The Family Separation Elements Of Population Sociology Essay

The family is the main aspect of the modern culture, but, are also the two styles most important in the books, "The Ellen Foster" and the "Lovely bones", in these catalogs discuss the family but in various contexts for example in the e book the "Ellen Foster", we found that the main figure, Ellen is definitely in search an family for example, she needs the Scarlett's family, although was a dark-colored family, however in the booklet, the "Lovely bones", has another strategy about the family, for example, in this family found that is an in depth family, but nowadays, what's the real idea of the family?. Corresponding with the culture the family is the base of the education, because is the primary source of information whenever we are children.

Other definition is obtained by Common declaration of human rights this explain in the next word "The family is the natural and fundamental group device of society and it is entitled to safeguard by population and the State" out of this point of view, the family come with an important role inside the culture, nowadays we are living different changes inside this society because daily the human have more necessities, and this entail that people forget of put in the time with the family, and this have as effects the family split up a big problem in this period.

The family separation is an event of the culture that lie in the break up different bonds mental and materials, in the same time is the break up and dissolution of the matrimony based in the common life between parents and other family mainly in the kids. One example is in the publication "Lovely bone fragments" in this book there's a family that has a silent life, but however 1 day their lives have a extreme change, a member of the family is raped and dies, this event have with consequences the family breakup, because because of this of the family over time begins to split up, because after the loss of life the parents begins to obtain different problems provoking a great deal stress in the family. In the real life the strain can be an important stage for the family break up, because mainly the parents when they arrive of their jobs and they involve some problem they may have bad humor, ease it in their house, causing a distressing atmosphere and provoke another situations that can disrupt family connections if not resolved calmly, smartly and in a wholesome manner, but also the growing tension between parents brings about physical parting and the decision to divorce.

Another common event in this age that provoke the family split up is the divorce or separation because when the parents are segregated should give more affection of the required and appropriate for their children, despite what happens, the kids always have to have someone to guide them and guide them through the correct path because if indeed they feel by itself only can lead to other problems. For instance in the reserve the "Lovely bone fragments" when the primary identity, Susie Salmon dies, some days and nights after her mom leave her family, this event is hard blow for the family because the others children don't know very well what happen and why her mom has this frame of mind, there are in true to life many cases whenever a relation leave it, this event is sadly for all family and is the main reason for that lots of families breakup. Abandonment entail that connection between parent or guardian and children over time could be affect, because other important aspect is the communication between this elements, parents and children, the communication inside of family is important because through communication can reveal feelings, longings, needs, material goods, predicated on a real community but what happen when this communication becomes in lack of communication. Having less communication is another component that is aforementioned with family split up and once there is an example in the reserve "Ellen foster" in this reserve stand out the relationship between, Ellen the primary figure, and her father, both have a wintry and distant romantic relationship, her father can take refuge daily in the alcohol, and Ellen constantly search a family group who fill up the emptiness that has kept her mother's fatality, as the reserve shows a lack of communication makes family break up, and what is worse than a child damaged by this, until the point as to move from family to family or in cases like this of adoption for adoption.

When a family breakup the culture also is affect because the individual naturally is sociable, sometimes the population is the representation of the a people, nowadays the population is going through a critical condition, this critical talk about is hart for the family because always only is one a prose the happiness of the family, also as my perspective the society each day is increasingly more individualist, as example inside reserve "Lovely bone fragments" show us the Susie's mom the independent part of the book, because after the loss of life of her child she has leave her family because is part of her personal change with a real person, but without family, actually the culture change maybe the idea of family as well the individualist everyday has more excess weight, until the point that the family is a obstacle for have the personal targets, creating also a population individualist where the work in team doesn't can be found.

The world play an important role inside own life because somehow a measure of our performance, just what exactly do the world for combat the family separation as well is important for our growth. For example in the "Ellen foster" book the society possessed a role important because it built the idea of the perfect family even convinced that one day she'd find a mother like women who visited church. Sometime to be part of the world is a little complicated because the society is "an organization of individuals living or working mutually, the foundation of the word society comes from the latin societas, a "friendly connection with others. " Societas comes from socius meaning "companion" and thus this is of society is carefully related to what is public. Implicit in this is of society is that its members talk about some mutual matter or fascination with a common goal. As such, society is often used as synonymous with the collective citizenry of a country as aimed through national establishments concerned with civic welfare. "

From there the family is an essential part of good development for contemporary society as it not only helps with affection, also supplies the basic foundation of world, so adding individuals to develop positive action within contemporary society resulting in social growth, assisting to have positive changes just as with other individuals.

In this circumstance show us a good example the book "Ellen foster" because the world and contact with this make that Ellen change her way of thinking about dark-colored people, in once this step I think that help Ellen because in the foreseeable future her children will not be racist, adding this way to an alteration family that together will have a positive change in the society, but what occurred when the modern culture didn't add in this change as well as the family didn't also anything for make the change, both could be infected.

"Ellen foster" and "Lovely bones" are two books that have a component in keeping, the family split up, these authors write the novel in various time, but, we can that the family break up is a subject that affect the society all the time, because the family always can be an important part of the society. The same time the books symbolize the idea of the family in several way, the writer of "Ellen foster" shows the cruel part of the culture, because she reveal as a contemporary society can make irresponsible as it pertains to cope with a difficulty that contemporary society often doesn't help solve the problem, and just make an effort to justify it, family breakup is currently a matter of matter, today's young population does not want any children because this new world think they might not exactly realize their personal goals a reason behind the family, or don't want to do it again the same patterns as their parents, because almost 25 % of the populace in Mexico is divorced, with the consequence of family breakdown. The reserve "lovely bones" demonstrates another point of view about family split up, because in this case the family separation occurs whenever your character dies, triggering mental imbalance inside the family, since parents didn't learn how to react the tragedy, forgetting themselves also their other children.

In true to life this all too often because like anyone how to be parents can also learn to act whenever a child dies the pain that the family must steadily be separating like in the reserve "Lovely bone fragments", The freelance writers mention some examples of the consequences about family breakup brings, both buy into the loneliness that creates. The loneliness in the family owes to the lack of communication little by little to having less attention since always we think no more than us themselves, giving aside other family, since we think that this couldn't to influence them, since my point of the view in this age have only the family, nowadays every person have many changes positive and negatives but I think that each family have the bases necessaries for confront the culture everyday could be a better society, we think that the family only is a terminology but is more that, is a

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