Labor motivation as a sociological phenomenon and social problem...

Labor motivation as a sociological phenomenon and social problem

The problem of labor motivation is one of the significant social problems in the functioning of the market economy society. Thanks to motivation, labor ceases to be only a source of income. Employees are aware of the purpose and significance of the work performed, a sense of belonging to the organization, involvement in the team, the desire to work and to benefit. Motivation for a long time remained the central problem of the sociology of labor, and at present a wide range of practical questions of the organization of production is closely related to it. Moreover, new areas of research on motivation of work have moved beyond production organizations, researchers have focused their attention on the problem of people's motivation for fulfilling labor obligations in modern society.

Approaches to the definition of the concept of "motivation"

Labor motivation is a synthetic phenomenon involving many aspects, therefore, its research is expedient from the standpoint of an interdisciplinary approach, requiring the coordination of scientific research in this phenomenon by representatives of economic, legal, psychological, sociological, managerial and technical sciences. The application of the interdisciplinary approach in the study of labor motivation not only actualizes the study of labor motivation from the point of view of social spiders, but also increases its practical value.

The relationship between the motivation of labor and the technical sciences is determined by the fact that the rationalization of labor activity is directly related to the analysis of technology, objects and means of labor. To study the motivation of labor, it is very important to understand the technological aspect of production, which affects the involvement of workers in the process and the result of labor.

The phenomenon of labor motivation is included in the subject field of such economic sciences as macro- and microeconomics, enterprise economics, production organization, statistics, etc. When creating a system of incentives that affect the labor activity of workers, it is necessary to take into account the energy costs of workers, the degree of their fatigue, interest in labor, labor and life values ​​and other psycho-physiological and social factors. This determines the relationship of work motivation with ergonomics, physiology, labor psychology, sociological disciplines.

Legal aspects of motivation of work suggest interrelations with legal disciplines, especially labor law, which establishes state guarantees of labor rights and freedoms of citizens, controls the creation of favorable working conditions, protects the rights and interests of workers and employers . The main objective of labor legislation is to create the necessary legal conditions for achieving optimal coordination of the interests of the parties to labor relations.

Psychologists investigate the motivation of labor from the position of personality properties and processes occurring in the mind of a person during labor activity. They are interested in what feelings and emotions accompany the worker in the process of work.

However, the most relevant is the development of this topic within the subject field of the sociology of labor, where the attention of researchers is emphasized on the social environment in which production and labor relations develop and the hierarchy of needs, values ​​and interests of interacting subjects is formed, and the study of the nature of managerial interactions and relations allows us to identify their impact not only on labor motivation, but also the quality of management decisions made and their implementation in practice.

In order to fundamentally understand the investigated phenomenon of labor motivation, it is necessary to consider the determinants underlying the fundamental definition of motivation.

The starting point of the analysis of motivation is the category of needs. The presence of a subject needs - the same fundamental condition for his existence, as well as the metabolism. .

There can be an infinite number of human needs. They are in a dynamic development and tend to grow, both for an individual and for society as a whole.

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