Socio-economic problems, Social-everyday problems...

Socio-economic problems

This group includes problems related to the family's living standard, its budget (including the consumer budget of the average family), the relative weight in the structure of the society of low-income families and families living below the poverty line, with the specific needs and needs of large and young families, the state system of material assistance.

The proportion of families with underage children and per capita income below the subsistence level is so significant that they remain the main group of the poor. The level of family well-being is directly related to the number of children being educated in them. For example, among incomplete families with three or more children, the share of families with per capita income below the subsistence level was 93.6%.

The low level of wages that does not meet the needs of the family for the maintenance of dependents, the lag in the size of social payments from the rise in the cost of living are facts that cause widespread poverty among families with minors.

Thus, helping families with socio-economic problems continues to be an important part of social work. However, the practice shows that rendering a general and little-differentiated aid to all the poor is a dead-end way. Thus, in a number of mining towns and villages where the mines stopped working, and the allowances were paid regularly, a whole layer of people who did not work and did not want to work, developed ready to live further on the meager subsidies of the state. Much more effective could be an active approach to these people, involving their involvement in any work, solving socio-psychological problems simultaneously with economic ones.

Social and domestic problems

This group includes problems related to providing families with housing, living conditions, as well as the consumer budget of the average family, the share of low-income families and families living below the poverty line in the structure of the society, the financial difficulties of families with many children and young families, system of assistance to low-income families. All of them are fairly common and well-known, so there is no need to resort to examples and statistics.

Socio-psychological problems

This group includes the widest range of problems: they are related to acquaintance, choice of marriage partner and further - marriage-family adaptation, reconciliation of family and intra-family roles, personal autonomy and self-affirmation in the family. In addition, it includes the problems of marital compatibility, family conflicts, family cohesion as a small group, violence in the family.

An analysis of the real practice of the centers of psychological and pedagogical assistance to the population shows that the solution of problems of a socio-psychological nature is today carried out in two main directions:

1) the provision of psychological-pedagogical and psychotherapeutic assistance;

2) social and legal work and social pedagogy. Socio-psychological problems also concern schoolchildren, students, the unemployed, workers, pensioners, entrepreneurs, housewives, invalids, preschoolers, i.e. different categories of the population.

The statistics testifies to the prevalence of consultations on the problems of child-parenting and marital relations. There is also a high proportion of complaints about relationships with friends, emotional disorders, problems of communication and loneliness. Special attention is paid to inquiries related to suicidal moods, violence, alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse.

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