchy, the System", Allan Johnson identifies patriarchy, and in doing so addresses the normal misconceptions and stereotypes that folks inaccurately identify with the word. He argues that individuals have a tendency to generalize and connect the word patriarchy with men, and therefore come to the final outcome that men are oppressive people. Johnson recognizes a pattern in which women feel free to blame men for oppressing them and for that reason men take it individually and become defensive. He argues that girls will blame men for patriarchy "due to the fact they're men. " Johnson also considers the possibility that perhaps people are simply just confused, that they can not identify the difference between patriarchy as a system and the individual. He argues that folks have to recognize this, and analyze larger contexts, in order to solve interpersonal problems. Johnson shows that contest, gender and category oppression aren't actually oppression, but instead "the sum of specific failings". Johnson argues that in order to solve communal problems, these myths must be solved. "If we're ever before heading to work toward real change, from the misunderstandings we'll have to clear up. " Johnson effectively identifies common myths about patriarchy, and convincingly argues that this ignorance and individualist perspective is contributing to problems within modern culture.

Allan Johnson goes on to argue that patriarchy is planned around romantic relationships and distributed understandings, and he argues that this can limit you to some extent. Johnson provides an interesting perspective about how we take part in our social lives. He makes a good point when he suggests that patriarchy can are present without men being portrayed as the villains. People have a tendency to follow along with what contemporary society deems is typical. That is significant; as it clarifies why individuals make the decisions that they are doing, in a larger social framework. Johnson further analyzes what patriarchy really means, and clarifies that it is simply part of your culture, and the symbols and ideas within it. He argues that "the make up of patriarchal culture" is important to comprehend since it "affects the framework of public life. " He talks about the likelihood that culture enforces gender jobs and ability positions, therefore shaping and influencing our beliefs.

Allan Johnson goes on to say that everyone plays a part in patriarchy, the system, whether they're alert to it or not. We all have been involved in patriarchy, but it does not necessarily mean that ladies are the victims, and men will be the oppressors. He clarifies that who we think our company is is tightly related to who others think we should be and where we fit in cultural systems. He sums up his ideas by stating that all women and men are involved in patriarchy because we occupy "social positions. " This further shows his point, that patriarchy can't be constrained to individuals themselves, as patriarchy is beyond the individual experience.

This article studies the concept of patriarchy as a platform. It provides a sociological perspective on public inequalities and endeavors to describe why they are present. Johnson convincingly argues that individuals don't truly understand the roots of patriarchy. He has used the word patriarchy and runs on the sociological approach to uncover exactly what it is, a public construction or platform. He defines patriarchy in broader social conditions and effectively demonstrates that there could be oppressive individuals in society but patriarchy is not the result of all men being oppressive people, it is the result of individuals collectively having vitality. The sociological way that Johnson uses helps to examine and evaluate society as a whole, a structure where everyone participates in and plays a part in. This approach can help clarify why individuals respond out certain behaviors in their own communal lives. Perhaps people behave in such patriarchal ways because "the machine" has affected us in such ways. Maybe gender oppression has nothing in connection with men being patriarchal, but more to do with how our population has been designed and exactly how our culture and our ideas about men and women have been designed within it. Johnson helps us to work with our sociological creativity to better understand the issues society currently encounters.

To conclude, Allan Johnson's article "Patriarchy, the System" can help us to investigate society in broader sociable terms if you want to comprehend systems like patriarchy and our involvement within these greater systems. Johnson's article helps us to employ a sociological perspective to better understand the individual and why things like gender oppression occur. This article is useful, as Johnson's argument could be employed to other social contexts as well. This post we can further our understanding of public constructions and how exactly we participate in them, and for that reason how we can transform them to improve equality and eliminate the ideas within our culture that limit us.

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