Functionalism Issue Theory And Symbolic Interactionism Sociology Essay

According to the functionalist perspective, also known as functionalism, each facet of world is interdependent and contributes to society's functioning as a whole. The federal government, or condition, provides education for the children of the family, which pays taxes on which the state depends to keep itself jogging. Along the way, the kids become law-abiding, taxpaying individuals, who subsequently support the state of hawaii. If all runs well, the elements of contemporary society produce order, stability, and efficiency. If all does not go well, the parts of world then must adapt to recapture a fresh order, stableness, and productivity. For example, throughout a financial recession using its high rates of unemployment and inflation, interpersonal programs are trimmed or lower. Schools offer fewer programs. Family members tighten their finances. Functionalists assume that society is kept together by communal consensus, or cohesion, in which associates of the population acknowledge upon, and interact to achieve, what's best for world as a whole.

Conflict Theory

Conflict theory state governments that human behavior in culture results from issues between competing communities. The conflict point of view, which originated mostly out of Karl Marx's ideas and thoughts of class struggles, presents world in another type of light than the other perspectives. Besides, discord perspective targets the negative, conflicted and ever-changing mother nature of society. Conflict theory encourages social change and interpersonal revolution. Today, issue theories find sociable conflicts between any teams where the prospect of inequality is available such as race, gender, religious, political, economics and etc. The continuous competition between categories forms the foundation for the conflict theory aspect of society. The main theme of conflict theory is the fact different public group have unequal power, though all organizations have difficulty for the same limited resources. Furthermore, issue theory has been used to make clear diverse human behavior and sociable change.

Interaction Theory

The symbolic relationship perspective, also known as symbolic interactionism, is a significant platform of sociological theory. This perspective depends on the symbolic meaning that people develop and count upon in the process of social interaction. Symbolic connections theory analyzes culture by dealing with the subjective meanings that individuals impose on things, events, and behaviours. Subjective meanings are given primacy since it is assume that people behave predicated on what they consider and not merely on what's objectively true. Thus, population is thought to be socially designed through human interpretation. People interpret one another's patterns and it is these interpretations that form the cultural bond.

Case review ( Functionalism and Conflict theory)


Functionalists respect everything in world as getting a function, like the organs in the body, everything works mutually for the whole. Poverty, relating to Functionalists has two main functions.

Firstly, it acts as a motivator in the sense that it offers a warning. People are likely to want to work harder and flourish in life when there is a reason. What better reason than not attempting to end up in poverty.

Poverty also creates a kind of "feel good factor". Most of us have to be able to evaluate how well we live doing and also feel that all this effort will probably be worth it. Take one look at people in poverty and you realise that it's and in reality you are doing well, it could be worse.

According to most Marxists, poverty is the result of the Capitalist system (structure) and therefore conflict. Capitalism needs competition for this to work well. Education helps to create competition by having a hierarchy of certification. Not everyone will climb to the best level where in fact the reward are biggest so competition is high. Similarly, not everyone can have a proper paid job, so people will work harder to accomplish higher incomes and social status. Folks are as alert to the price tag on failure (poverty) because they are of the rewards of success (riches).

Poverty has another great advantage for capitalism as well as creating drive for competition, it retains ages low. So long as there are poor and unemployed people, pay stay low. A reserve military of unemployed means that individuals are hardly going to demand higher wages when they know that there are people below them who will improve less, they could price themselves out of the market.

So, poverty, like everything else in society functions the needs of capitalism, it comes from conflict and it is part of the very composition of world.

Case analysis for Symbolic Interaction

Symbolic Interactionism looks that just how things are identified to be in a contemporary society. I. E. The mark of mother rather then father, or the symbol of worker rather then owner. Just how people understand these 'symbols' is crucial to understanding how society functions. The symbols within a relationship specifically related to the kind of work husbands and wives usually did is an important starting point. Men typically either proved helpful in the fields (pre-industrial years) or labored someplace else returning house with money to aid the family, while women remained at home, increased the children, cooked the meals, and cleaned the home. These represent the original symbols of husband and wife. However, the real tasks that men and women do in the modern age are different. Now it's quite common for both husband and wife to work. Yet as we see from these statistics the symbols of women's work havent changed to meet up with the modern. Men continue to avoid doing activity such as baking and cleaning. This inequality, is having an impact on the family which is largely negative. With higher divorce rates, there's a direct correlation between the way we view the jobs in a matrimony/family and the overall health of said family. Clearly just how we currently view the gender jobs and responsibilities in a marriage needs to change. The stigmas placed about men doing things that were traditionally women's need to be removed.

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