Analysis of Twycross Zoo organisation

Twycross Zoo is located in the village of Twycross in Leicestershire. A lot of the population are in a hour of Twycross Zoo, approx 9 million.

History of the zoo

The Zoo was founded in 1962 by Molly Badham and Nathalie Evans. Molly Badham, who held animals from a young age, owned or operated a dog or cat shop in her home town, along with Nathalie Evans who also had a pet shop in the same time. Both women continued to share a flat along with two chimpanzees. Their selections of animals grew, and they continued to buy a sizable parcel with stables, farm complexes etc. Molly Badham then continued to become a specialist in the treatment of primates in captivity, and now the zoo is continuing to grow to possess one of the most significant amounts of primates. Molly and Nathalie create a charity called the 'East midlands zoological contemporary society' and the animal collection and zoo premises were donated to them in 1962.

Size of company

The zoo attracts around 500, 000 guests per year. The zoo employs around 120 regular staff, and also staff seasonal staff for further help around the seasonal times.

Nature of the task done

The zoos primary goal is a sanctuary for the animals that they keep there. Also, conservation, education and research that is done within the zoo. The zoo does indeed lots of things for the animals. They do captive mating.

The captive breeding programme

At Twycross zoo there a wide range of animals that are threatened with extinction. The primary reason for extinction is usually due to population, and zoos and organisations who try to help these animals have been working along for years to try prevent animals from going extinct and making organisations, helping zoo's and captive mating centres etc to make sure that these animals don't go extinct by doing things including the captive breeding program, they also need to keep the zoo population. There are numerous kinds of land vertebrates that will soon need to be cared for by humans if they're not able to breed well in the wild. By dealing with other organisations and captive breeding centres etc they can help to breed animals quicker than if they were in the open or stressed areas etc. An example of this is actually the Amur Leopard they have bought to Twycross zoo to breed the pet and ensure that it doesn't go extinct.

The zoo also does research at the zoo for animals. The zoo has a strong research office and support many tasks each year. The zoo helps bring about research, especially if it benefits pet welfare and the conservation at the zoo. Most of the researchers that Twycross zoo recruit are learning the pets that the zoo have because they have the largest collection of primate varieties of any zoo on earth, aside from countries like Japan.

The zoo research behavior, nourishment etc to help and look after the pets or animals at the zoo to the best that they can, finding new ways to provide the family pets the nutrition that they want and new ways to make certain that the behaviour of the animals is good, and if it isn't finding new ways to make sure the family pets are happy and well looked after. Also, the methods of nourishing the animals and the meals that they supply them are very closely investigated as every pet animal has a carefully controlled diet and this needs to be obtained.

The zoo also plays a part in campaigns; this is an excellent move to make for them because it implies that the zoo is enthusiastic about things that are taking place and things that are related to the zoo.

They also maintain pet welfare which is vital for the animals because the research done for pet welfare is concentrating on your body, the heartrate etc to look at how the animal is coping with its environment and food etc.

The zoo focuses on enrichment for the family pets also. The reason why the zoo do enrichment is to ensure that the pets are happy and occupied with the things that the zoo give those to play with and do etc. They do this for many reasons, such as to make certain family pets perform natural behaviours, animals are more active, animals have more control over their lives, and environment is more interesting to family pets and public also to avoid development of stereotypical behavior. They keep there eye on the family pets daily and write down the notes on the pets for each day.

Twycross zoo has a professional education team. They teach the public that visit the zoo every one of the things that they wish to find out about the zoo. They also teach academic institutions and colleges. They do this by giving group talks and answering specific questions asked by the public that visit the zoo. When a school or college or university sessions the zoo, they can organize a talk to a member of staff at the zoo plus they tell you everything about the zoo that you need to know.

The regions of science found in the company (biology, chemistry, physics)

At Twycross zoo, there are different sections; the zoo is split into different areas. This means that in every of the various sections, there are different parts of technology that can be used.

Biology can be used in the zoo because part of biology is the analysis of plants. You will discover plants and trees and shrubs everywhere around the zoo. They have to understand the plant life they placed into enclosures incase it is bad for any of the animals. Also, plants that the animals can eat need to be investigated incase they harm the animal at all. The zoo keepers would use this to help make the enclosures and around the zoo look somewhat better, also

Zoology is one of the branches of biology that checks the structure, function, behaviour, and development of animals. To understand about animal behavior and the way the animals act and show if the animals are happy with their environment and are eating the right food with the precise minerals, natural vitamins in etc. The pet keepers, vets, researchers and zoo owners are most likely to utilize this part of knowledge.

