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Overview of integrated rehabilitation models for people with disabilities

In accordance with the key principles of the social model of disability adopted in European countries, rehabilitation services should be focused on achieving clear goals, based on an analysis of the needs of the individual and ensuring the realization of his rights. Such services contribute to the achievement of a person's maximum independence and independence, promote his fullest integration into society. The service system should be based on an interdisciplinary approach to social rehabilitation.

To create a structure and fill models of social rehabilitation programs requires a large amount of knowledge, information and experience in the field of rehabilitation for each of the target groups of people with disabilities. Therefore, all interested parties - disabled persons themselves, their family members, specialists, non-governmental public associations, government bodies and other institutions and organizations should actively participate in the process of model development.

The development and implementation of models is carried out in accordance with the following basic guidelines:

1. Rehabilitation services should promote equalization of opportunities.

2. Rehabilitation services should promote the expansion of social integration.

3. Planning of services, as well as their provision, should be carried out at the local level.

4. Services for disabled people are provided by the usual social institutions and health care facilities serving the broad population. The activities of these institutions are based on an interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach.

5. Care and rehabilitation services should be provided at the place of residence of the disabled person, at home or in conditions close to home.

6. It is necessary to adopt at the state level a strategy for the early rehabilitation of disabled children.

Practical principles

When developing a model of integrated rehabilitation based on the social concept of disability, it is necessary to rely on the following practical principles:

• organization of services for disabled people at the place of residence (deinstitutionalization of rehabilitation services);

• the formation and active implementation of an integrated assessment system for the individual needs of each client;

• Promoting the development of skills of independent people with disabilities;

• focus on the individual needs of the individual and on the achievement of specific goals in the development of rehabilitation plans;

• the formation of individual rehabilitation plans (programs) based on the social concept of disability;

• Development of individual rehabilitation plans and programs with the active participation of consumers of services and their families;

• systematic monitoring of the implementation of the rehabilitation plan and its timely revision;

• consistent application of the multidisciplinary approach in rehabilitation activities;

• stimulating the development of socialization and communication skills among persons with disabilities through consultations, outreach, psychotherapeutic means;

• practical measures to expand social inclusion by facilitating the inclusion of people with disabilities in self-help groups, associations, communities, and interests;

• Encouraging the participation of public associations and private sector organizations in rehabilitation activities through mechanisms of social order and social partnership;

• Increase in social capital (recognition of the value of the contribution of disabled people to the activities of society).

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