Critical Self Representation Of Friendly Work

As feminist copy writer Starhawk said, " Only once we know how we have been designed by the structures of power in which we live can we become shapers" (Staehawk, 1988) It is vital for each participant of cultural activity to know our own complicated social locations, public position, and identities. By acknowledge how these factors are processed, we could know very well what privilege we has keep and what oppression we are involve to be able to boost our capacity for interpersonal work and practice anti-oppressively inside our lifestyle.

Features of Social Locations

Our memberships are interactional, they are" come into presence in and through regards to each other". (Ringrose, 2002) Knowing what futures of our social locations are and how these are consolidated and transformed by each other could improve the depth of the self-awareness and caution us be critical.

People usually ask me questions about my nationality, location of hometown, and my profession when we take up a conversation. Therefore, the majority of time I am determined as a lady student who comes from a developing country of Southeast Asia. Generally speaking, the key reason why these questions have been asked commonly during our communication is due to these communal location have a same feature that includes a huge impact on our behaviors, accents, appearances. In the other words, they are obvious and audible for individuals to identified and identify. However, equate to these public locations, my politics affiliations, faith are more difficult for others to indentify because of the abstraction of these social locations that produce them relatively invisible and inaudible. The affect of these sociable locations are ideological. They have got designed our ideology, communal norm and even have shaped our identification. My interpersonal locations are various, I am an oppressor while I am oppressed by others. Understanding these top features of my communal locations could help me to aware the privileges, capabilities, and injustice these cultural locations have been bought if you ask me and avoid these unfair privilege, "force over" and subjective feelings of injustice, to be able to share electricity with others and practice anti-oppressively in lifestyle.

Message of Id from Society

As Aristotle has described in his publication Politics, "Man is by nature a social pet animal", (Stagiritis, 2000) individual always has demand to connect with others in order to gain a sense of belonging in society. They have been self-locating, determining others and being recognized base on the experience, education, religious beliefs, race, gender and even more elements of contemporary society during their connection meaning our complex personality have been built by these elements.

As an individual with multi-dimensional identity, I have been received various societal meaning in my everyday life. A few of these messages are relate to my cultural track record while some text messages relate to other elements. I migrated to a capital city which known as Kunming from Shilin (a little town of southwest China) whenever i was young, for the first few days in my new institution I wear the original Yi costume as what I did in my past school in Shilin as an Yi people. However, my new classmates offered me trouble because of I wear a dress with embroidered totem instead of using a "normal" dress as they have; my teacher punished me to stand on a chair with hands extended upwards before the entire institution because I refused to remove my bracelet on the regular assembly. Although I spoke fluently Mandarin and have been raised in an urban intellectual family as bulk had, the majority of students even instructors in my new school shown their unwillingness to communicate with me and used "your people" to separated me from them. In my understanding, the issue to" fell a sense of belonging and acceptance" (Wayne, 1991) causes the sensation of being isolation, it was a societal note about my personality in those days. The meaning are conveyed if you ask me by isolating me bodily and psychologically from the majority. After acquiring the message I started to refuse to wear any Yi clothes and accessories to institution because the painfulness from being isolated from "normal" people was unbearable for me as a teenager. During that time, my personality had been fine-tuned by following the process which includes been pointed out by Smith, " moving from unawareness and insufficient differentiation to ethnic consciousness and self-identification" (Smith, 1991).

Power and Privilege

Our society is diverse in many aspects, such as gender, faith, age group etc. These differentiations "cause(s) dread, mistrust, and hatred" (Uvic, 2004 ) and bring us edge and disadvantage inside our life. Furthermore, these differentiations have been used as justification for having "belief in the superiority of 1 way to be over another" (Uvic, 2004). We have to understand what type of power has been inserted in our sociable locations to be able to apply anti-oppressively when we face the inequality and unjustice.

