Animal Misuse And Cruelty Is Incorrect Sociology Essay

Animal misuse and cruelty is wrong. Pets arent given their protection under the law that they are likely to have in the first place. Using family pets as "lab rats" is cruel and unfair. Most canine abuse or cruelty continues on with little or nothing be reported or said about. The consequence for abusing an creature isn't as tough as it ought to be. There are not enough laws protecting against animal mistreatment. There are not enough laws avoiding animal abuse. Pets or animals being caged up is unfair to the pets or animals themselves. The cruelness of caging an pet animal up for days, weeks, calendar months, or even years at the same time with no food, water or care is the cruelest thing any individual could possibly ever before do. Cruelty and overlook are also two topics that have to deal with animal abuse. Most animal maltreatment goes unreported and nothing has been done to repair the problem of owners locking their pet up and leaving them for long periods of time without food, drinking water, or care. The most common form of canine abuse has to do with an owner locking their dog or dog or cat up for times on end, just completely neglecting them rather than giving them any attention or attention. Over fifty percent the cases including animal cruelty had to do with pets.

There are little regulations about animal mistreatment or canine cruelty. In some states its actually taken seriously like in Colorado abusing or adding an pet animal through any type of cruelty is a $500, 000 fine, up to 6 years in jail, and a ban on owning or being around any form of living dog. Colorado is really the only state to truly have a fine over $150, 000. ("U. S. Cruelty Laws and regulations Felony vs. Misdemeanor", 2011) The state of hawaii with the tiniest fine is Tennessee which has no fine for abusing or adding any type of dog through cruelty. ("U. S. Cruelty Laws Felony vs. Misdemeanor", 2011) Both states which may have the most time that you can get up to in jail are Alabama and Louisiana at, up to a decade in jail. ("U. S. Cruelty Regulations Felony vs. Misdemeanor", 2011)

The laws that we have now aren't enforced enough as they must be. There is not enough attention being given to this subject matter as there must be. There are regulations about animal cruelty and abuse but aren't used around they should be. We don't discover animal abuse just as much as we should either. A couple of pets or animals being abused, tortured, or neglected every day that no person reports, notices, or does indeed anything about. The privileges that animals have now aren't given to the family pets like they should be or where intended to be. Animal misuse isn't a circumstance that most people look as an extremely serious problem. The rights that we have directed at animals or domestic pets or have designed for them aren't highly used all the or directed at an animal as much as they must be.

Using animals as "lab rats" is looked down upon and felt so it shouldn't be done but yet people still test on family pets at all times and nothing is done about any of it. Scientists do research and study on rats because they're said to be unneeded, but yet they you live therefore these are needed. If that was how everyone considered animals we'd have none still left on our planet. Animals are a huge role inside our lives today we use them for nearly everything we do and convinced that somebody would disregard, torture, or misuse an animal is merely wrong.

Most family pets that are in creature abuse or cruelty cases are pets because of a home dispute. ("Facts About Animal Misuse and Domestic Violence", 2011) Some parents even abuse their pet before their child to coerce them to do what they state and what the kid is instructed to do. ("FACTUAL STATEMENTS ABOUT Animal Mistreatment and Local Violence", 2011) More homes have domestic pets than they actually children why spend money on an animal that is going to be a dog or cat if your just heading to misuse it?("Facts About Animal Mistreatment and Household Violence", 2011) Most people have a dog or cat of which they look at a companion or a part of the family. Out of the 50 state governments there are only three that don't have animal mistreatment or cruelty regulations. ("U. S. Cruelty Regulations Felony vs. Misdemeanor", 2011)

If they don't fix animal mistreatment or canine cruelty soon we will have no more animals in the foreseeable future. Hopefully in the foreseeable future they'll create better and much more laws against misuse or cruelty, or they will pay more attention to pets being abused or not being given their rights. The rights that people have finally for pets or animals are properly fine its just that the pets aren't given the protection under the law they need to be given or have. If the government would follow through on paying attention to the truth of pets being abused or cured unfair itself, there would be harsher consequence for an become to do so. Giving pets the privileges they should have is how it ought to be instead of using animals as lab rats, test topics, or a teenagers thought of just a prank, when really in realization driving a cow over on its rear as "just a prank" can be very fatal for the cow actually. Pets aren't considering that much of their privileges as they need to begin with. If indeed they were to research and go further into the subject and subject matter of pets being abused there would be a whole lot of things that they might find out that they didn't know. Harsher consequence is another thing to share with you. If they got harsher punishment simply for neglecting an creature and not taking care of it there would be far more family pets safe. If there was harsher consequence for abusing an animal there wouldn't be as much pets or animals getting abused, beaten, or neglected. Canine maltreatment, cruelty, and disregard are bad and animals aren't given the protection under the law they have earned. There aren't enough laws stopping animal abuse.

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