Family Planning INSIDE THE Investigation Options Sociology Essay

This investigation is about family planning and the several methods that people can choose from. Choosing from these different methods can help with overpopulation. During this investigation I plan on using different resources to find examples of different methods of family planning. I chose this matter because Personally i think as though there are tons of people in my own generation who are becoming pregnant and don't have a clue as to how they may have avoided it. Then, I considered the economic crisis that's going on on earth and thought that if people thought more about the have difficulties and the price to look after a baby then they would have a family plan. Also, more folks in such crisis tend to cause overpopulation which leads to poverty.

The two resources I have decided to choose from, in this research will be www. buzzle. com and Family planning in an Exploding Population

In today's age group when couples are busy with their respective careers, many are deciding on smaller households or sometimes no children in any way (Buzzle). You will discover two types of family planning methods and they are the natural method and the man-made method. The natural contain abstinence, which is whenever a person chooses to avoid sexual intercourse through the days when the feminine is fertile, so that they won't have to take any artificial contraceptives. Natural family planning is normally chosen by individuals who have certain spiritual reasons or because they're unable to take contraceptives credited to health reasons (Buzzle). The best thing about natural methods of avoiding pregnancy is the fact they don't have any negative effects; however, to follow this method lovers have to be identified and disciplined (Buzzle). Then for unnatural methods there are condoms, which are the mostly, used when seeking to avoid pregnancy and STD (Buzzle). You may still find a chance that folks may become pregnant after using condoms, it is because the condom was either defective or used incorrectly. Condoms are constructed of latex and there are individuals who are sensitive to latex so they choose never to use condoms as a method of their choice. Next, there are the contraceptive pills and disaster pills; these are dental contraceptives that restrict the introduction of the egg. The emergency pill can be used immediately after a couple engages in unsafe sex and this will reduce the chances of becoming pregnant (Buzzle). These man-made methods also include many negative side effects. But with many of these methods there is still a potential for becoming pregnant; none of the methods are 100 %.

As for religious reasoning as to why many people choose not to go with the unnatural method; Catholics feel as though that God created sexual activity for procreation; Catholics see the use of contraceptives, hormonal and barrier are unacceptable. For a few to purposely stop an egg and sperm from signing up for is a sin. They feel as if couples should have as many children as their circumstances may allow. But at the same time it is morally alright for one of the Catholic religious beliefs to make use of the natural family planning. Natural family planning will bring most lovers closer; these short moments of abstinence are during the time of a women's menstrual period.

Part C: Analysis of Sources

The e book, Family Planning within an Exploding Society, by John A. O'Brien was a very helpful source within my investigation. This source's purpose for this information is to open up the eye of the world and tell them some very true information. Everything he says is in fact correct when you see it. By writing this book the writer was definitely attempting to place out a note that everyone needs to take in the consideration of family planning. Without family planning this world is going down; people will die very quickly. I feel that this information was very helpful because it helped me see another side to family planning. I never thought that inability to employ a family planning method will lead to overpopulation and eventually, poverty; this book acquired me over. Only thing that I'd question relating to this publication is the reports given.

I would question the statistics given in this book mainly because this reserve was released in 1968; the information are old; I'm sure the population growth has grown greatly since then.

The website, www. buzzle. com experienced a section about different methods of family planning and it was very useful as well. I couldn't find an writer because of this exact section. This site told you all of the different ways of family planning, whether they were natural or artificial. Along with the several methods was a description of every method and exactly how it proved helpful; I think that is helpful to the people who have no idea their options. The purpose of this excellent website was to educate those who don't know the many different alternatives that they could have about arranging a future family. Also, that maybe people will start putting many of these solutions to work and be smarter about the decisions that they make; starting a family group is a big step in someone's life. It's not only a huge step it is hard work. One must be committed to the change in their life. As for this source there is nothing that I'd question; the info was very useful and interesting.

Part D: Anaylsis

Family planning should play a huge role atlanta divorce attorneys household; no exceptions. Without family planning the death rate on the planet will keep increasing at great rates. Our company is losing a lot of natural resources that people will never be able to get back once they are gone. These resources are diminishing as a result of overpopulation and the scarcity of things that people have. All this could be reduced at a slower speed if more folks took enough time out to employ a method of family planning. Personally i think like there are many options to choose from so there must be a preference for everybody, everyone might not choose the same method, which is fine. Most people do not know how many different alternatives that they have. In Asia, poverty has already reached its most significant depth which is a result of not using family planning sufficiently. For example Asia, Africa, and Latin America will be the three poorest continents but yet the population expansion is on a rampage and not only that but their food production rate is behind the population expansion rate. The fatality rates will be hard to regulate with majority of the population is at a needy need of food. People don't appear to take into account the results/outcome of things. Some appear to feel that food production can be increased but it will require time. Time is definitely a crucial factor but the world doesn't have any time. Not only this but additionally it is said that money can solve these issues but the only way the issues can be fixed is if the population rate can be reduced.

Birth control is the one hope to help with lower delivery rates to be able to provide science and society time to resolve these multiplying problems. Actually, it may already be too late for birth control to acquire any real impact on the impending world food/people problem which seems more likely to reach crisis proportions within the next a decade (O'Brien 59). If birth rates do not decline than the issues will just get greater. The quicker people start to take action, the better. The failure to use family planning is definitely a world pass on issue. The constant high labor and birth rates will lead to poverty. The control of fertility may well not supply or clothe everyone across the world but it would change lives. It is believed that if more assist with the challenge of unplanned inhabitants growth then your world would be fine. Too rapid populace growth seriously hampers efforts to raise living standards, to further education, to boost health insurance and sanitation, to provide better casing and transportation, to onward cultural and recreational opportunities-and even in a few countries to make sure sufficient food (O'Brien 137). Some say that a great most parents desire to have the knowledge that it take to go about birth control and having children; that the opportunity to decide the number and spacing of the kids is a basic people right. But what people fail to realize is that family planning is not really a limitation; family planning is good for enriching real human life. No-one wants to go about life with the idea of how they will get their next food.

Part E: Conclusion

Recognizing that family planning is in the interest of the nation and the households, people will be smarter about their decisions; people will think about not only their children's future but theirs as well.

My two resources give readers plenty of information had a need to instruct them on an extremely serious topic. A lot of people don't have the data it takes to go about family planning but it's in these resources that we used. I thought like I learned more than what I realized to start off with.

In my ideal world, more people would take the initiative to think about not only themselves but others. People having children not only have an impact on their lives but it influences the lives of others as well. I think that the earth would be a better place if people could live their lives without having to think about how they are going to provide for their own families. Times are hard and like I said before, caring for children is not cheap at all. Personally i think as though having a child is something people should take very critically; having sex comes with consequences that can change your life forever. People should definitely take that step towards family planning and giving it some thought before actually following through with the plan. No-one ask to be brought in to the entire world and I feel like if you are going to have an infant at least be able to manage you and your child. You will discover people who have children but can barely care for themselves; this is where family planning will come in, take time to think whether this is a decision you are ready to make.

Appendix A

http://www. economywatch. com/world-country/population. html

According to the 2008 data, the circulation of the world people among different areas was as follows

World - 6, 707 millions

Africa - 973 millions

Asia - 4, 054 millions

Europe - 732 millions

North America - 337 millions

Latin America and the Caribbean - 577 millions

Oceania - 34 millions

Appendix B

This pie chart shows the amount of hungry people on the planet, during 2010.

(http://www. worldhunger. org/articles/Learn/world%20hunger%20facts%202002. htm#What_are_the_causes_of_hunger)

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