The Alternatives Of Poverty In Egypt Sociology Essay

The writer says "A quarter of Egyptians are actually residing in poverty, corresponding to new statistics which show the proportion steadily climbed over the last 12 years of toppled chief executive Hosni Mubarak's guideline" (Hussein, 2012). But what exactly are the causes of poverty in Egypt? Politics issues, immature habit from the Egyptians contribution to the poverty, some geographical conditions was a main reason in Egyptian poverty, also the government was accountable for poverty. However, there are three main causes of poverty in Egypt government, education, and Geographical causes. Federal government, The first main cause for problem is the Egyptian government. Hosny Mubarak's routine was autocratic that was hidden behind the blanket of democracy, faking to the people justice while stealing from them all their moneys. The taxes were dished up for the bigger institution leaving the indegent poorer and the rich, richer. Past Hosny Mubarak chose people who knew nothing at all in politics to perform ministries and lead people's live from what it is today. For 30 years Egypt has been suffering from poverty scheduled to a system ran by bribery and injustice thus, leading to 21 percent of poverty in Egypt.

Education, The next reason behind poverty in Egypt is the training. As education happened by a corrupted ministry, advanced knowledge was not transferred to students. The amount of illiteracy in Egypt is high people are frightened to send their children to university to learn defective information. Other folks cannot afford the school's expenditures. Education in Egypt does not meet the market demand of employment whereas it is transferred through old traditional way which does not help the university student to actually discover or know his/her potentials. National schools are not well outfitted, private colleges not many people are capable of paying the trouble.

Geographical causes stay the third cause. As Egypt is a very big country the writer says "About 95 percent of Egyptians live over the Nile-on less than 5 percent of Egypt's place" (Geographic, 2004). A couple of 5 percent of people far from the source of life "Nile River" making them unproductive rather than calculated in the GDP of Egypt. Those 5 million people are in the face of poverty. They do not have many facilities or options to get money knowledge or even good treatments.

Poverty has serious results on the contemporary society wellbeing, people's education & health. Poverty's influences society's wellness making children who develop up in poor areas lack many of the needed facilities that any child's right deserve to have, instead children grow up to sell on roadways, where they should be learning or socializing. Unlike those who are financially stable children expand in a safer community where children are more educated. Poverty scheduled to corruption damage the society's balance creating a huge gap between your rich and the poor where both deserve equal protection under the law, the poor's are never reached & should never be treated in good by the federal government. Poverty second result is education, making students ditch universities to sell cells on street to get money for his or her family, the family too take their children out of institution to work and make additional money for the family, thus resulting in an increased rate of illiteracy "While those children living in utter poverty cannot afford basic education, those in relative poverty are pressured to dropout half way into their elementary or middle schooling. There may be many reasons for dropout, which range from incapability to pay fees for further education to shouldering family tasks" (Naik, 2010). As education in Egypt is the way to have a better life in the future so, since a lot of people don't have money to cover education, so their children's miss the school as a result. When he/she become a grown-up to enter in the labor force they aren't competent to find a good job which will help these to live a normal life. As the author relates "The relationship between poverty and education also works the other way around, with lack of education being one of the most important causes of poverty on earth" (Naik, 2010). The 3rd thing influenced by poverty is the health. The writer says "Around one-third of the full total number of deaths in the world - which roughly sums to 18 million people each year, are related to the diseases of poverty" (Naik, 2010). Since those who reside in poverty don't have enough education only this but also new delivered newborns who are blessed in poor places have a minimal weight because of low nutritional level.

