Evaluate Our Rukun Negara - Essay

The ideas of the Rukun Negara produced by National Consultative Council with jointly headed by our second leading minister, Tun Abdul Razak at 31 August 1970. The goal of formation of the national concepts are to created unity of varied race in Malaysia after the riots of different races at May 13th 1969 in Malaysia. That riots happened got proven the Malaysian racial issues and stableness had fragile.

The development of "Rukun Negara" are one of the method to get over the racial issues between different races in Malaysia after the May 13th incidents has occurred which included hundreds of folks are death in that particular incident. It happened when after election at time 1969 where Parti Tindakan Rakyat (DAP) dan Gerakan get a very good respond from the consequence of the election. Procession happened by them purpose for incident of 1 youth Chinese language was wiped out in struggle with policemen before the election happened. UMNO was noticed be challenged of the consequence of the election although them still win the majority chairs in parliament.

Datuk Harun Idris led the riots happened. Reason for this provocative procession took place was to set hearth to the nature of nationalism of each races in Malaysia. This riots happened until the police was struggling to control the situation. Army force had to be called to help police force to control the situations.

This incidents has made all the leaders in Malaysia has became aware of importance of unity issues of various races in the united states. In the official record, there are totals of 493 people was harmed and 196 people are reported fatality of that occurrences. Emergency in the united states was declared by our Yang Dipertua Agong, with guidelines from our first primary minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman predicated on article 150 in constitution of national Malaysia.

The Rukun Negara can be related with several place that people visit in the journeys. The first basic principle can related with Batu Caves and Country wide Palaces. Batu Caves are rich with Hinduism ethnical. The cultural still maintained until today that let us to enable to review and get to know the elements and everything ethnic about Hinduism. National Palaces are rich with Islam religions and ethnical. In the palaces, great deal of architectures are follow Islam and mixed with Hinduism elements to construct with it. Turn of the light and followers are constructed of silver plated, which signify the prosperous and higher school people in culture.

National Museum symbolize the place to let all the people to access the past ethnical and present ethnical in Malaysia. In museum, we can gain access to different races occupations, ethnical, rituals and behavior being practice in previous and until current today in Malaysia. It also show us how the life, ritual and ethnic of Orang Asli in Malaysia.

Examine carefully the value of Rukun Negara for our country; how it cultivate public structure and social organization in society.

We are admitting that Rukun Negara was important to your country in Malaysia. Rukun Negara was made to meet it's reason for unity of various contest in Malaysia, preventing the riots of races happened again within the united states. Analysis of every elements of national principles


Nation and their state was created based on a strong belief in God. It would make the sovereign country or nation thru these religions idea. The National Constitution announced that Islam is the state faith, but other faith and beliefs can be used in freedom and tranquility. Any actions discrimination against any citizen on grounds predicated on faith are prohibited. Pillars of the drafters of the committee understand the value of idea in God and religious beliefs in individuals life. This concept has been selected as the first rule of the Rukun Negara to identify the value of community users holding robustness against their teaching of religious


Malaysia practices something of constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy with head of state, His Majesty the King. This factor means that each citizen should be devoted faithful, honest and honest to His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. At the condition level, the citizens are required to devote devotion to the ruler who ruled the land where they are living without lowering allegiance to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.


This concept pressing need for folks to accept, obey and defend the Constitution of the united states or glory. Constitution is the highest legal source. Its function is to provide safeguard to every resident of the country for their privileges and rights as citizens in this country. The Malaysian individuals must respect, appreciate, and understand the annals, contents and meanings of the Constitution. Constitution was drafted predicated on consensus of all get-togethers and races within the united states. Thus the social contract that folks cannot be questioned about it and threatened by any individual or any party. Constitution of Malaysia designed for determine the structure of socio-economic and politics position of the individuals in this country.


