Social conflicts and ways to solve them, Causes of...

Social conflicts and ways to resolve them

Causes of conflicts

Each person throughout his life repeatedly encounters conflicts of all kinds. For example, you want to achieve something, but the goal is difficult to achieve, you are experiencing failure and are ready to blame the people around you for it. And the surrounding, whether relatives or colleagues at work, believe that you yourself are to blame for the failure: either the goal was incorrectly formulated by you, or the means of achieving it were chosen unsuccessfully, or you could not correctly assess the situation and the circumstances prevented you. There is a mutual misunderstanding, which gradually develops into discontent, creates a climate of dissatisfaction, social and psychological tension and conflict. How to overcome this situation? Is it necessary to make any special efforts to overcome it and again win the favor of the people around you? Or do not you need to do this? Just do not pay attention to how others treat you? To find the right solution to this dilemma, you should know what the conflict is, the reasons for its occurrence, how it unfolds, through what phases it passes and how it is resolved.

The most acute conflicts between people and social groups are concentrated in the sphere of employment, which is the objective basis and condition for the existence, life of people (that is, related to work). Man, as we have repeatedly noted, originally lives in a world of limited possibilities: his physical and intellectual abilities are limited; time is limited for the realization of these abilities in any occupation; finally, the means that he could use to achieve the desired are limited. Given the limited resources, the problem of choice, generated by the clash of interests of one group of people for the right to enjoy economic goods to a greater extent than other groups of people, is unachievable in the opinion of Western economists, and combating these conflicts is useless. It is possible to force the conflict to take some form, to facilitate or complicate the implementation of the choice. In any case, the task is not to eliminate the conflict, but to give it civilized, human forms, to make it work for the benefit of people. But the conflict with the human face remains a conflict, even if we call it competition. Collision - it is a collision; the process of interconnection in the struggle of economic, economic, political, moral relations between the subjects of economic, political, and moral resources for the limited resources available to society and which are very unevenly distributed among large groups of people called social classes that differ in their place in the historically determined system of social production. >

Conflicts associated with class antagonism are the most important factor in social change. The employer only at his own will dictated by the state of social production (that is, whether he brings the expected profit to the employer) or regulates the number of jobs. In other words, it regulates employment of the able-bodied population, which does not own anything other than its labor force. If it is not in demand by the labor market, there are no vacant jobs, then a reserve army of labor arises - unemployed. Consequently, unemployment is a consequence of the conflict between the interests of the owner of the means of production to constantly have profit from these means and the interest of the owner of the labor force to have a permanent livelihood.

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