The zoo could also use biochemistry, including the vet; if indeed they have an example to send to a laboratory this may be used.

The zoo would also use building biology, as this is actually the study of inside living environment they might need to use this bit of technology to be sure that the building requirements for the enclosures are up to standard and suitable for every and every pet. The estates part of the employees would utilize this part of science.

The zoo would use conservation biology a lot throughout the zoo since it is the analysis of restoration of the natural environment, animals, vegetation, preservation and cover. These are a few of the main seeks of the zoo, ensuring they may be being green and finding new ways to restore the natural environment. Conservationist at the zoo would defiantly use this part of knowledge, so would the zoo keepers and the maintenance employees too.

Ethology is the study of animal habit; this is employed a whole lot in zoos because they study the animal's tendencies to ensure that they are happy with the environment and their enclosure etc. In addition they review the animal's habit to make sure that they are healthy and being taken care of well.

The zoo also use chemistry, this is another use of research found in the zoo.

They use chemistry to comprehend what medicines to provide to the pets. Also, the use of cleaning essential fluids must be explored and studied to make sure that this wont influence the animals at all and can clean it properly also. Also, cooking in the cafes and restaurants need to make use of chemistry with baking also, to make sure that it's grilled properly and the right temperatures and substances.

Physics can be used a lot about the zoo because there are a great number of buildings and enclosures, so the physics needs to be good or more to standards to be sure that it's appropriate and safe for the family pets, site visitors and employees to work, live and appearance in.

Skills employed by employees that happen to be science related

At Twycross zoo there is a lot of technology found in the company.

In Administration technology is employed in

  • Personal decisions
  • Business decisions
  • Finance
  • ICT
  • Animal databases
  • Records

The skills and qualifications for they are

  • GCSE's
  • Business administration
  • Computer Science
  • The director of supervision is a vet.

The dog team are extremely important in the zoo, they care for the family pets. The knowledge used is posted

  • Keeping creature records
  • Feeding and cleaning
  • Caring for pets or animals (medication etc)
  • Designing enclosures and enrichment
  • The certification used are:
  • Related degrees
  • Animal management
  • NVQ, GNVO Diploma, HND
  • Veterinary health studies


Estates also use research in the zoo. They help to maintain that the zoo is up to benchmarks and build new things to make the zoo a much better place for the pets or animals, workers and site visitors.

The careers that done are

  • Gardening
  • Building enclosures
  • Maintenance
  • Electrical
  • The requirements necessary for this are:
  • Trades
  • Horticulture

Education is a huge part of the zoo, and the zoo do there best to ensure that tourists and personnel etc are informed properly and understand the annals, reason etc of the zoo.

The jobs to do with education are

  • Teaching
  • Campaigns
  • Signage and Interpretation
  • Outreach
  • Research

The qualifications needed for this are

  • GCSE's
  • A Levels
  • Relevant degrees
  • Teaching
  • Experience

There are also other staffs that work at the zoo. These aren't as important as the animal keepers etc. These include:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Gift shop workers
  • Visitor services

The qualifications are

  • GCSE's
  • A Levels
  • Experience

Examples of a range of jobs used in the organisation and the functions and responsibilities of those employees, it's also advisable to identify any medical qualifications required for the jobs / how technology is used

  • Job
  • Role
  • Responsibilities
  • Qualifications needed
  • How knowledge is used
  • Education Officer

An education officer supports the training department, provides high standard services for groups of students and children browsing the zoo.

- Planning of talks for sets of students.

- Delivering talks

- Keeping education complexes tidy

- Marketing the zoo's education services

- Graduate in a zoo - related subject

- Ideally PGCE qualified

- Experience in teaching

- Excellent presentation skills

Science can be used in this because you have to know all about the animals so you can teach people about them.

Catering manager

To ensure that the catering department delivers an inexpensive service to the zoo.

- Motivate and manage staff

- Recruitment, training, development

- Maintain health, safeness, hygiene

- Experience in budget setting up and management

- Experienced in managing

- IT Literate

Biology can be used for cooking.


