Common Stereotypes About The Elderly Sociology Essay

Along with the condition of racism and sexism, there's a disease called ageism. That is a interpersonal disease also given by stereotypes. Each one of these aged people are placed in to the proceeding of "old" and have these characteristics in them, they start performing like children, ask many questions, they become senile, greedy, unfortunately unattractive and cranky. Here are five ways the Mass media show stereotypes in elderly people.

Elderly people are shown as helpless subjects in different films and TV shows.

Old people who avoid or oppose negative stereotypes are shown as bizarre and comical on the media.

Media shows seniors as unattractive, unhappy and weak as health smart.

Old people are shown as devils and getting a demon personality. Being greedy and harsh.

Most of the advertising sources show old people being ignored and considering them as a part of the contemporary society.

Media has made things complicated for old people.

What evidence is there for potential biological dissimilarities between centenarians (those who live to be over 100 years old) and others who only survive to their 70s and 80s.

Answer: The primary factor in centenarians getting the age of 100 years is that it is inherited to them. In addition they get less age group related diseases when compared with people who survive into their 70's and 80's. Along with their relative also get the benefit of getting factors that improve the increasing age process in them and factors that help them in stopping different diseases. This factor of long ageing is inherited to them from other ancestors from previous three generations. People with long ages have "significantly larger high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels and particle sizes and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels that reflect on their health and cognitive function performance. "

People who make it through till their 70's and 80' have one factor that the live exclusively without any partner or any children. They don't really have any life quality as they enter their later years and there is no-one to care about them as well that leads them to early on death.

What are ways in which our society looks for to refuse or avoid death? How do these effect your own behaviour toward death?

Answer: Everyone would like to live a long and happy life. It's in a human's bloodstream to avoid loss of life. People use various ways to avoid fatality. There are several ways an individual can avoid loss of life. It just needs some safeguards to take and be careful while taking different decisions of our own life. The largest problem in the current society is that people are lazy and eat things they really do not have to eat. Especially the young generations is caught in this laziness and detects shortcuts alive. The biggest reason of many diseases is that we drink a lot of fizzy refreshments and lots of processed foods. Food with a lot of fat which gives us different center diseases. The best wayto avoid many diseases is to exercise on daily basis. Go to the gym if not possible then do different exercises in your house. Go for a jog. This prevent many loss of life leading to diseases.

What are some issues for people to consider when preparing for loss of life? What can you do within your own life to get ready on your own death?

Answer: Death cannot be dodged. One has to die 1 day or another. Before loss of life people face different concern about their life, their family and the cost savings they have made. How to distribute it without making any problem and equally. During a person's life they make their cost savings and have resources. But in my estimation thinking about family more essential then a person asset. You need to put their family in a position before death that they live an appropriate life following the person's death. As well as for that one has to deliver his legal will in an equivalent manner before his loss of life because afterwards in many societies the male member's get more part of the legal will the female member's. Another positive thing one should bear in mind is that the individual should give his online accounts details in the will because they become public and anyone can access them easily, so you need to be cautious.

What is your situation on euthanasia? With regard to older people. In regards to to young ones. What could you want yourself if you were terminally sick? What will you include if you were writing a full time income Will?

Answer: Intentionally getting rid of yourself is a sin. It's exactly like suicide. However in some situations one has to take action to get relief from pain and fighting. With regard to old people it will depend on the disease and the time period they are going through the specific disease. If the disease is operable and the individual are designed for the pain and troubled then getting rid of himself is not an option. As respect to children they can face pain and suffering more patiently as compared to old people. Therefore the youth should not give and battle the disease until their previous breath. Eliminating themselves is no option. EASILY was terminally ill finished. I want for myself is to invest some quality time with relatives and buddies, because they're the closest one has. The thing I'd include in my Living Will, gives all my assets to poor people after my fatality.

2nd Project

Why should there be such remarkable inequality in the world. Should we take from the wealthy and present to the poor

Answer: The reason in my view for this dramatic inequality is that everyone considers themselves. The wealthy does not maintain the poor and treat them as slaves. Even the federal government supports the indegent to a certain limit. The poor become poorer and has no status in the society. The poor is cured without justice and the wealthy is given proper process. The best way to finish this dramatic inequality is to use from the rich and present it to the poor. For this the government should start increasing taxes on the belongings of the abundant, in order that they get more from the wealthy and give it to the indegent so that they can also live a good life. Poor people likewise have the right to live a happy and tension free life. So the rich also needs to think about the poor and help them in different ways without forcing them to help them.

Use the Internet to discover a non-governmental firm (NGO) with programs that reduce poverty in some of the world's poorest countries.

Answer: New lease of life foundation can be an NGO that is working in Ghana. It includes different programs to lessen poverty in a few parts of the entire world. The different programs its doing to lessen poverty are 1. Health 2. Drinking water and Sanitation 3. Computer training 4. Women & Junior Development 5. Good Governance & Man Privileges 6. Education. It's providing education on malaria and HIV Helps. It really is providing different computer training programs to the children and pupils. The NGO is also reducing poverty by promoting community development by getting volunteers for development programs. The NGO is also creating schools and treatment centers for rural communities. The NGO is also promoting education giving scholarships to students and Skills training/Apprenticeship for Children Placement for international academic institutions (Junior and Senior High Academic institutions). The NGO is also making boreholes to be able to provide normal water to the villagers, training of community drinking water and sanitation comities. Additionally it is promoting health educations at colleges and neighborhoods.

How do race and gender affect the chances of being wealthy or poor and the activities of being poor or prosperous?