Justice predicated on the rule of legislations where all residents equal before the law in the country legally. State laws based on the Constitution. Thus the necessity to be accepted and defended its sovereignty. Without regulations, public and state life is not peaceful and stable. By the regulations of the united states are guaranteed by an unbiased judiciary and competent. Every country needs regulations to regulate and create peaceful, success and steadiness in modern culture. The existence of regulations will assure a life person in the city can move with liberty and orderly, without any disruption which not threated the safety of other citizens in the country. All individuals has right to practice freely as long as no violation of regulations as well as things as assured by the Constitution. The freedoms right declared in the Constitution will not means citizens have to overthrow the current government.


These five ideas to point out the development of one's personality and behavior of the people. The aim is to form citizens' courtesy and manners based on the advertising campaign Courtesy and Noble Beliefs conducted now. Specific aspect of courtesy and manners are the main and significant in the components of interactions with other various races within the country. Frame of mind of courtesy and manners should be trained and practiced to build up the individual as well as high discipline and morality that will assist create harmonious in the modern culture. Carry out hate and condemn this habit or take action arrogant or offend any person or school. Polite action within the person are contains of high degree of morality in his or her life.

Importance of Rukun Negara are create unity among the various races, Chinese language, Malay and Indians in Malaysia. In the national principles, it has avoid any racial issues occurred between on the list of three main racial in the country. It was rules binding for those go against with it will be arrested.

National Key points also create function as a instruction in the formation of one nation in the country regardless of religious beliefs and race. It is becoming important recommendations for federal government in Malaysia ruled the country. (Utusan Online, 2004)

National rules also creates just how of democracy life in the Malaysia land. In the federal government constitution, it was stated practice of democracy must in aspect for regulating in countries of Malaysia. The constitution are almost same like USA. National guidelines also to serve purpose of the riches in the nation shall be equitably shared among the country. It also to guarantee the liberal procedure of variety and wealthy of different ethnical customs within Malaysian countries. (Utusan Online, 2004)

In first elements of national principles, not just one were racial, each people of Malaysia was admiration each other ethnic, practices and religions been practice by different races. In today, we can easily see the effects created by the nationwide principle inside our country, Malaysia. Every races still manage to get merged well by one another. (Utusan Online, 2004)

Different races combination well together

Second element in national key points are made the individuals in Malaysia have love and devotion with their country and Kings. Not only that, they are expected to be love their market leaders as well. In Today, although we can see Sultan are functionless in our country, but Malaysians will not oppose the Sultan but to love the Sultan more and value them as there are one of the leaders in Malaysia. We are able to observed Malaysia are growing very good behind than Singapore. But, we still love our country even as we can see the area of expertise of Malaysia are united three races in a single country one country, which this reasons are drawn the foreign tourists come and stop by at Malaysia. (Utusan Online, 2004)

Third elements in countrywide principles allow the people in Malaysia stay in democracy way in their country. There may be freedom to practices their own rituals, ethnic and also religious for each races. Every citizens have their right and own words to protest the wrong doing in the world. Very good example are referring to "Bersih Campaign". It is one of the democracy method for Malaysian citizens to tone of voice out their dissatisfied with the incorrect doing in earlier elections. (Utusan Online, 2004)

Bersih Campaign

The Legislations Binding were cultivate the world become more alert when they commit any against the law activity. One of the example, any medicine trafficking was arrested and had been judged by courtroom, it will received charges as dead phrases in last.

The last principle has allowed all the individuals to develop better or superior personality which consist good moral and action. The superior of personality will be the important components of the development of the country. In addition, it able to avoid any riots took place within the country among the several race. In opposite, it able to create harmony among the list of race for supporting each other, supplement one another which gave a fast lane for a country to be developed country. Criminal offense rate also can be reduced at the same time. Hence, the Ultimate goal of Rukun Negara can also be achieved at the same time.

Different races of Bersih Activists help to save out the sufferer which strike by policemen car in Bersih Marketing campaign. They eventually help policemen escape the car after they save the victim of automobile accident.

In my opinion, national ideas have it's importance and it have affect the Malaysian world to get united even better weighed against time at post- impartial. In today, we can easily see everyone can have different races of friend in their life. The flexibility of Malaysian citizen to apply their cultural and rituals without anyone limitations are amazing, they have attracted the various country tourists just to come and go to the Malaysia for experiencing this multiracial ethnical in Malaysia. In today, we in a position to see even we from different races nevertheless they really help one another when we have difficulty in some situations. My own experience, when there are a incidents occurs, i can start to see the Malays and Indians come and help you each other.

