Strength and weaknesses of yvettes website

This article will evaluate the power and weaknesses of Yvette's website. It will also summarize and identify ways to boost Yvette website. In addition, it will provide suggestions in improving the business as well.

1. 1 Purpose

This report seeks to describe and identify ways to improve the durability and weaknesses of Yvette(http://yvettesbridalformal. com/). It also provides recommendations of how to enhance the website. Furthermore, it also provides recommendations in improving the business as well.

1. 2 Background

This report has been wanted by Yvette to improve websites since S-Deisgn Company is experienced in this field for 12 years. Our company did research of what type of design is popular among the key goal users and how to provide it within an appropriate way.

The targeted audience of Yvette is young teens and people aged between 15 to 40.

Yvette is a shop that has specialized in advertising and renting wedding gowns and formal clothes for both genders. It sells and rents formal wears for all occasions and is experienced mainly in gowns and wedding dresses. Over time, Yvette has broadened their business by branching out into other departments like advertising petrol portraits and providing slimming services.

Yvette is situated at Panama City, Florida and was initially established in 1980.

1. 3 Methodology

This information is obtained from the students in Singapore polytechnic. The questions on the survey derive from the C. R. A. P research of the Yvette website, the tips that will be suggested down the road in section ___ of the survey will be partly based on the survey results. There have been 30 respondents altogether.

1. 4 Scope

This statement also identifies the key concentrate on users of the web site. Secondly, the web site will be design to the key target users' preference. Thirdly, the record will analyse the advantages and weaknesses, and identify the rivals in the market. Lastly, the report will also suggest recommendations in improving the website.

2. Power of Yvette Website

Our company has research the Yvette website extensively and had discovered the strengths and weaknesses of Yvette. Firstly, in this section it discusses and clarifies on the 3 advantages found.

2. 1 No destroyed links

The first strength that S-Design Small has found is the fact that Yvette does not have any cracked links. Links should be tested to ensure they are all in working conditions and tourists will not receive error text messages in visiting them.

If new people to your site are getting error emails like DNS server which is website name server error which means that the links are no more functional, they'll not be impressed and so won't likely go back to your site. There are a number of different errors that may appear. Some examples of errors information will be links aren't longer functioning or images can't be displayed. Shattered links will frustrate users and present an unprofessional impression. Shattered links will also lead to users to feel that Yvette does not upgrade its website regularly, therefore users will think twice of trusting the Yvette website.

However, our company has tested the website carefully and figured Yvette does not have any cracked links or mistake messages.

2. 2 Contact details

The second power that S-Design Small had found is the fact contact details are provided in the website.

Yvette has provided guests with contact information such as e-mail addresses, map path to the shop, phone number and opening hours.

This will give Yvette an wide open feeling and it will also add a personal touch. In addition, it also escalates the user self-assurance and trust in using the site. Website visitors could also ask their enquires about Yvette with no need to call them.

Providing a map route to the shop and proclaiming the opening hours of the shop also conveniences the guests of the shop or the website. It also benefits the people to locate the shop easily and inform them about the operating time.

2. 3 URL

The last strength recognized is its URL (Uniform Source Identifier). The URL of Yvette is short and simple. It is also straight to the idea as it states the company's career which is specialisation in bridal wear.

Some URL is sophisticated and difficult to remember and pronounce therefore having a brief and simple URL benefits the clients as it creates it easier to keep in mind and recommend. In addition, the website Link also states the company profession which makes visitors to be aware of the company job in a glance. This could also improve and convenience users to find the net easily for bridal wear.

3. Weaknesses of Yvette website

In this section, it will point out the weaknesses our company got found. The weaknesses found will be research predicated on the 4 basics of design, C. R. A. P examination and the 2 2 conditions of evaluating a site which is first impression and navigation.

3. 1 Contrast

Contrast takes on an important part in building a website. Comparison is the difference in visual properties which makes an thing distinguishable from other objects and the background.

S-Design Limited has analysis the web site and hence concluded that the compare that Yvette currently possessed is poor.

Yvette's website is too colourful and the combinations between the colours are difficult for the eyes. There is also insufficient contrast that makes any of the elements on the web page stand out. Yvette makes uses of different color fonts and same text style throughout the website. This thus makes important and unimportant information appear in the same way. This shows no originality no uniqueness. Yvette should therefore have better compare between the elements to attract the attentions of tourists.