As talk about, all tips are related to one another, each point influences the other point. As stated before, the previous regime was one of the main reasons of an increasing percentage of poverty in Egypt, whereas in the 25th of Jan 2011 a revolution was thrilled by the Egyptians credited to advanced of corruption that Egypt was moving into for 30 years. Revolution for true democracy is the one way to uproot poverty and save Egypt from it as the writer connect "When people took to Egypt's avenues in January 2011, they were bound together with a deep hatred of the Mubarak regime rather than a common perspective of what demands for "breads, freedom and communal justice" (Tadros, 2012). The benefits of this trend are that it'll purge Egypt from the prior regime. It can help people learn better to find jobs with the good qualification not with their specialists, connection, & bribery. The drawbacks are that the trend true effects will be seen on the long term. It needs time and patience, it needs a lot of teamwork and unity to pass the first period that will take couple of yr. After that poverty will end and each citizen in Egypt will live a decent life, the life a individuals deserves. The percentage of poverty will reduce. Another solutions put in place in Egypt to combat poverty is Micro funding where some banks give a small sum of money to help them to begin their tasks and pay this money back after a calendar year with out a financial profit. The advantage of the micro financing is that it helps the youth people to work, achieve their dreams and also to fight poverty and have a chance to live a good life but, the cons of the micro financing is that some individuals goes to prison because they do not pay the money back to the lender in it is time. Also this idea needs an informed people to learn how to manage and accomplish their project. In my opinion there a wide range of solutions that will help Egypt to solve the situation of poverty. The first solution is occupation generation which can only help to diminish the percentage of the unemployment and the ratio of poverty because they found a good job. The next solution is the fact there should be a transparency in federal government spending to make sure that no-one will steal money. The 3rd some may be that the federal government has to pay her credit debt which will help the united states to be economically stable so that the financial situations for each and every person increase. The fourth is to make the rich pay more taxes and the indegent to pay less because it is not fair to help make the poor and the rich pay like each other so that will create the economic situation equivalent in Egypt. Seek to the self applied sufficient economics which can only help the county to develop and the least rate of salary for every person per day will increase. Also the federal government has to be involved with public corporations to help her in struggling with the poverty by funding poverty struggling with programs like the United Nation. The final solution is the fact the government has to be near to the the indegent not the abundant only they need to talk to them encourage them never to neglect them.

In realization 30 years of corruption made Egypt reach a damaging status of poverty ensuing practically for quarter of the populace to attain poverty. The overall economy is not steady, the fundamentals needs aren't met, yet people remain struggling for survival to meet their basic needs of food, shelter and health. Egypt possessed reached such degree of poverty scheduled to a corrupted system under Mubarak's routine people were silenced, tortured, robbed & got no voice to demand their privileges. People were terrorized under the Mubarak's authority. Resulting in education problem, Egypt didn't want people to learn, not to outcome the federal government. Children grew with wrong knowledge of background and basic knowledge set alongside the international accepted specifications. Making parents from all age ranges almost illiterate on the market of qualified work, only providing to the corrupted authorities that will not provide the right facilities to its employees nor privileges. There's also another 5 million from the ratio of men and women in poverty living away for the centre of production, the Nile River, make them outcast from the modern culture. These people are frightened to be tortured from Mubarak's plan and his pushes nor are they in a position to produce or have the ability to live normally. With each one of these problem and poverty, people's health is no more steady 18 million people annually are attributed to diseases due to poverty and lack of medical supplements or good care facilities that people could manage. The financial statuses of the families are low making children dropout of university to improve money for the family or are required to take action. Poverty influenced Egypt's wellness making the wealthy richer, and the poor poorer setting up a miss balance between both poles, which increased the level of theft. Parents where are no more able to pay for their children's neither education nor health needs. Poverty helped bring Egypt to the lowest degree of disgrace. The only solution was to explode in trend, people requiring their basic rights from food, knowledge, and ethical rights, even though a revolution was started. It requires years to change 30 years of problem that stroke Egypt life from its roots. Egypt needs to stay united when confronted with poverty, education system should be renewed and new educated children grow to operate a vehicle Egypt on the light & liberty. Life will then expand in Egypt and stand skill against poverty and injustice. This dream will be performed only if people stood strong and united against corruption. The change starts from the within out.

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