But, we still can easily see some group of people which have electricity in politics and position which seen Rukun Negara as little or nothing. Here, i not wish to refer anyone in Malaysia, but we commonly know very well what is actually happened inside our country. Loss of life of Teoh Beng Hock was still became puzzle until today, although courtroom had given last wisdom as he commit suicide. We still can see many corruptions took place around the united states, that your Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission payment cannot do anything onto it because the high electricity involve which can overwrite everything and manage run away from judgments including legislative.

In realization, Rukun Negara are play very important functions in Malaysia. It offered peacefulness among our country. It also given birth to good personality of the individuals, which love their everything in their house country. Unity among the list of races are end up being the area of expertise of Malaysia toward other countries in every round the world.

Others conversation questions

Examine Malaysian criminal offenses rate and analysis the figures based on Roberts Merton 's Typology of Deviance.

In Robert Merton theory of Deviance typology, there are five elements. You can find conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism and rebellion. Essentially, he explain about deviants patterns becomes criminal offense when the offense too disruptive and uncontrollable through informal sanctions. All kinds of deviance are related with offense. (Tepperman & Curtis, J. , 2006)

Conformity are make reference to achieved of societal goals by sociable 's means which both of them are accepted by population. Innovation is the attaining goals by using unacceptable way by the contemporary society. Innovators always think and take of creative ways to attain their goals, that your creative ways are not accept by world at the majority of the times. In the mean time, Ritualism is the means accepted by modern culture but the lack of the goals. Although they has declined the goals, nonetheless they still continue the means. Retreatism is the rejection of both the goals and means. They often times find a way to escape from goals and means. Rebellion are same so this means with retreatism however they are with new goals and new means. Merton described technology and ritualism are the pure cases, it is because both cases there's a discontinue to implied and pursue between goals and means. (Tepperman & Curtis, J. , 2006)

Based on Malaysia statistics related with offense and rules, there are fourteen kind of crimes. In concern of increase amount of offences are violent offences, property offences, commercial and serial commercial code crimes. Violent crimes are included circumstance of murder, rape, fireplace armed gang robbery, gang robbery without firearms. Property crimes protected stealing of pick up truck/van, car, snatch thefts and burglary. Commercial offences covered those technique in business offer, legal breach of trust, the deceptive misuse of property yet others related. (Statistical of Goverment Malaysia)

Relation between Malaysia criminal offense rate and Robert Merton theory, He try to mentioned that deviances. There is an version by the visitors to dominant the culture in the world. As the grows between the means and goals, people will experienced the most inside turmoil. Good example, an unhealthy people desired middle class people goal, like a new LCD tv set in the home. They find difficulty of methods to achieve their goals, in consequence they experienced stress. He argued that they use illegitimate way to accomplish the best goal. Very good example, stealing are one of related factor of offences rate and Robert theory. Thief opt for stealing ways to attain their goal of acquire money to endure in this world. This term called as innovations, and the thief called as innovators.

Ritualism has some similarity issues with innovators' experience. But, they choose to refuse for achieving the goal, and continue with the means (ways to attain the goal). Example, some people understand how of they achieve the goal will not work, however they still practice the ways.

Best way to describe retreatism are referring to drug lovers. They did not choose the best way to achieve the target, they also refuse to achieve to goal. They choose to escape from everything.

Rebellion are referring group of people or person that reject the norms, goals, and beliefs of society, that they choose go for another new norms, goals, and ideals which do not can be found in that particular modern culture.

Sometime, this can be a contemporary society itself led the offense happened. Examples, individuals were addicted with the New IPhone which cost very expensive in cost. But, as a result of society's demand pressure, everyone essential has one independently. A few of them might be not manage, they choose perform deviance ways to achieve the cost which allows they to buy the phone, including steal, rob and involved in prostitutions.

