Social support of the population, Concept and types...

Social support of the population

Concept and types of social support

By the law of August 22, 2004, No. 122-FZ, the concept of "benefits" and social protection measures in many normative legal acts is replaced by the term "measures of social support".

This law differentiated the financial obligations for the implementation of social support for the population between the United States and its subjects. The competence of the United States includes social support for disabled people and veterans of the Great Patriotic War, former underage prisoners of fascism, veterans of military operations, etc. These categories of citizens are given the right to choose. They can preserve the former benefits of free transportation on transport, free receipt of medicines and medical supplies, sanatorium treatment or replace them with cash payments.

Financing of measures of social support of labor veterans, victims of political repression, workers of the rear, veterans of military service and other categories of the population was transferred to the level of the subjects of the USA.

The law of August 22, 2004, No. 122-FZ established that when substituting benefits in kind for monetary compensation, US entities and municipalities should observe the following principles:

- to ensure the preservation and possible enhancement of the previously achieved level of social protection of citizens, taking into account the specifics of their legal, property status, as well as other circumstances;

- to maintain the stability of the legal regulation in order to maintain the citizens' confidence in the law and the actions of the state;

- provide citizens with the opportunity to adapt to changes during a reasonable transition period by establishing a temporary regulation of public relations;

- not to violate the rights and freedoms of third parties when citizens exercise social rights and freedoms.

In addition, when issuing normative legal acts by state bodies of the United States entities and local self-government bodies, the following conditions must be met:

- the newly established amounts and conditions for the payment of benefits (including one-time) and other types of social benefits, guarantees and compensation to certain categories of citizens in cash can not be lower than the amounts and terms of their payment as of December 31, 2004;

- with the change in the procedure for the implementation of benefits and payments granted to certain categories of citizens before the specified date in kind after December 31, 2004, the aggregate amount of financing of the corresponding benefits and payments can not be reduced, and the terms of their provision should not be impaired.

According to the Constitutional Court of the United States, in accordance with its constitutional and legal meaning, the above principles imply the responsibility of the United States to participate in the financing by US subjects of measures of social support for rehabilitated persons and persons recognized as victims of political repression at a level not lower than that established in accordance with federal legislation before January 1, 2005

In accordance with Art. 2 of the Law on the Social Protection of People with Disabilities under social support designate a system of measures that provides social guarantees for disabled people, with the exception of pension provision. This system is regulated by laws and other normative legal acts. A similar definition is contained in Art. 4 of the US law of May 15, 1991 No. 1244-1 "0 social protection of citizens exposed to radiation due to the Chernobyl disaster."

Thus, social support is to provide cash payments or benefits in addition to the basic types of social security (pensions, benefits). Replace the concept of benefits with the term "social support" having other content, "deformed the conceptual device used in the social security legislation."

The current system of measures of social support extends to certain categories of citizens and includes the following types:

- a monthly cash payment;

- other cash payments;

- full or partial exemption from payment for utilities and other services;

- a set of social services.

It is important to emphasize that, unlike state social assistance, social support measures are provided without taking into account the material situation of persons entitled to them.

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