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The practice of social work convincingly demonstrates that a competent specialist can provide significant assistance to a client. Incompetent care can not be neutral, it always harms the client. In addition, in life, you can find many examples where a specialist who has received a higher professional education, in practice, turns out to be incompetent and vice versa, an expert practitioner who does not have higher education may turn out to be a competent professional. What is the basis of the principle of competence? What are the rules of competence? The answers to these questions are fundamental for practical social work. Here are some of the rules of competence.

When you help, you become more perfect yourself. Competence ns means only knowing the basic principles of providing assistance, understanding the needs of the client. The specialist should have a sufficient arsenal of skills to assist in real life situations. The Workshop on Social Work aims to competently master the basic skills of practical social work, and above all to help themselves in their daily lives.

Constantly improve your knowledge. Like the first rule, the pursuit of new professional knowledge should become a specialist's way of life if he considers himself competent.

Be an example for the client in his daily life practice. Calling the client to action, it is necessary to show his competence in modeling various options for his own actions. If the specialist wants the client to be open, it is necessary to be yourself. If the specialist wants the client to act actively, it is necessary to be active during the consultations. A skilled specialist uses his skills and abilities to solve his own problems.

Be confident in yourself. If a specialist does something well, there is no need to apologize for this. It is necessary to do business, if you know how. It is not right to be afraid that you are violating the rule of nondirectiveness in your work. A specialist will not be able to effectively help his client if he only passively listens and agrees with the client in everything. If a specialist knows how to help a client, he should not be afraid to do his job.

Find the sources of mastery not in your behavior, but in the results of your work. Competence manifests itself mainly in behavioral patterns, but in the favorable results to which these behaviors are directed. If the client's state as a result of working with a specialist has somehow changed, even for the worse (which most often happens through the fault of the client), this indicates the work of a specialist. If the condition does not change in any way, then the question of the competence of a specialist can already be raised here. Belief in a specialist can very quickly evaporate if there are no results or they are insignificant.

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