The FACTORS BEHIND Female Feticide Sociology Essay

Female feticide is a process of aborting feminine fetuses after about 18 weeks of gestation or we can say that killing or murdering a female child with in womb of mom. Female feticide is a violation of individuals right; the female children in the wombs are not only rejected the to live but are robbed to their right to born. Greater than a hundred a huge number women are lacking because their parents desired a son. There is no question that female feticide is not just unethical but it downright cruel as well.

Ten years again where to adjust the gender structure of children is also the crudest i. e. , feminine infanticide. The method depends on the group of procedure to destroy young ladies within the couple of days after their beginning. Truth be told there is no understanding about such technology to determine the sex the child before labor and birth. But this practice problems the ladies who are widowed or solitary pregnancy and they also go for suicide. Along with the increase in practice of feminine infanticide government imposed strict activities against it. Thereby it reduces but with the technology it is changed into the new form, today what we call is feminine feticide.


The reason behind this issue was started by federal itself in 1970s, when there exists problem for increasing people, they said the individuals who don't give labor and birth to so many to get the main one youngster child then "government asked them what you want a son child?" we will give u just a few boy child. After that in the government hospitals new systems are introduced to check sex of the child, but this is opposed by some social activities then authorities prohibited these activities but at that time people were aware of the technology and doctors also, so doctors open up their private treatment centers and made their occupation. After that ultrasound machine came up and these activities multiply like trojan.

Today there are extensive methods to choose the sex of the kid prior to birth such as sperm sorting (sperms that is sorted by making love and then found in unnatural insemination or in vitro fertilization) and pre implantation genetic diagnosis. Sex dedication has also gone through constant improvement, one of the latest method is "fetal DNA tests" in which blood of the pregnant mother may contain the DNA of her baby after six weeks of gestation, a sample of this blood vessels can be examined to recognize the love-making of embryo. But this wasn't the primary reason the primary reason is individuals mentality and this society.

In our culture many people feel that boy child provides happiness and position in their life, where female child only bring the tensions about their studies and then give to her to the other family with lot of cash. Today in the 21st hundred years where in fact the world arriving with new ideas and thoughts and everyone is given equal independence and mentality of people changed but still these varieties of pointless thoughts that lady is miserable for all of us, she bring only only sorrow in people heads are dreadful. They evolved their dressing style, living style, living standard nevertheless they don't know that life is the very important which can't compared with anything and they don't have to the anyone life. I think there are two significant reasons that almost all of individuals think in this world,

Education: why you need to spend so much money on the colleges and schools because she has going another family and what's good thing about her knowledge to us, even if she start making then we do not get hardly any money from her.

Dowry system: which is certainly going on from previous 50 years but today it became worse, people demand very much money that woman family can't accomplish it, and even there are some cases where bride is tortured to get money from her family. This system is more rigid in the north India.

Gender discrimination: The bias against females in India is grounded in ethnical, economic and religious roots. Sons are expected to work in the fields; they provide greater income and appearance after parents in later years. In this manner, sons are considered as a type of insurance. Furthermore, in a patriarchal society, sons are accountable for "preservation" of the family name. Also, according to Hindu belief, light the funeral pyre by a son is known as necessary for salvation of the soul. This strong preference for sons which results in a life-endangering deprivation of daughters is not considered abhorrent culturally and socially.

Despite making pre-natal sex conviction is penal offence, doctors and parents likewise rampantly violet this legislations. Even after the regular raids by the federal government in the private treatment centers and the hospitals and imposing an enormous fine these types of cruel things are still prevailing in the population.

In India, where many methods taken by the federal government like empowerment of the women, free education to girl child, booking in parliament, women rights and other intensifying initiative, do not seem sensible when we look at the cases of female feticide. There are only 940 females for each and every 1000 males in India in line with the 2011 census.


Female feticide has very permanent results in the human being diversity such as declination in the love-making ratio. The child sex ratio is determined as the amount of women per 1000 young boys in the 0-6 year's age group and has constantly declined from 976 young girls per 1000 kids in 1961 to 945 in 1991 and 914 in the 2011 census. Even in India, the kid sex ratio is not uniform across states. Areas like Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat and union territory of Chandigarh, the proportion has dropped to less than 900 girls per 1000 males. Haryana child love-making percentage 830 and Punjab child making love percentage 846 are most severe hit by the kid sex ratio. In India's capital Delhi, the love-making ratio has declined from 915 in 1991 to 866 in 2011.

If this ratio is utilized to decline at this rate, then days past are not way when there is no bride. People will move from here to there into the parts of the country looking for girls, then there will be market for girls that pay and take the lady and this causes the more interpersonal deprivation of the girls.

Strategies to suppress female feticide

Although there a wide range of facilities receive by the government and steps taken to improve the status of the women in the contemporary society. They are provided with increased opportunities in education, career and in matter of governance that is their chairs are reserved in the school, colleges and even the parliament. They are given with almost free education, loans with zero percent interest and a great many other things that make the parents less burdened. As there are many laws and regulations against the feminine feticide such as huge fine, cancellation of license and many prison terms nonetheless they are not carried out in a good way because there are range of private clinics in the every area of the town to be researched and furthermore our take these things gently for example in Korea, federal government terminated all the certificate of doctors entirely and put them into jails the who are indulged in these activities, therefore there is significant increase in girls to males sex percentage with in the year. Therefore to start with steps are stringent activities against doctors and keep monitoring the advanced machines which are being used by various doctors.

Most of individuals think that this type of practice is more among the list of villagers or the main one who aren't educated however they are wrong. They are more in the large places and the people who are well educated.

Intensive information, Education and Communication promotions for raising understanding: the government launched so many programs one of them is "Save the lady Child Marketing campaign" which have main objectives to point out the achievements of the young girls. To achieve the long-term vision work are created to create a host where sons and little princess are equally respected. There's a need of mass media in promoting a confident image of women. Institution and colleges ought to be the market. Various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) played an active role in this area. However the root factors behind gender bias need to be tackled first and then steps towards women empowerment must be strengthened.

Women empowerment: Education is the powerful tool for ladies to improve self-image, acceptance of family planning and their empowerment. NGOs may be urged to promote creation of self-help categories, provide non-formal education for adult females, create employment opportunities for girls as well as provide counselling and support services to recently married and women that are pregnant to discourage them from undergoing sex-selective abortion.

Role of medical colleges and professional systems: there are many medical practitioners who joined promotions resistant to the misuse of these technologies, but some of these are supporters of sex-selective abortions emphasizing that it is the family's personal decision to determine the sex of their children. Hence the role of medical universities and professional physiques such as Indian Medical Connection (IMA), Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI) and relationship of radiologists, in countering this using issue needs to be given credited importance. This may include

Realizing the medical students regarding the adverse ratio while stressing after the honest issues involved with feminine feticide.

Conduct regular workshops to reiterate the importance of the problem in the country.

Organize awareness campaigns infield practice areas.

India has yet a long way to move in her fight against pre-birth eradication of females. Time is quickly ticking away. A shortage of females would lead to a scarcity of entitled brides thus making the lady a "scarce commodity". Regarding to UNFPA projection, by the entire year 2025 a substantial talk about of men above 30 would be single, and that lots of will never be able to marry by any means. Men in the states of Haryana and Punjab already are experiencing a nearly 20% deficit of marriageable women. A concerted effort by the medical fraternity, regulations, political market leaders, NGOs, media, instructors and the city itself is the necessity of the hour.

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