The current period of development of international...

Modern period of development of international social security law

The current period of development of international social security law should be counted from the early 90's. XX century. The last decade of the last century for most countries with developed market economies was characterized by the deepening of integration processes, the globalization of the economic and financial spheres of life, the expansion of migration of labor resources, which undoubtedly affected the activities of international organizations.

At the 85th session of the International Labor Conference (ILI) in 1997, the ILO Director-General delivered a report on the "Normative work of the ILO in the era of globalization", which set the task of increasing the focus of international norms to strengthen their impact on national legislation of states - members of the ILO, monitoring the implementation of adopted norms. The Conference amended the ILO Constitution, which allows the abrogation of obsolete conventions. Previously, the ILO had no such right. The idea of ​​developing on the basis of the norms of international conventions and recommendations of the International Labor Code was put forward.

The main event of the 86th Session of the ILC in 1998 was the adoption of the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the definition of the mechanism for its implementation. Although globalization is a factor in economic growth, this growth alone does not guarantee social progress. The Declaration emphasizes that the ILO should pay special attention to the problems faced by persons who have special social needs, especially to the unemployed and migrant workers, to mobilize and encourage efforts at the international, regional and national levels aimed at resolving their problems, and promote an effective policy aimed at creating jobs. "

The idea that the globalization of the economy should be accompanied by increased social protection of workers and their families was highlighted at the 87th session of the ILC in 1999, i.e. in the year of celebrating the 80th anniversary of the ILO.

The 98th session of the ILC was held in June 2009 in the context of the global financial crisis. Therefore, much attention was paid to employment issues, assistance to the unemployed and members of their families.

In the former socialist countries of Central and Eastern Europe in the 1990s, continued economic and political transformation, the formation of a market economy, the formation of a civil society, focused on the values ​​of the EU and the Council of Europe. The state social security systems of these countries are radically reformed. The most significant changes occur in pensions. The new pension legislation has already been adopted in Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic.

The collapse of the Soviet Union led to a radical change in the geopolitical world order. However, it was not easy to destroy the economic, cultural, linguistic, historical community of peoples that was created and strengthened by centuries, and integration processes replaced the centrifugal forces. The Commonwealth of Independent States of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) emerged - a regional association of 12 countries of Europe and Asia - the former Soviet republics.

In Art. 2 of the CIS Charter states that the spheres of joint activity of the CIS countries include the provision of human rights and freedoms, social and migration policies. In the CIS, the first steps have been taken to regulate the regional labor market, labor protection, pensions, etc.

Social security issues take a big place in the technical assistance programs of international organizations. Practically every developing country and a country with a transitional economy has received and receives consultations from advisers of international organizations in the development of national legislation. In particular, drafts of federal laws on labor pensions, on state pension provision, on compulsory pension insurance in the United States, before they were adopted in 2001, passed an international examination in the ILO.

International organizations conduct large research work, study the normative acts and practices of social security in different countries, publish the results of a comparative analysis of law-making and law enforcement activities.

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