Assessing OF THIS Criminal offense Functionalist Theory Sociology Essay

Functionalists assume that criminal offense and deviance are inescapable and necessary for a society. Crime shows other person in the society what is right and wrong. Social consensus makes a decision how right and wrong is determined. Crime can lead to communal change, say the functionalists, because the presence of crime shows to the people in modern culture that the government does not extremely control the individuals. Criminal offense can also help the current economic climate of a society by creating jobs for police officials, psychiatrists, probation officers and so on. Even in the functionalist modern culture, too much crime can be bad for the group, creating it to lose the standard harmony and eventually triggering the society to collapse. (www. criminology. fsu. edu)

Conflict theory is based upon the view that the essential causes of offense are the interpersonal and economic forces operating within world. The legal justice system and criminal law are thought to be operating with respect to rich and powerful communal elites, with resulting policies targeted at controlling the indegent. The criminal justice establishment aims at imposing benchmarks of morality and good behavior created by the powerful overall of society. Emphasis is on separating the powerful from have nots who steal from others and safeguarding themselves from physical attacks. In the process, the legal rights of poor folks might be dismissed. The middle class are also co-opted; they side with the elites alternatively the poor, considering they could themselves rise to the top by assisting the status quo.

Sociological Perspectives 5

Thus, street offences, even minor financial ones are regularly punished quite seriously, while large-scale financial and business offences are treated much more leniently. Theft of an television might receive a longer sentence than stealing millions through illegal business tactics. William Chambliss, in a classic essay "The Saints and the Roughnecks, " compared the outcomes for just two sets of adolescent misbehavers. The first, a lesser class group of boys, was hounded by the neighborhood police and labeled by educators as delinquents and future criminals, as the upper-middle class young boys were evenly deviant, but their activities were written off as younger indiscretions and learning experience. (http://www. criminology. fsu. edu/crimtheory/conflict. htm)

Crime-Symbolic Interactionist Theory

The theoretical perspective following on from this particular epistemological choice is

symbolic interactionism. Symbolic interactionists believe it is through engagement, or

interaction, with the earth a sense of so this means and reality is built. It is

contingent upon the notion of people 'being in their world, ' or a part of their world,

that so this means and fact get imbued with 'sociable meaning and simple fact. ' Being 'in the

world' and making sense than it relies on interaction with others, and constructing

meaning and fact by using 'symbolic tools' and their communication

(Crotty 1998). Interpretation is the other essential component in the structure of social meaning, and, along with connections, forms the primary rules of symbolic interactionism (Bessant and Watts 2002; Wallace and Wolf 1999).

Sociological Perspectives 6

Sociologist, Herbert Blumer, therefore calling on the researcher who features a

symbolic interactionist perspective to get closer to the worlds of these being

researched; to see it from the perspectives of those they come across: "noting their

problems and observing how they take care of them, being party to their conversations,

and viewing their lives as they stream along" (Blumer 1969: 87, cited in Wallace and

Wolfe 1999). It issues us to see life from the other's viewpoint, or, in other

words, to put oneself into the shoes of the 'other. '

Sociological Perspectives 7


In my finish, I must agree with the symbolic Interactionist theory to look at society as it really is and not how we want it to be. If we check out society how it really is then in support of then can we start changing just how we all view one another.

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