Fig. 1 Poor color combo - Yvette Home page

In fig. 1, it is the screen capture of the house site of Yvette, the website homepage shows different shiny color font combinations in one page rendering it glaring and perplexing for the readers as they don't know what to focus on. If there is not enough contrast between the elements, they'll just meld along for these tourists.

3. 2 Repetition

Repetition involves duplicating aesthetic elements throughout each page and the whole site. Websites that use the same small track record image that repeats itself both horizontally and vertically is very unprofessional. Furthermore, repeating images that are merged to create a wallpaper has low visual appeal to the visitors of the website. Repeating background images can be very bothersome.

Repeated wording and images will make the website look unappealing and unprofessional. They are necessary elements in a web site. Background images are one of those visual elements that when designed properly, can create an incredible atmosphere and present the style the artist has chosen.

Yvette has mainly repeated text message and images throughout the web site. This is can make the website unappealing and has low visible impact to the guests. It is also important to create a good first impression to the site visitors. The images shown below are screen captures of repeating texts and images within Yvette.

Fig. 2 Repeating backdrop images

Fig. 3 Repeated words of "Pink Links"

Therefore, repetition should only be utilized to generate and repeat chosen elements in every page. Such as, home page web page link or e mail us link.

3. 3 Alignment

In position, elements in the web site should not look which it was being put randomly. Every factor should be linked to one another via a low profile line.

Relating to Yvette, the elements in Yvette are being put randomly throughout the whole website. There exists poor position in the website. Below is a display screen record of Yvette website showcasing bad positioning.

Links everywhere

Fig. 4 Bad navigations

In the aforementioned screen get of the website, the links aren't aligned well and the elements appeared as if they are arbitrarily placed around the website.

3. 4 Proximity

Proximity means that items associated with one another should be grouped jointly. Therefore, grouping is strongly suggested in showcasing good proximity as it communities information and reduces clutters.

The rule of proximity is to move things apart of further away to attain an organised look.

In relating to Yvette, the web site has poor proximity. The links aren't organised and grouped in according to alphabetic order or grouped accordingly to clothes category. The elements in Yvette should be grouped collectively and seen as a group as opposed to the elements are spread out from one another.

In Yvette, there are numerous links that are related to one another, however the layout of the links are significantly apart from each other which makes finding and exploring of the website difficult and puzzling for the users.

3. 5 First Impression

3. 5. 1 Loading Time

People are usually very impatient and gradual loading pages won't make them want to return to your internet site.

Pages that load quickly will encourage people to find their way through your site understanding that they won't have to wait lengthy for each webpage to weight.

As Yvette's website is being loaded with images and word of all kinds, the launching time of the web site is relatively long. Yvette is filled with pointless animations and duplicating images, therefore this resulted in a rise in the launching time of every page. Yvette likewise have low-quality animated GIFs and struck counters that aren't only lengths the launching time of each site, it also gives a negative first impression.

Interactive speed is a key point in all models of user satisfaction. Ensuring Yvette tons quickly will lessen the variability of wait.

3. 5. 2 Unique Selling Point

Yvette currently does not have a unique selling point. Guests should immediately understand that Yvette is potential use to them. The initial selling point of the web site should be mentioned on the home site. Yvette lacks in this field as it should showcase its products and areas of services in the first site for easy looking at. However, the info regarding its unique selling point is not positioned in the home web page but found in one of the many links found in the home site.

3. 6 Navigation

3. 6. 1 Ease of use

Yvette website should be well-constructed navigation can help people to employ a positive experience on the site. The website should give an impression of clarity and really should be easy to use. It should be easily readable, clear and easy to comprehend. It's important that the site is not too cluttered with content material and images.

It is vital that the homepage is clear and simple. The homepage should be above the fold, users entering the website will appreciate discovering everything in the front them without having to take the time of scrolling up and down. By incorporating website links among others like contact web page or products site is a good use of repetition of design.

However, S-Design has concluded that there are too many links available in the homepage. The links are neither categorised nor organised. As the links in the Yvette are not categories, it's very difficult to find what you would like to know or explore around the web site. Links which may mean a similar thing may not link to the same web page. That is further puzzled the users of the website.

Yvette visitors would have trouble finding what they are looking for immediately. It'll cause them to become go back to their search and discover a competitor with easier navigation. Therefore it is good to keep navigation in a prominent location with simple and easy to work with tabs and links.