Being a twenty-one year-old heterosexual woman, I have been experienced power-from-within and power-with scheduled to my intricate social locations. To be thought as a "teenagers", there are numerous resources and opportunities out there for me when I need them such as entertainment resources, education opportunity etc. These elements provide me materially and psychologically helps to help me increase personal electric power in order to against the oppression from population. However, I should not feel pleased with this unequal advantages because this institutionalized ageism will not provide equally chance of elder to be a part of meaningful social activity or "exercise their capacities in socially identified and identified ways" (Muallaly, 2002). In order to resist privilege and unearned advantages, I have already been participated in a volunteer group which works with elder also to power hook up with them to be able decrease the affects of institutionalized ageism on elder. On the other hand, to be a heterosexual female I've holding many invisible and visible privileges. For instance, I am going to not be judged by people easily hand in hand and walk on street with my boyfriend; my intimate orientation will not be cured as "immoral" or "abnormal". There are many social constructions are designed base on the assumption that each individual's sexual sights are to someone of other sex. Instead of discovering these privilege as benefits, we have to not only see them as sociable resistances and prevent power-over in our practice, but also value and "support all non-transitional kinds of sexuality" (Uvic, 2004 ) by following Queer Theory. These unfair and unearned advantages will resist our society to develop comprehensively, humanely and justly and we definitely have the duty to understand diversity and never assume people around us.

Purpose of Public Work

It is vital for social staff member to know the purposes of the vocation because these purposes are the direction for all of us and offer clients with a constructive solution whenever we work with them.

When I commenced this course, in my own understanding the goal of interpersonal work was bettering the physical environment of individual such as a micro level and promote the justice of world as with a macro level. As my studying this career has been producing, my ideas of cultural work goal have expanded. Relating to purpose for this career which is described by The Country wide Association of Sociable Workers, the objective is " promote or repair a mutually beneficial interaction between individuals and population in order to enhance the standard of living for everyone" (Dubois, 2004), this profession assists individuals to make a supportive interpersonal system that help clients to attain their personal goals. Dubois and Krogsrud have stated about public work purpose in their publication Sociable Work: An Empowering Career, they said public workers strived to release human power to be able to ensure the well performance for specific and also to release social power in order to promote interpersonal injustice. (Dubois, 2004) More specifically, the reason in Micro level is to enhance clients' capability for social functioning also to match people with advantageous resources. From a macro perspective, the purpose is to encourage the development of communal justice. These purposes are leading complete profession to strive to create an better society.

Social Justice

Social justice is a significant factor to promote the fairness and collateral in our sociable environment. With regards to the concept of this program, there are some elements which are necessary for cultural justice to exist. These elements are: acknowledgment of the associations between social with politic and overall economy (Uvic, 2004 ), awareness of communal injustice, action and activity, fairness of coverage, and equality of public opportunity. In order to promote the justice of public construction, I have placed myself as a participant of cultural activity who have prefer to against injustice and also have responsibility to think critically, action anti-oppressively with perception for the reason that everyone has right to share equal physical resources also to be benefited from complete insurance policy. However, there are might resistances stand in my way once i entail activities to struggle for politics justice and monetary redistribution. These resistances could be insufficient resources and effect of bureaucratization. To avoid the amount of resistance from these two dimensions, I will not be afraid to question the policy and speak out to let federal government know what is needed by people. Also think and act critically instead of working hidebound. Bridget used her action to examine that everyone has potential to make difference inside our society. We will never give up our goal for attempting to promote justice in public system. As American social critic Wayne Baldwin said, "based on the way people see it, and when you can alter, even by a millimeter, just how people take a look at reality, you'll be able to change the world. "

About This Profession

Social Work is a profession which makes an attempt to "proven the interconnectedness between specific changes and sociable changes" (Uvic, 2004). To some extent, the principal purposes could include unpacking the complicity both in societal structure and specific life. This job should not position itself as an "caring and help" institution and stay in this image, this profession should stick out to "reconnect the political with interpersonal" (Uvic, 2004 ) and entail the economic redistrubution in order to ensure that everyone has identical worthy of, opportunity, and dignity in contemporary society. You will find two questions I have to be replied, first question is how to act anti-bureaucratically in work area and the next you are what may i do when there is no coordinating resources for clients. To practice efficiency, I need to get religious and technical aids from myself and co-worker, and people around me to indicate what I did so incorrect. This activity from Fine art Journal helps me to understand myself better and help me to learn why I choose this profession, it also help me to know what is boundary after i work with clients.

Our modern culture is not perfect, to some degree its recognition for variety, injustice government insurance plan and inequality circulation of physical resources are resisting the advertising of sociable justice. we have responsibility to understand evidently what our ideology perspective is and what ability we have credited to our interpersonal locations and identities. These could release human being power and cultural power to be able to enhance public functioning and sociable policy. Sometimes it is not easy to really have the visible effect for promoting the grade of life to entire world, but it worth us to shoot for and deal with for. Like a Chinese old expressing goes: No act of kindness, no subject how small, is ever before wasted.

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