Answer: Contest and gender has a huge effect on being wealthy or poor. Most of the jobs in our society are given based on gender or contest. For example if there is a vacancy for a job and the people are a dark North american and a white American, it's clear that the job will be given to the white American. This will discourage the dark American and he'll continue to be poor and go for other alternatives such as theft etc. Precisely the same scenario applies to the gender factor. There is a great deal of gender discrimination inside our community. Females are not given the opportunity to stand out in their life which remains them at night aspect of life and the male gender excels and go for the brighter area of life. The female gender then must remain reliant on the guy gender and also have to live a life as a slave.

Do you think there should be a common "right to food"?

Answer: Food is basic requirement for every human. Without food and water a person cannot survive and yes there must be a general "right to food". There should be justice in the distribution of food. The rich people are getting richer and the poor cannot even eat properly. Here I am going to tell a famous simple fact that abundant people walk to process their food while poor people walk searching for food. This world is cruel there is nothing distributed equally. For example in under developed countries people starve for days and nights so when get food do not get proper food. A lot of the poor people find food from trash cans and remaining food by the abundant people. The indegent cannot even supply themselves in dignity. They feel ashamed on what and exactly how they are really eating. The proper of food include that human being are clear of appetite, food insecurity and malnutrition. So everyone has the to eatwell and really should understand this right.

Operating in 118 countries, McDonald's has more than 33, 000 restaurants. KFC has more than 20, 200 restaurants in 109 countries. Does indeed this extension constitute appealing development? Why or you will want to.

Answer: More development means more job opportunities and less poverty. Yes! Many of these expansion have added in development. Expanding their restaurants imply they need more man power to run their system which imply hiring more people and presenting job opportunities. This also helps the government of countries they are really found in because the federal government will bill those taxes and from that money they'll develop the country in different ways. Having so many franchises will make a great deal of income for the given restaurants plus they can make a good reputation by supporting the community by growing different environment friendly projects. McDonald's with more than 33, 000 restaurants and 47 million people is the largest catering chain all around the globe. Having so many people is a significant contribution in the development of many countries. KFC in the next three to five years will create almost 9000 new careers. This is an enormous contribution towards development.

1st Assignment

Today's course system subject's women to caste: Women should perform traditional duties as a moral responsibility with men more often financially rewarded for their work. Is this why most chefs are men who help income, while most home cooks are women carrying out a household duty.

Answer: Women also have a position in this culture. They can also join a profession. They aren't created to be housewife an only work at home. They should also help men fiscally and just work at different places to look after their own families. Men choose traditional activity like being truly a chef at some five star hotel or restaurant. Women should also go with men to execute the same job, because women are good at this and earn a great deal and support their family in a good way. Men doing traditional work ends in a great impact on their love-making life as well, if compared with those men who do not put up traditional work. This is according to a new analysis from the North american sociological review. Women doing traditional work are called pink-collar staff. The occupation includes typical services industry.

We all think to be wealthy as having more money than we now have. What do you consider is an excellent definition of being rich in conditions of income? Why.

Answer: From the dream of everyone to get or earn the maximum amount of money as they can. A person is never satisfied with the things they have. They would like to have more than they may have. The good description of being rich is that a person can accomplish his basic needs and fulfill some of his desires. The basic needs of an person are food, shelter and clothing. So a person must have an income in which he is able to eat good and healthy food choices. Live in a good place. A place or community where there is basic safety and serenity. People desire to have heavy earnings in order to reside in big properties but this is not essential for a person. Surviving in a small apartment can also give pleasure. The 3rd need is having clothes for your body. One can cover his/her body by simple clothes which a person can buy from a normal amount of income.

As we move into a postindustrial society, will prestige be less a matter of owning things and even more a subject of producing personal creative probable.

Answer: As being a person steps to a post industrial society, creating a good reputation and high self esteem is what every person wants. Being popular in the contemporary society is a person desire. People providing services are literate and want a good reputation. This good reputation is gained by purchasing things that increase a person reputation and self esteem. Every person desires a esteemed life. A prestigious life can is seen by having esteemed things in one's possession. Developing a personal creative potential is also considered as a matter for prestigious people. Creativity is symbolic of prestige. Creative folks have a good reputation and high self-confidence in the world.

What has brought on the long-term rise in income disparity?

Answer: Income is the source of survival for a individual. People have infinite needs and less resources to satisfy their wants and wants. To fulfill their desires they seek careers with high earnings. A person does not want to have a continuous income throughout their life. One has to care about his family as well. Apart from his own wishes he has to fulfill his family's desires. Than main cause in my own viewpoint for climb in income disparity is the fact the education expenditure of someone's children. It's someone's fantasy to see their children studying in a good university or college or university. Everybody wants an excellent life. Life without nervousness and anxiety. A peaceful life with the family. Another reason in under developed countries is that they do not get their basic wants. So they want surge in income to satisfy their basic needs and then for that they work hard and make an effort to get offers and increments.

Time mag reported that 62% of reports on poverty in Time, Newsweek and U. S. Information and World Statement were illustrated with photographs of African Us citizens, who constitute about one-third of the U. S. poor. Does indeed this difference call attention to the plight of black people, who are in high risk of being poor, or could it be an example of racial prejudice. Why

Answer: This entire scenario is an exemplory case of racial prejudice, because African Americans aren't given their privileges properly. They are simply always in the bottom of the meals chain. They may be always cared for as slaves. Sorry to say that. They have no image and reputation in the modern culture. They cannot stand out in their life for their race. That is why they stay poor their expereince of living and have difficulties their very existence. They aren't even given the possibility to perform any white collar job, despite of their high certification and experiences. Not getting opportunities cause them to a life of a legal. They do criminal offense to satisfy their desires and also to take care of their families. A lot of the African People in the usa are in the profession of labor. Their job will not even gratify their basic needs plus they remain poor rather than excel in their life. So the percentage of reports on poverty related to African People in america will increase day by day.

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