3. 6. 2 Go back to home page from any page

Yvette currently does not have a fixed website link to each and every, therefore adding a home page convenience one's search and exploration. Presently, the web site is very difficult to get around through as there is no website provided. Furthermore, without the existence of any website, it is not hard to get lost within the website.

4. Comparative Analysis

In this portion of the report, it'll be evaluating Yvette's website using its competitor's website ( www. bestbridalprices. com ). By contrasting Yvette website with it's rival, it'll show where Yvette presently stands and explain which aspects Yvette currently lacks in.

Bestbridalprices. com is chosen as the competition of Yvette has it stocks the same goal, focus on customer, price range and they are both located in United States.

4. 1 Backdrop of bestbridalprices. com

Bestbridalprices has been around business for over 31 years and still counting. The shop is family possessed and it's been positioned in the Midwest for quite some time. The shop's sales have greatly expanded over the years and is currently one of the most significant suppliers of wedding dress, dresses and tuxedos in the Midwest.

Its goal is to "make your wedding go through the greatest experience it can be. We strive to bring what manufacturers you want at the cheapest prices you deserve. "

4. 2 Bestbridalprices vs Yvette

Below shows display screen captures of both company's website homepage. The first picture is bestbridalprices 's homepage while the second picture shows Yvette's homepage.

Fig. 5 Bestbridalprices. com homepage

Fig. 6 Yvette Homepage

In comparing the two 2 websites homepage, you may easily discover that the first picture which belongs to Bestbridalprices. com is well aligned, possessed good proximity, good color comparison and appropriate track record.

Firstly, Bestbridalprices. com makes uses of desks and grid to arrange and grouped their products. In addition they apply to repetition for classifications of these items. Bestbridalprices. com also input search engines bar which is located in the top right hand nook which makes the guests' stay nicer. The usage of font color and style is good too. Different font style, size and color are being used for headers to identify it from the others, therefore allowing the people to focus their attention to the regions of interest. In addition to that, they also have a link to website from every other web page in the website.

However, Yvette presently does not hold any of all of the elements pointed out in these paragraph. Therefore, this is a downside for Yvette as tourists would like their competitor website. Yvette does not have search engines and for that reason makes finding for a particular item in the net difficult. The links are not properly aligned nor are they being classified under the same resemblance. The background that Yvette used is also not professional in their profession of work. The backdrop should be sophisticated because they are working with wedding and formal occasions. The font style, color and size used are not recommended in this type of profession. A lot of the links found in the web site are multi-colored and guests would have trouble seeking the appropriate hyperlink or where to focus their attention on.

Bestbridalprices. com also has links that identify their background of their company and a summary of their website. Yvette will not possess this element too. It is advisable to have this element as it creates user confidence, brings an individual touch and knowing of the business.

5. Recommendations

Earlier in this survey, our company has recognized and discussed the weaknesses of Yvette and compared the web site with one of the competitor to show the areas in which Yvette is missing or lacks of. Now in this section, it'll be recommending the ways to boost Yvette website to improve the sales of the company and to exceed and contend with its challengers.

5. 1 Color contrast

One of the survey question that was being asked to the general public was "How do you think of the web site?". The study results demonstrates at least 50% of the respondent solved that the web site makes bad uses of images and the web site have bad comparison. Then, the first part of the suggestion will be about the compare of the web site.

Fig. 7 Pie chart of "How do you think of the web site"

Using one main color on a larger amount of the webpage will help the background of Yvette look professional. If there is not enough contrast between your colors used, they just meld jointly for these guests.

Therefore it is highly recommended to exaggerate lightness differences between foreground and background colours, and prevent using shades of similar lightness next to one another, even if they fluctuate in saturation or hue. This pertains to words as well.

Therefore, our suggest avoiding using shades of similar lightness adjacent to each other, even if they vary in saturation or hue. If you lighten the light colorings and darken the dark colorings in your design, you increase its visual availability. Avoid using multi-colours. Below is a screen record of another bridal website to support our point.

Fig. 8 Blush

As you can observe from the above image, the entire record color is white. Along with the colorings chosen really portrait a professional image in a first glance. The distinction used accentuates the written text and differentiate the key text from the normal ones.

5. 2 Aligning and grouping of website elements

Below is the review question being asked to the general public "Will be the sources of information and factual data evidently listed?". Out of the 30 respondents, 26 responded as "Not clear", 4 answered as "Clear" and nothing of the respondents answered it as "Very clear". Therefore, S-Design Small suggests aligning and grouping the web site elements to show the information obviously to the users.

