A Research On Sexism In Mexico

The Machismo, how is it called in Mexico and latinamercia "is a set of beliefs proclaiming that real or alleged distinctions between women and men building the superiority of one sex within the other. Also called discrimination or devaluation predicated on a person's love-making, as in limited job opportunities; especially, such discrimination directed against women"

Mexican society on the whole has been grouped before as a male-dominated society in which women did not have the same protection under the law as men to be classified by their gender. In the entire year of 1953 was the very first time in Mexico that girls could exercise their vote in the elections, just a few years ago inside our country, women didn't work and just took good care of the housework, was battered and bruised, generally the authority ignore the abuses of push by the men.

57 years ago women voted for the first time in elections and in this brief spam of their time we have seen remarkable changes in the thinking of society, although you may still find more and more people which have the same ideology that years back.

"According to the First National Survey on Discrimination say that one in five Mexicans believe it is natural to prohibit more what to women than to men, one in three believe it is normal that men earn more than women, and almost one in ten Mexicans concur that women are raped because they provoke men. Furthermore, one in five women is convinced that girls themselves are responsible for discrimination against them"

As we can see in these Review, even if the ideology or mentality has altered over the ages we can observe that you may still find a huge percentage of the populace that still discriminate women

It seems that in 2012, gender equality in population is already something of days gone by. Although macho culture continues to be dominating society once we can easily see in the review, it is hard to believe these results, when it is said that in Mexico is making improvement on issues of discrimination and gender inequality. When looking at the results of this poll. I believe Machismo/Sexism in Mexico would be very difficult to eliminate if we don't change just how of thinking directly from our homes to treat just as children, so we surface finish the custom that is inculcated from technology to generation and has been the first reason that made Mexico a Sexism Modern culture.

It is very unsatisfactory to find these results and know that lots of men believe that women are inferior and should have different treatment.

because as is seen the man continues to be seen as the work figure, while the woman is still viewed as the one that have to caution and raise children and do all the housework.

The goal of this work is to find a better way to live a life along between women and men which is placed not only in respect but also in equality, although the society has advanced there are still traces of discrimination against women.

This newspaper will release how Sexism against women impacts the society, coming in contact with the theme of gender assignments as well as the consequences of the.

The Sexism/Machismo traditionally has been associated with subordination of family jobs and favor and welfare to men, it is therefore deemed to assign less tiring be employed by men, because they are the breadwinners of the house.

A part of Sexism is the utilization of some type of systematic violence against women in order to keep an emotional or subconscious control about them, further it punished any female behavior (some examples as: Men don't cry, men cannot point out their emotions, etc) in a men and from these mentality is the bottom of Homophobia, the most severe consequence a sexist could receive is to have a gay familiar, because it show that their blood vessels and family name is weak and from these idea the discrimination against homosexuals is huge.

Sexism has been an aspect of cultural control and sexist exploitation in many cultures. Some factors which have added to its survival and continuity

-Discriminatory laws against women.

-Treatment difference in the case of adultery

-In some cultures adultery and motherhood before marriage is punished with loss of life.

-Permission from guy for monetary activities

-Denial of right to vote or other civil

-Sexist education in college and home

Religious discrimination in various religions across the world as example of some are in Muslim countries predominated as the old Taliban regime of Afghanistan, using branches of Christianity as Mormonism, in the orthodox Jews, Hinduism, etc.

Sexist section of labor, whereby men prefer other men in decision making jobs position (originally the sexist department was based on the difference in physical capacity and muscular), where men possessed comparative advantage. However in modern scientific societies pressure is irrelevant, being more important intellectual capabilities and cultural skills. In addition, it identifies a payment of lower pay to women than men in trade of the same work.

Now at times rarely we listened to experiences of men who do not allow their wives or daughters to study or work. Almost 40% of women of working era are in employment, the amount of students signed up for colleges and universities is divided similarly between your sexes, Women are more and more alert to their protection under the law and demand equivalent treatment at work and in politics.

Under these conditions, Machismo has mutated. Today is situated more on control and internal coercion or discrimination in physical restraints. In a way, machismo has truly gone underground. Deeply buried inside our daily habits, is almost unseen in the educated or high classes, invisible but always present.

It can be done that in many areas women are consider as equal to men. In Mexico, women do not own their time. When they go out, spend cash, see their friends, they are still expected to notify with fine detail their schedule of their daily activities with their Parents, brothers, boyfriends and husbands, but men do not accept to be asked. In the home, men can say "Do not take the time me, I'm watching television, " but women do not, because they are supposed to be available night and day for her hubby and children.

These double criteria are now a pillar of machismo. Surveys show that men are prepared to go to the supermarket or children dominate for some time, but refuse to iron, sew, cut fruit and vegetables or clean the oven or bathroom, because these jobs are believed unmanly. The men help, but within rigidly described parameters.

This section of labor in all areas of life means that men and women are still incredibly inept for the duties assigned to the opposite sex. We are able to see informed and successful men who have no idea steps to make a cup of coffee and professional women who've no idea about how precisely to improve a fuse. So machismo creates people who have only 1 / 2 of the

Conclusion to get rid of of Sexism/Machismo.

Share the task that has typically been considered "women's work".

Challenge the idea to men and women that children are naturally intense and violent. Stand firm that it is merely hard conditioning which makes anyone respond this way. Stand company that boys are just like girls, and young girls as boys

Encourage men to feel and share all our thoughts. Men's largest fitness comes from having to act like we have no feelings (like "Big young boys don't cry", "You're acting like a lady "). This conditioning is what eventually makes men take on all the inhuman jobs we are expected to experiment with in society.

Support women's management.

Model non-sexist habit everywhere. Tell and show women and men that getting rid of sexism is female focus in your life. The existence of sexism in culture is hurtful to everyone, not merely women. It's reduction will enhance every human being's life.

Educate the new generations with the idea that children are equal with the same privileges and tasks, and can or capable to do anything.

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