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Alternative Globalization Options

The urgency of the global problems facing all humanity, which calls into question general go to the search for alternative globalization options .

They can be divided into two types.

1. Geopolitical and economic projects, the embodiment of which can really oppose the modern paradigm of globalization. This is, for example, the project of European regional integration proposed by W. Beck: "There is no national exit from the trap of globalization. But there is, perhaps, a transnational solution. The transnational aggregate of the states of the European Union could restore the priority of politics, restore the democratically controlled social and economic and political ability of actions for the cooperating countries ... It is imperative to introduce social and ecological minimum standards. And this should not be done out of protectionist considerations, but to overcome European double morality, when people in other countries are not protected with respect to what is defined in Europe and defended as human dignity. The policy of deregulation of transnational states would need to be countered by the requirement of re-regulation, the introduction of new social and environmental standards. "

2. Philosophical, cultural, moral projects aimed at opposing economic and political globalism, fraught with social, cultural, environmental disasters, the return of spiritual and moral, humanitarian dimensions to the basic paradigms of international relations. This spiritual revival of a single global humanity should be facilitated by a return to the values ​​of world religions, to the heritage of great civilizations.

In the context of this approach, the question of the sociocultural origins and the essence of modern globalization leading to the formation of a unipolar world, led by the United States, is put in a new light. The discussion of the problem of the correlation between global and American is an important component of the modern discourse of globalization. The strong and multifaceted influence of American and Western culture on cultural and informational globalization is recognized, American leadership in the field of technological development and financial economics is the basis of economic globalization. At the same time, the discourse of alternative globalization recognizes the participation of other cultures in global processes, their growing influence in the world. P. Berger in the introduction to the "Multifaceted Globalization" emphasizes that, firstly, the global is always manifested through local specifics, just as McDonald's restaurants in different regions of the world acquire local flavor and meanings. Secondly, he emphasizes that alternative globalization is due to the multiple nature of the present and the ways to it (see Chapter 11).

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