Social support at the level of the constituent entities...

Social support at the level of the constituent entities of the United States

As an example of social support for "regional benefits" (labor veterans, etc.), we will cite the Moscow legislation.

In accordance with the Law of Moscow of November 3, 2004, No. 70, "On the measures of social support for certain categories of Moscow residents"; activities but the provision of social support measures is based on the same principles as at the federal level. In addition, the principle of targeted social support for needy citizens is applied.

The measures of social support for certain categories of citizens include:

- monthly city cash payment;

- the provision of social services without payment or on preferential terms.

The right to social support has the following categories of citizens from among the pensioners:

1) workers of the rear, i.e. persons who worked in the rear during the period from June 22, 1941 but on May 9, 1945, for at least six months, excluding the period of work in the temporarily occupied territories of the USSR, or awarded with orders or medals of the USSR for selfless labor during the Great Patriotic War;

2) veterans of labor and persons equated to them as of December 31, 2004, namely:

- awarded with orders or medals, or awarded the honorary titles of the USSR or the USA, or awarded with departmental marks of distinction in labor and having the seniority necessary for the appointment of a pension for old age or for long service;

- started working in the underage age during the Great Patriotic War and have a record of at least 40 years for men and 35 years for women;

- veterans of military service;

- having the certificate "Veteran of Labor";

3) Rehabilitated persons, which include:

- subjected to reprisals in the form of imprisonment, exile, expulsions, referrals to special settlements, involvement in forced labor in conditions of restriction of freedom, including in the "working columns of the NKVD", other restrictions on rights and freedoms unfounded in psychiatric medical institutions and subsequently rehabilitated;

b. Children who were together with politically repressed parents or persons who replaced them, in places of deprivation of liberty, in exile, expulsion, at special settlements, or who remained at the minor age without the care of their parents or one of them, unreasonably repressed for political motives, and subsequently rehabilitated;

4) citizens recognized as victims of political repression - children, spouses (who did not remarry), parents of persons who were shot or died in places of deprivation of liberty and rehabilitated posthumously.

If you have the right to a monthly city payment but several reasons are given one - the highest in size.

According to Art. 11 The size of the monthly city payment is:

1) rehabilitated persons and citizens recognized as victims of political repression - 350 rubles.

2) the workers of the rear - 300 rubles.

3) veterans of labor and people equated to them - 200 rubles.

The indexation of the monthly cash payment is made in accordance with the Law of Moscow on the budget of Moscow for the corresponding year.

Citizens specified in part 1 and 3 of Art. 3 of the Law since January 1, 2006 have the right to receive city measures of social support in the form of social services or in money terms:

1) the right to free travel on all types of urban passenger transport (except taxi and minibus taxi);

2) preferential (free or discounted) release of medicines on the prescription of doctors;

3) preferential (free or discounted) travel by rail transport of suburban communication.

The cost of urban measures of social support is determined by the law of Moscow on the budget of Moscow for the corresponding year.

Citizens who refused to receive city social support measures in kind receive monthly cash payments, the amount of which is set annually.

The application for the receipt of municipal measures of social support in monetary terms is submitted to the district social protection department by October 1 of the current year for the period from January 1 of the year following the year of filing the application, and until December 31 of this year.

Social protection agencies compiled and maintained a citywide register of recipients of social support measures. It contains information on citizens permanently residing in Moscow and entitled to receive social support (aid).

The Register and the Register of Recipients are information resources of Moscow and have the status of official sources of city information.

The Moscow Law of November 3, 2004, No. 70 also provides for additional measures of social support for privileged categories of citizens who are recipients of state social support at the expense of the federal budget:

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union and the United States, Heroes of Socialist Labor and full knights of the Order of Glory and Labor Glory of three degrees;

2) disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War, disabled combat and equated to them;

3) participants in the Great Patriotic War;

4) persons who worked at air defense facilities, on the construction of defensive structures, naval bases, airfields and other military facilities within the rear lines of the operational fronts, on the front lines of the railways and highways;

5) persons awarded the "Siege of Leningrad blockade";

6) veterans of hostilities and other categories of beneficiaries.

To additional social support measures for federal benefits are:

- the right to free travel in Moscow on all types of urban passenger transport (except for taxis and fixed-route taxis);

- the right to free travel by suburban transport

- 50% discount on payment for housing and communal services in the order established by the Government of Moscow;

- monthly telephone payments to subscribers of telephone networks to pay for local telephone services provided in the territory of Moscow in the amount of 190 rubles. The amount of this compensation for subsequent years is determined by the law on the budget of the city of Moscow for the next fiscal year and (or) other regulatory legal acts of public authorities in Moscow;

- free-of-charge manufacturing and repair of dental prostheses (except for expenses for payment of cost of precious metals and metal ceramics), etc.

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