Document turnover in social protection institutions...

Workflow in Social Security Institutions

The management activities of any organization, including social protection institutions, are based on information. Information can be transmitted orally, using paper or electronic media. Most of the information used in the management is documented, which is necessary to monitor performance, resolve disputes, analyze and study management in order to improve its effectiveness.

The competence in matters of record keeping, the availability of necessary skills in working with documents, understanding of their role in the management system is the most important sign of modern business culture and high professionalism of the manager.

Office work, document management support is a branch of activity that provides documentation and organization of work with documents. The activities of any organization can not be imagined without the collection, processing, accumulation, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information. Thus the information most often assumes the fixed, documentary character. Actually, the documentation consists in fixing management actions on paper or other information media and includes all operations for the preparation, compilation, coordination, processing and production of the document.

According to GOST R 51141-98, "Office work and archival business. Terms and Definitions office work is a branch of activity that provides documentation and organization of work with official documents. Workflow - the movement of documents in the organization from the time they are created or received to the completion of execution or dispatch. Archival business is a branch of activity that provides organization of storage and use of archival documents.

The management of the social protection institution requires the creation of many types of documents. Thus, collegial management of an institution is recorded in protocols; single-person administrative activity - in orders and orders for the main activities and personnel; the work of commissions - in acts; administrative and economic activities - in contracts, contracts, etc. The importance of documents in management activities can not be overemphasized, since they are the main carriers of information on the basis of which decisions are made. The development of any social institution requires documenting its activities in accordance with the organizational and legal norms and the current legislation. The decisions taken by the head and his deputies are fixed in a certain order in specific forms of documents. The decision of the issue depends on how well the document is compiled and documented, and on the speed of obtaining and processing information - the timeliness of the decision.

Document circulation is a kind of conveyor for processing documents, and this pipeline has its own stages, where certain officials perform certain actions. Imagine that this conveyor stopped or in some area there was a failure. What will be the consequences? Paralization of the main activity of the organization. That this did not happen and the conveyor worked more efficiently, we need a sufficient level of training for all who are standing at this conveyor. And all employees take part in this process: some take into account, others execute.

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