Father and mom should play an essential role in instructing their children which are ethical ways to perform a choice. It same go along with teachers and lecturers in study institutions. Morality prices should concentrate by the educators in school for his or her student. Parents should become of role to be educate their children should not fall in to the strategy of deviance typology.

In summary, everyone gets the responsibility for judge whether the honest decision has been made for majority profit and agreement in the modern culture.

Evaluate the position of women in terms of profession and education in Malaysia equate to United States, Kuwait and Nigeria.

Status of women in various country has different answer of it. Example, women in Malaysia are far better than women in Midsection East countries, which they tend to be pity, less informed in support of play important role in family for nurturing the children in the house. You will discover heavy discrimination of ladies in Midsection East countries. Generally, ladies in Malaysia are consider lucky. They able to obtain education and manage certain higher position in a number of multi-national company. Although, there are small number of discriminations toward to the ladies, but the situation still consider small matter if weighed against Nigeria and other Midsection East countries. Malaysia authorities gave great deal of supports for concert their rights to make decisions and advance, aspect of health, education, women in interpersonal welfare, and removal of legal obstructions. Development of the Women's Affairs Ministry in Malaysia at time 2001 to recognize the contributions and the tasks of Malaysian women. Based on data of the world standard bank at calendar year 2011, 47 % of labor force in Malaysia are women. In any study organizations, we able to see majority of students are consisted of female. (THE EARTH Standard bank Group, 2013)

Today, women in Kuwait generally consider most emancipated. They may have right to drive, travel, and work without their fathers' or husbands' consent. They even hold mature positions in authorities department. They quite simply can work easily and can perform positions of electric power and effect. (Women's Voting Protection under the law in Kuwait, n. d. )In addition they gain to vote finally at election at 12 months 2005. (BBC Media, 2005) In season 2009, they able to get their own passport without his consent of his man and dad too. The change of the ruler in the united states in result of election has change the destiny of women in that particular country. There even has women work in police force, special force and army power. Basically, women in Kuwait get similar opportunity of occupational. But, Women in Kuwait get some good cultural discrimination. In Islamic legislation, Sunni Islamic women inherit only some of property from family. Ladies in Kuwait are receive enough education likened than ladies in Nigeria.

Women in Nigeria are pitiful. They didn't enjoy their equivalent rights as like ladies in other country. Due to polygamy practice of men in Nigeria, women cannot expect faithful from their husbands. Women are expected to keep humiliation and suffer alone. Women taken have problems with any venereal diseases, including HIV/Products without any words spoken using their mouth. Nigeria women get lower status in the family even possessed wedded with her man. They often times get violence from other husband. The economy pressure (higher poverty) led they work as prostitution in their house country. This also one of the reason why they get inflection of STD and HIV disease. Nevertheless, majority of them are less educated. More often than not, ladies in Nigeria are spend great deal of time in house to do their home stuffs. They do not have chance work in exterior are like men in Nigeria. (Ladies in Nigeria: Faith, Culture, and Assists, 2003)

In today, women in USA are gain most independence in all about the world. According to OECD statement, 71% of men are in paid work, compared with 62% of women. In education aspect, That is truer of women than men, as 88% of men have successfully completed high-school compared with 90% of women. ( OECD, n. d. )

Across the overall economy, women now earn 81 cents for every dollar acquired by men. According to Forbes (2013), Women are get best paying of salary in place number four of job of health care areas. (Forbes, 2013) According to the David Alexander and Phil Stewart (2013), US remove lift ban of women involved in role of front line combat. It has release thousands of job possibility to women in Unite State governments. (Alexander & Phil Stewart, 2013) Education status of women in unite express are far better than any women in Kuwait, Malaysia and Nigeria. Based on the United States Census Bureau, there more women accomplished bachelor degree than men in education. It shows women get more liberty and opportunity of education in United States. (USA Census Bureau, 2011)

In finish, my view about women toward career and education term should be similar same as man. Women must have the equal right same like guy, because they also same like guy. We should exploit and limited these to involve with the things as they prefer to be.

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