Being an integral person in the team offering each person in the general public their first impression of the zoo. Interacting with the general public and welcoming them.

- Working on a few regions of visitor services.

- Help with car parking, gift help, pay booth, information centre.

-Litter picking, cleaning etc.

- Good customer care skills, polite, friendly, helpful.

- Punctual

Qualifications aren't essential.

Science is not actually that important in this job, but you'll need to find out about the animals if the guests ask anything.

Animal keeper (Quality 1)

To help with the animal keeping on the section, so that it is carried out to the standards on the day-to-day basis.


-Prepare and distribute food and water correctly.

-Know the animals, check, watch them.


-Keep to benchmarks of hygiene, cleanness.

-Maintain security


- Help with training

- Know the animals dietary requirements

- Follows the zoo's health and safety instructions

- Got training and experience

Science is used because you should know everything about the animals, what they eat and understand and identify their behaviour etc.

Gardener & Maintenance operative

To assist in the upkeep and planting of the zoo's grounds and shows. Also, help with the overall maintenance.

-Mowing lawns

-Digging ground


-General maintenance of grounds display

- Travelling transport

-Physically fit, active

- Work experience as a labourer or gardener

Science is not actually used in combination with this job.


To help the zoo with the each day care and attention of animals. Be readily available to assist whatever they are necessary for. Treat the animals when needed.

- Always on hand to help when there's a problem

- Care and look after the animals to make certain they are simply healthy.

- If indeed they need treating to take care of them in the right way.

- Vaccinations etc.

-Biology 'A' Level, as well as one or two from Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

- Marks at 'A' Level, two A's and a B, or, in some cases, three A's

- Additionally, a differentiation in BTEC Diploma in Pet animal Science.


Example of how changing methodical ideas have an effect on the operations used within the company.

When clinical things are changed that are regarding the zoo, the zoo have to adapt to the changes and ensure that they are up to date with all of the latest ideas and changes within science, like better equipment and materials etc.

Things have to improve in the zoo when scientific ideas change. The ethics of the zoo has modified across the years as there are more clinical ideas being founded, from exhibition to now it is education and conservation.

The enclosure designs also change with methodical ideas also. Before new materials were developed, the zoo enclosures were wired fences with not much that can be played with and not that great security, and yes it wasn't very nice for the pets or animals as they noticed like these were stuck in cages and site visitors weren't pleased to see the pets or animals in cages, so they had to change how they were designed with medical ideas. Now there are thick wine glass walls surrounding the animal's enclosure, this is better for the animal because they don't really feel as caged in which is easier for visitors to view the pets or animals and it is a more natural and earthly place for the pets to reside in. There is also altered the materials in the zoos so that the animals are a whole lot safer with what they are moving into and using etc. For example, the playground equipment that the gorilla's have used to be unsafe and unsteady with the materials that were used before, plus they may not have even possessed anything to play on since it was unsafe plus they didn't have the right materials. Now, they have strong solid wood play equipment that is safe for the pet to stay and play on.

There are a great deal of changes of the way the staffs use day to day work because of the research that is performed. They do various things from what they does before new research and scientific research was done.

Also, the zoo is a lot more green than it used to be as a result of world changing because of medical things that are happening in the world, they join up with everyone else with recycling and re-using things.

How ICT can be used in the business:

ICT is utilized in the zoo because they have to do some work with ICT and computers to comprehend their pets and keep files about them etc.

The zoo must keep information on every single animal to make certain that nothing moves wrong and they are not given or gave medication twice for example. They need to keep animal details on everything about the pet and what they eat, how they have to get it. Also, with the lively breeding programme they may have to ensure that they placed into data about the pets mating. The zoo do that because if anything proceeded to go wrong with the zoo or there are new staff being employed, if the zoo goes under new management etc they have got under records everything about the pets or animals and what is going on with them, this is to make certain they have proof what they are doing and also have done.

They likewise have staff information at the zoo to start to see the record on staff, so that other staff and professionals etc can easily see what is going on and the remarks or certification etc are up to criteria and that they are doing their job properly plus they haven't any records on the CRB.

