Report On Gender Sensitization Sociology Essay

Finding out solutions to problems has been a fundamental element of human life. It's been a process related to progression of individual life which includes grown through age range.

We in Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir, Allahabad, firmly think that every problem has a remedy. The path may be different, in different instances but if we relentlessly try to learn the solution, the perfect solution is will itself find us out.

Keeping in mind the present circumstance of problems in our country, especially the unfortunate event of Delhi, we have made attempts to spread consciousness amongst students of our university. These students are going to be the torch bearers of our own customs in future. Therefore, it becomes essential for them to know about the value of our practices and the culturally wealthy way of living, that India has utilized through centuries.

Gender sensitization is a significant issue nowadays. In order to multiply gender sensitization inside our school, we had given an project to the students of standard X among the activities of the fourth Formative Assessment Examination. The assignment was to carry out a field review on this issue Gender Bias. Gender Bias was chosen as the topic because we feel it is about time that this major issue be taken up by the population. The population must think and contribute towards the answers to grievances of half of our population, that is the girls/women. This is given as an activity in standard X because we feel that this is actually the actual age group when the students should strat to get aware of the problems related to gender bias. Girls should become aware of their position in the modern culture and kids should be trained to honour the position of young ladies. Usually the young boys are brought up in a carefree manner, which gives them an impression from the beginning, that they have an upper give the girls. On the other hand, girls are trained to be docile and submissive which inculcates a feeling of inferiority in them. It's been an observation of a general study that girls have excelled in their particular domains, for example, Kiran Bedi, Lata Mangeshkar, Mom Teresa, Kalpana Chawla, to name a few.

The aim of the experience was to make the students understand the actual fact that equality is the essence of democracy. Democracy becomes hollow in the lack of equality. Gender equality ought to be the struggle cry of today's democratic India.

Through the experience, the students handled many issues related to gender equality, like education of kids, equal voting privileges, honouring the area of both the genders, to be delicate towards the problems faced by them etc. The students enthusiastically completed the survey. That they had well prepared ten questions each. Full independence was presented with to the students to structure their own questions. There was no guideline distributed by the teachers as to what type of questions should be framed by the students. This was to ensure that whatever questions from whichever area, related to gender equality come in the students' minds, they have to feel free to put up that question to the population. These students have to fend for themselves in the future. Therefore they need to be given full freedom to believe, ask and clear their inquiries and doubts. Their thoughts must have a natural move. It will neither be directed nor diverted by anyone.

The students needed those ten questions to various people in the society like parents, siblings, neighbours, professors, peer group etc. The students had opted even to people like the local shopkeepers, labourers at construction sites and local helps. It was a study that was completed in the contemporary society all together which included not only the informed elites but also the uneducated and illiterate people. The review could only then be complete in the true sense when it experienced a balanced contribution of all parts of the society irrespective of class, creed, age or gender. The students were advised to go to anybody they experienced like going to, except the small children below age 8-10 years, as that's not this when one really believes critically about these issues. More importance was given to the questions framed by the students than the answers. The answers were important as a contribution of the modern culture most importantly, whereas the questions projected the genuine thinking procedure for the students.

The activity was released in the school whereafter sufficient time was given to the students in order that they could really think over the problem, make questions and then go and speak to various people, collect their answers and give the presentation its final shape.

The activeness and awareness of the students was noticeable in the work done by them. It was reported by the students that in some cases they found individuals taking very active part and offering sensible responses; sometimes the responses weren't up to the expected symbol; there were also many people who experienced never considered certain situations. However the fact that everybody was aware - may vary people at different levels - was very encouraging for the students. This provided them a wish and incentive to transport forward their task with a great deal of eagerness. The recent mishap of Delhi has created a surprise in the intellects and hearts of individuals and it was writ large on everybody's replies. Some replies were towards a law that could bring about a change; yet various other responses highlighted the fact that a regulation alone cannot result in the mandatory change, unless the cultural setup, especially the attitude of people is changed. In the country where gender discrimination is a profound rooted practice, gender equality becomes an issue which should be taken up very cautiously. One wrong step may kick the whole lot off in an altogether wayward and disastrous direction. It could take a whole lot of their time and attempts, but can be finally achieved through the change in the thinking of the people. The overall study revealed that a law and its proper enactment- both are necessary along the way.

This was, may be a little step used by our institution, towards the delicate problem of gender sensitization, but a beginning, howsoever small, must be brought about someplace, somehow. The contemporary society has to change. The change cannot be expected to be a sudden one, falling out in clumps of the blues just like a fairy tale. It has to be a long slow process which would require patience, practice, understanding, compassion and it would require the involvement of one and all, in this complete people of India, that incurs crores.


Gender Sensitization in Schools

Gender sensitization and respect towards woman will soon be taught in schools. Union human learning resource development minister M M Pallam Raju said (on Sunday 13th January 2013 Kochi) that he would speak to NCERT to include these aspects in the nationwide curriculum framework.