Fig. 9 Club chart "Will be the sources of information and factual data obviously listed"

In positioning, elements in the website shouldn't look so it was being located randomly. Every element should be connected to one another via an invisible series. Therefore, our company indicate that that the elements in the web site to be grouped and put in the same category. It really is to increase the positioning and proximity of Yvette website. That is beneficial to the guests as it would convenience their search and would also makes things better to be found.

Below will be an illustration of the recommendation given.

Fig. 10 Aligning of website elements

As from the above image, the merchandise in the web site are grouped in line with the dresses for different brands and people. Yvette could adopt this advice by also grouping their products just as or so. The usage of table in this aspect also differentiates out the headers and the normal links.

Yvette is advised to have an overview links of the website for easy guide. Not relevant links should therefore be put here to avoid clashing with the other necessary elements in the website. Providing an overview of the website also organise the web site better and boost the ease of use of navigation.

One example of the utilization of an overview will be exhibited below.

Fig. 11 Overview

5. 3 Necessary links and search engine

As Yvette has many products to sell within their website it is a good idea for Yvette to have a search engine. This could again improve the convenience of the tourists by searching for a particular item that they need and do not need to squander their looking at the entire products list.

A website should also be there in every of the webpages of Yvette. With the addition of necessary links, users would not be lost in the website and can easily go back to the main web page or their wanted links like products web page link, or e mail us page.

Use of appropriate aesthetic design or animations

Using visual images or animations will raise the website appeal. It will also make the website appear more occupation. Use of graphics and animations could also act as a form or advertisements as you could use it to display the business's latest products or announce the upcoming occasions that the company will be managing.

Yvette could also utilize this visual aspect by exhibiting their exotic dresses and attract audience or dealers. Insurance firms this element may possibly also increase users'curosity in bringing in their focus on the advertisement and persuading them through aesthetic aids to buy the products. Yvette is also suggested to remove the present background music in the web site as it isn't appropriate in their occupation. If Yvette will wish to add in background music, our company would recommend using soothing music like classical pieces.

Below will be an example of how Yvette could employ this advice to attract potential customers.

Fig. 12 Advertisements

By making use of design and animations, Yvette could emphasize the main important elements of their advertising to appeal to the interest of tourists. Like bolding or differentiating the key words of the sentence like "lowest price guarantee".

5. 4 Branding / Logo

Yvette should have a particular brand logo that means it is stand out from its competitors as it presently doesn't have one. Yvette brand company logo should have a unique look that will pick up the interest of your audiences. Yvette also needs to be advised to place the brand emblem prominently near the top of your house page or squeeze page.

It is also advisable to keep the brand logo design throughout the whole site to provide everything a regular appear and feel. Therefore, S-Design implies to keep the logo of Yvette simple and tasteful to portrait the same image as the new website. Branding also create awareness of the business products and consumer recongition. A brand is apparent from its shade or shape.

If an satisfised customers has fruqently purchased Yvette products, he/she will probably to become Brand Loyal. Cultivating brand commitment among customers is the ultimate pay back for successful marketers since these customers are much less apt to be enticed to change to other brands compared to non-loyal customers. A well-developed brand can make product positioning initiatives more effective. A solid brand may possibly also lead to good financial growth over the years.

Below will be one of a good example of a simple logo of Yvette that S-Design Small recommends.

Fig. 13 Yvette Logo

The design of the brand is easy. White and dark-colored will portrait and suit the beautiful feature in the web site.

6. Conclusion

A key aspect of having an efficient website is to convey a specialist image to the general public teaching that Yvette is serious in its goal of assisting the user conducting business with the organisation online.

In this record, S-Design Small has identified the 3 strengths of Yvette and the weaknesses of Yvette. In addition, it compares and evaluates the effectiveness of Yvette website using its competitors and lastly makes 5 recommendations in improving the website.

To conclude, Yvette should portrait a specialist, clean and simple look. The navigations in the web site should be quick and simple with implementing good proximity and positioning by using dining tables and grids. Yvette should make a branding assertion and screen what the business enterprise is all about, display quality images or animations and last but not least use quality images to show the company's products.

Again, S-Design Small would like to thank Yvette because of this to evaluate and make suggestions for your website. Really is endless you would choose and take into consideration the recommendations that people recommended and we hope to hear from you again.

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