The zoo also does indeed the pay spin using ICT. That is easier so they have got every one of the pay rolls and information using the pc and do not get mixed up with them. Also, it is much easier to print off and get all the pay roll's right for each and every staff employee. The zoo also uses ICT for pay rolls are that it is straightforward to upgrade and change.

The zoo has partnership with many other zoos on the globe, so they used ICT to talk to other zoos for research, help or to do with the family pets. That is easier, and far cheaper to keep in connection with them over the internet, e-mails etc than mobile phone calling overseas into other countries that may cost a lot more. Also, the zoo has a website so they have to keep that current and jogging.

Rules and regulations that the company has to abide by:

Twycross zoo has several rules and regulations that they have to adhere to and go along with. Every company has regulations that they must stick to and retain in line with regulations, if they don't they are really breaking regulations and may in truth have their company shut down.

There is a lot of rules and regulations for Twycross zoo as they have to stick to them strictly to make sure that the pets are as safe as they can be in their house, and also that the tourists and personnel are safe.

The zoo has to stick to the guidelines and legislation of the 'The Provision of Services Laws. ' There are lots of different parts to the that the zoo has to stick to, the part of the provision they need to stick to is named the Secretary of state's expectations of modern zoo practice.

The provision of water and food regulation says that the food must be offered in an appropriate manner, it must be of nutritive value, good variety and quality. That the animals must have fresh, clean drinking water and it must be accessible to them all the time. It also says that resources of drink and food should be kept and well prepared under hygienic conditions.

The provision of the right environment says that the heat range, ventilation, light and noises levels in the enclosures must be suited to an animal. The pets in outdoor enclosures must be provided with shelter. Also, that the enclosures and barriers must be in good condition and not be any injury to family pets, for example they need to not have barriers where the creature could get out, or get injured or stuck in it.

Provision of pet animal health care areas that the zoo has to do usual observation, which means that the family pets should be inspected at least twice every day by the person that is in charge of that section on that day, and that if they're any cause for concerned they have to be examined by an effective professional immediately. There is also to keep a regular record on that animal.

It also states that they have to check the enclosures strongly also. They need to be a size and design and ideal for the animal to live in. Also, they need to not put animals that do not get on or are not the same species in to the same enclosure. Keepers must also check the plants and trees in the enclosures to make sure they can not injure the pet in any way in any way. Also, there must be a distance between your obstacles and enclosures, and also a distance between the visitors in case of the get spread around of disease.

The provision of possibility to express most normal behavior state governments that the pets or animals should be allowed the opportunity to express the behaviour that they would like to do and at all that they would like to, which is suitable.

The provision of coverage from dread and distress says that pets or animals must be treated and looked after by experienced and experienced personnel, it must be done with care to make sure that the family pets are protected. It also states that pets must under any circumstances be provoked for the benefit of the public. If the pet was to socialize in a stressful way, they need to not be contacted or looked at closely. If the pet is pregnant with young children, they must be devote a noiseless area to minimise stress.

The secretary of state's specifications of modern zoo practice also addresses far more things that are to do with the zoo. It addresses transportation, so that the zoo must ensure that when the family pets are being transferred they are really always safe and looked after properly rather than getting aggravated. In addition, it means that the zoo has a whole lot of public security and they make sure they adhere to the guidelines to keep every person safe. Also, they need to ensure that personnel has training and are fully qualified and familiar with doing what they are doing and ready for things that can happen.

What are risk assessments? Who creates them and exactly how are they used:

A risk examination is a careful study of what in your business could cause harm to people or family pets. They are being used in all businesses and organisations and are there to predict and limit the hazards that can happen in your workplace or in Twycross zoos place the home of animals. With risk assessments you can see whether you took enough safety measures and predictions to make sure that the business is wanting its hardest to be sure staff, guests and animals are guarded the best that they can. All zoo's and wildlife parks legally have to execute risk assessments. They are made by the selected persons that have been asked to make a risk assessment. For example, they could ask the zoo keeper to make one as they know things that could go wrong and work with the animals, open public, and other staff and also in the enclosures to allow them to predict what could happen. A higher member of staff could also make the chance assessments from what they think could fail, or the more predictable risk assessments that they know.

10&11 - Lost them, need doing again.

What kite markings are and what they symbolize:

The Kitemark symbolises quality and protection to people and also businesses, this can be a registered trademark of the English standards institution. It really is a tag of excellent confidence and visible data that the merchandise conforms to certain suggestions; also it implies that the merchandise or business has gone through testing to ensure it is suitable for the purpose.