This comes amid increasing matter that the offences against women are increasing in the united states due to lack of respect for females.

When we were growing up, our role models were our parents and professors. But today children are exposed to television, their peers and technology and so there are multiple inputs infringing on a child's mind. So that it becomes even more important to concentrate on gender understanding and ideals through the school system.

Education takes on an important role in addressing child relationship. If the lady is educated, she knows what's incorrect and right on her behalf and her family. The lady should be involved in education till graduation. Right to Education ( RTE) gives this right to each lady. This can help her in learning to be a good human source.

Sanjay Mishra, person in State Commission payment for Cover of Child Protection under the law (CPCR), said there are many women who are wedded off at a sensitive age and then sold to people in different state governments. Haryana tops the list so far as the number of girls for sale from Jharkhand can be involved. These girls usually result from Dumka, Deogarh, Jamtara and Western world Singbhum and are university dropouts. "

RTE will end up being beneficial in making their life meaningful. "We have also recommended the opening up of two Kasturba Gandhi Universities in each stop to the SCPCR, " he said.

With child relationship comes the issue of bigamy which is also popular here. There are lots of cases where the girl is not able to get pregnant and the spouse marries other women. Child relationship is thus not an isolated issue.

It also impacts the health of the girl child. She suffers from sexually transmitted diseases and struggles to handle the situation. "It is critical to sensitize people somewhat than criticizing the government. Premature motherhood is risky for the sake of both the mom and child.

The mental make-up of the mom gets affected, which passes on to the child. Every individual is unique and also have unique qualities, that ought to be educated in the schools. That is called 'positive mindset'. A positive personal image is the necessity of the hour. Gender sensitization is necessary in schools where the kids can be educated to become compassionate and good human beings.

A training manual of the next character may be conceived as a future possibility for Gender Sensitization Exercises in school room context

A User's Manual: ---


Discussion Topics

Required Time

Demystifying Gender:

Introductory Exercises

Exercise 1

What defines a man? What

defines a woman?

Form the class into groups of 6-8 and perform an Open up House discourse.

Take two flip-chart linens of paper and put them up side-by-side in front of the

participants. At the top of 1 flip chart, write the word "women" and on the other,

"men". Ask the question: "What exactly are the characteristics of men and women?" Write down anything that is mentioned. Usually do not discuss anything at this time.

After the lists are completed, go through each chart item by item. For instance,

under the proceeding of "women", ask if men too can be patient, sensitive, nurturing?

If so, tag that characteristic with a "yes" or with a "+" indication. Characteristics that

cannot be transformed, such as, conceiving a child, growing a moustache etc. , should be designated with a "no" or a "-" signal.

Go through the chart entitled "men" and a similar procedure for questioning as above.

Ask if women can speak loudly, be strong, etcContinue to draw the characteristics

as above.

Discuss the efforts regarding the characteristics of women and men

Discussion Topics

1. 5 hrs

Exercise 2

How do we figure out how to be


Social Conditioning/

Gender Stereotypes

As you were growing up, what influences shaped your behavior as expected of any guy/girl, man/female? Can you give specific samples?

What factors have caused the changes in successive generations?

1 hr

Exercise 3

What does indeed gender suggest in

your life? Given the opportunity, do you want to be born a woman or a


Discuss specific tasks people play inside our home/family/society relating to gender. Note down tips on the BB in a tabular format.

1 hr

Gender and Vitality:

Exercise 4

If I possibly could be a woman, I would

be If I is actually a man, I

would be

Let each college student respond considering own self, if indeed they belonged to the opposite gender. Electric power over (forcing you to definitely do something through use of a posture of power or durability. )

Power with (doing things by merging your durability with the advantages of other

women and men. )

Power within (one's personal internal strength. )

45 min

Exercise 5

Gender and Power

What is Ability? What is Gender Power? Different types of Power?

Ask members to respond quickly and without commenting on

contributions from others. It might be advisable to have a co-facilitator to assist with writing on the flip-chart linens.

1 hr.

Exercise 6

Power between Women and Men.

In pairs, ask individuals to think about the power that men have in relation to

women, and vice-versa, in the following areas

At Home

Property Ownership

Paid Work


Managing Money

Getting an Education

Also make your own list and decide how many issues you want to add on.

1 hr.

Exercise 7

Violence Against Women in

your City/country

Discuss issues of, assault against women.

Do you think assault against women is truly a show of ability and dominance?

Split participants into two groupings - men in one group, and ladies in another.

Inform participants that they have 45 minutes to answer the following 3 questions

How often does indeed assault against women take place in your city in public and private


What percentage of women and girls are subject to violence?

What can local government do to aid victims of this violence?

Group dialogue for 30 minutes.

1. 5 hrs

Fuljhuri Basu

School Counsellor

Army Public School

BMC, Ballugunje, Kolkata

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