Sex Gender And Feminism Sociology Essay

The purpose of this article is to recognize the forming of gender assignments from childhood and how these roles or objectives determine life chances in contemporary society. Firstly, the definition of gender through socialization will be considered from Feminist and Functionalist perspectives accompanied by studies into the dynamics of gender, i. e. parental anticipations, exploitation of females through children's literature and the mass media etc. A bottom line will then be made based on your research viewed.


The word Gender is not commonly lost with sex which is incorrect. It was first differentiated by Dr. Robert Stoller (an American Psychoanalyst) in the year 1968. Regarding to Stoller, love-making is a natural composition that differentiates between women and men, i. e. Genitalia (interior and exterior). He further pointed out that womanly or masculine qualities are identified by the gender and that the gender and gender are not based mostly on one another.

According to the dictionary, the word feminism is the conviction in monetary, political and interpersonal equality among both sexes. People understand feminism in many various ways as people have different experiences in their lives and hence every one takes it in different ways. Therefore, there exists no one best way to identify feminism. One very vital facet of feminism is that greatly influences our world including culture and religion.

Gender identifies the factors like mindset, physiology, anatomy, contemporary society, and culture of the person. These are the factors one considers while describing any other person as masculine or feminine. Gender and making love are not only the aspect where people see us, but it is also just how we understand ourselves.

Gender, Sex and Feminism

According to the feminist belief, women are being exploited by the resources like books, press, and the modern culture through children's gadgets. Feminists are of the view that the world aims to put conditions on children using their company delivery about their expected roles in modern culture. These conditions are usually related to masculine dominance and feminine subordination. The feminist perspective of gender and sex is sub-divided into Radical Feminism and Marxist Feminism

Radical feminists take the discussion of masculine dominance and female subordination further by labeling the society as patriarchal or that the world is dominated and ruled by men. Radical feminists believe that women have always been under 'the thumb' of men and when men feel threatened, they may resort to violence in order to keep up and exert their electric power.

This form of feminism in addition to a few other perspectives think that patriarchy is the reason for war, discord, and damaging the surroundings. Feminists believe patriarchy is taught and learned in every generation, "the terms respected, control, privilege, domination, vitality, ideology and culture, all terms that are familiar in sociology. . . . If this is such a regular feature of population, patriarchy becomes a composition which is out there and is established and re-created with each generation. It is discovered by males and females through socialization and culture -- young boys and men learn to be dominant and young ladies and women to be subordinate (and allow this respectable form of domination). It is sustained in the day-to-day forms of male-female discussion in population, and also perpetuated in the companies and buildings of patriarchy. "

Some radical feminists, female supremacist would claim that modern culture would be better off when a 'matriarchy' system was enforced.

In the assertion, 'pink is for women and blue is ideal for young boys', radical feminists would highly claim that through parental prospects, toys, books, television etc, commences the exploitation of women. For instance, girls receive dolls to learn with, kitchens, prams, tea sets etc, feminists would declare that this conditions young girls into their expected functions, i. e. participating in the housewife and caring for children. Alternatively, boys receive footballs, video games, cars, vehicles etc, and should 'dummy deal with' mainly by their fathers. This, as feminists would dispute, is encouraging kids to be masculine, strong, and intense. Radical feminist, Kate Millet (197) described many areas in world were men have had the opportunity to exploit women. She commenced by arguing that male strength is no longer grounds for male dominance because as technology evolves, most modern work doesn't require power. Also, she emphasized the importance of women socializing their sons so that they can fight male dominance. Education and religion are also areas where women are exploited, Millet argued. She remarked that education enforces inequality in men and women. Religion stresses the role of masculinity through the stature of God.

Radical feminist take on the view of women being subjects of male dominance plus some critics would dispute that this is intensely exaggerating both female and male jobs in modern culture.

Marxist feminists are marginally different in their view of exploitation. They agree that men play a sizable part in performing exercises electric power over women; however capitalism is the primary source. They might argue that however the socialization of children to their gender roles does advantage men, it benefits the capitalists more. By motivating young girls to learn with dolls, make meals and clean etc, is endorsing women's role of becoming a housewife and childcarer that allows the men to go out and work, therefore keeping capitalism in effect. Feminist, Ann Oakley (1974) explained that paid work is merely an expansion of the work women do at home: childcare, cleaning and caring.

Like radical feminism, Marxist feminist do acknowledge the need of ground-breaking change, however rather than it being truly a matriarchal system, as suggested by the radical feminists, Marxist feminists state that a communist world should be established.

The functionalism view of gender is completely different compared to that of feminism. Functionalists believe that socialization is one of the key factors in preserving social tranquility or quite simply functionalism targets society all together and how elements of society contribute positively to the whole to make the society run efficiently without turmoil. The family is a key instrument in the process of socialization for children and a support of traditional or efficient gender jobs.

In modern times, feminists have argued that through the multimedia, television, advertisements / commercials etc, young children have become more aware of their appearance, 'advertising also adversely portrays minority women and exploits a child-like image of innocence to define women's roles. . . . cultivated women of all colors (races) are demoted to newborn status. A past due '90s trend turned women into little-girl intimacy objects-not that the depiction of women as making love things is anything, but their depiction as innocent, yet hot, children is. In advertising, and some extent standard world, innocence is equated with captivating. Hence, a good amount of barely pubescent models parades across billboards and publication spreads'.

From a feminist viewpoint, this not only accentuates women subordination, but it also degrades women and children.

A feminist would argue that the media and television etc, has a negative effect on the socialization process of children anticipated to male domination however the above extract would show that it's not only male dominated functions in children's booklet and the multimedia that is the problem, but women demoralizing themselves to please men.


To conclude on the matter about how gender variations determine life chances in society, it has been made clear that the exploitation of women starts at beginning through parental expectation, i. e. enforcing the guidelines and norm of population through socialization on how kids should work. Most parents don't want a kid that is 'different' therefore, when a baby boy is born, they bestow the rules of masculinity and likewise for a woman.

Studies have shown that culture is evolving with regard to the suppression of women; however you may still find masses of research to show that it still continues on.

There is much emphasis on equality in today's society through colleges, the government etc, therefore young girls do have somewhat better life chances than they do 50 years ago but unfortunately less than boys.

The essay span is 1200 phrase maximum; this is roughly 5 pages, research pages are in addition to this length.

The article must be considered a sociologically and/or anthropologically centered critical research of a subject incorporating a talk of making love, gender and feminism (this may take the form of feminist theory or works on this issue written from a feminist point of view).

Given the short amount of the essay this is a short exploratory work, however it must use the structure of your formal essay


thesis statement,



It should also be written using formal words and APA style citation of all resources used. Any course materials can be utilized as personal references; in addition at the least four academics articles and/or catalogs must also be utilized in the essay.

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