For the business enterprise or product involved to get a kite draw they have to go through several periods of testing to ensure that the merchandise or business is a 100% safe for the consumer or visitor to feel safe in using the merchandise or attending the business enterprise. The Kitemark is respected and recognized by more than 88% of the populace and of these who recognized the Kitemark claimed that products with a Kitemark were 93% safer and 91% thought that it might be better quality and goal.

Around the zoo there are many products and places that will possess the Kitemark symbol onto it. For example, there must be a Kitemark on most of the glass windows you see surrounding the zoo, or even on a flames extinguisher in the enclosures, or in the zoo shop it has it on near enough ever before souvenir that you can buy in there.

Kitemarks are essential to customers because they feel like they have trust in knowing that the product or place that they are buying or visiting has been examined and is of the highest security and qualify that it could be. They have rely upon the merchandise or business since it is well known plus they know that it takes work to truly have a Kitemark so the product or business must be secure enough.

Impacts on the neighborhood community:

The needs made on carry and marketing communications systems:

The zoo impacts the local community, with people visiting the zoo daily the visitors and also the staff have to go through the local village to access Twycross zoo. At peak season, there are a lot more tourists than other times of the entire year and this is going to cause more cars and instructors etc visiting the zoo. This could cause some inconvenience in the community as the streets aren't big enough for big instructors and lots of traffic to undergo and build up, so traffic problems on the path to the zoo can result in a major problem for the city.

Also, with so much traffic going through the local town there is going to be far more pollution and noise than the city are used to.

The zoo has made some changes so that they are placing less pressure on the community. They have changed the access to obtain the traffic from the streets quicker and the majority queuing is on the campus of Twycross zoo.

Waste management:

Twycross zoo create a lot of waste materials daily. They try their best to reduce their footprint around they can.

They are reducing their contribution to waste landfill by recycling approximately they can, and also hoping to reduce the misuse that they produce with things that are not needed. For example, the majority of the paper that the zoo uses is shredded and used as pet animal bedding. That is a good idea because you are not wasting paper and re-using it with something that is essential to the animals.

With the pet waste, the pets or animals produce near enough 800 tonnes of poo each day! Which means that they have a lot of poo to remove and they have to do it environmentally. They have got invested in an in-vessel composting system. It functions by placing the poo, shredded paper, straw, sawdust and garden waste material in to the machine, and it grinds the compost down and heats it up to 60 degrees. The reason for warming the compost is to reduce every one of the bacteria and bacteria. It creates sterilized compost in around 15 days.

They are also doing their finest to lessen the electricity that they need by using as many energy conserving products as they can. For example, using energy preservation lights.

They are also reducing the effect they may have on the water system by creating their own environmentally friendly water filtering.

Here is a flow chart that describes the particular zoo does with their animal throw away


Twycross zoo also helps the current economic climate by providing careers for people that need work and that is helping society by producing more jobs so that less people are unemployed.

Also, that the shops across the zoo could reap the benefits of Twycross zoo being in the community that is within because site visitors could go in to the local village and buy things from the outlets which is more profit and customers for the shop.

Community involvement:

The zoo does indeed a fairly good job of involving the community in what they certainly. They do this by holding occasions organised and presented by the zoo itself to require the community. Also, they actually talks and inform the community in what they are doing at the zoo and exactly what they wish to know to require them a lot more.

You can join the zoo as a member, this will provide you with certain advantages to the zoo for example you can get cheaper entrance.

Also, you can adopt an animal at the zoo. This is often a fun thing to do for children and entail the public in with the family pets and the zoo.

Energy use:

The zoo tries their best to lessen the quantity of energy that they ingest.

They do that by using energy efficient kitchen appliances such as energy efficient light bulbs and heating. There is also under floor heating system and this helps you to save energy because less high temperature is being lost as well as are more efficient than radiators.

Also, with the new complexes that are being built they make sure that they build them with an increase of energy conserving things in their building. For example they put more insulation and under floor heat in the new complexes to try and save the maximum amount of energy as they can.

The zoo also now use glass in the enclosures instead of cages. This is a terrific way to keep heat and energy in as is keep more heat in when compared to a cage.

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