Formation of requirements to the professional complex...

Formation of requirements for a professional complex

After studying the material in this chapter, the student must:


• patterns of the formation of a universal professional complex;

• The role of universities as a bridge between science and practice;

• Characteristics of professions as a social institution;

• the main characteristics of the laws of the division of labor, changes in activity;

be able to

• Identify the cause-effect relationship between the level of development of the economy and professions;

• Analyze the reasons for the emergence of the trend of professionalization of work;


• skills of the analysis of concrete situations in the context of existing requirements to the professional complex;

• the main categories of the fundamental theory of the division of labor with a view to their application for the analysis of the practical situation and the interpretation of research results;

• The skills of analyzing the processes of the division of labor in modern society.

Public division of labor

The professional division of labor must be considered in the mainstream of a more general category - the division of labor in society. What does it represent?

The division of labor is a complex concept, primarily because of the multilevel nature and multidimensional nature of its manifestation. It is impossible to take into account all aspects of this social phenomenon in one strict definition. Nevertheless, we can regard the division of labor as a social phenomenon in a broad and narrow context. In the first case, speaking of the division of labor, they mean any specialization of labor and the subsequent exchange of results of activity. Here, the processes of differentiation and specialization are presented in their unity, and one can talk about the different degrees of manifestation of the division of labor at different historical stages of the development of society. In the second case more than the narrow definition of the division of labor implies the choice of a certain methodological position, on the basis of which a definition will be given. Since we rely on the dual nature of labor, it is appropriate to talk about revealing the essence of the division of labor also through a link with the dual nature of its manifestation. Two aspects are distinguished here: organizational and technical and socio-economic. The first - organizational and technical - aspect reflects the intra-production, technological and functional division of labor in the enterprise. The second aspect of the division of labor allows us to consider the level of development of socio-economic relations in society.

The essence of the division of labor in both the economic and sociological, philosophical literature is given great attention. This is natural, since the views on the emergence, functioning and development of the division of labor, its past, present and future depend on an understanding of the essence of this phenomenon.

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