The importance of healthy family dynamics

A 29 years old male patient admitted to the psychiatric ward with the diagnosis of schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorders. He had these problems 3 years and was hospitalized twice before and this was his third time of hospitalization. He arrived to a healthcare facility with the claims of low self esteem, abnormal masturbation, hallucinations and religious delusions. Through the initial sessions with the patients it was hard to recognize the primary cause of most these problems, but it was clear when patient mentioned that "I are in a separate room at home moreover my children didn't let me talk with family members when they check us out plus they locked the entranceway. Moreover Personally, i observed that within my whole professional medical weeks his daddy just arrived once and talk with his son only one minute and left. By seeing all of this and interacting with my customer I personally believe that there is certainly problem in family dynamics. Along with that I also think that there is lack of proper parenting which led him to low self esteem, lack of confidence etc.

introduction 91

In this newspaper I'll discuss that how important is to acquire healthy family dynamics and the role of parents in retaining family dynamics effectively to guarantee the proper mental growth of the individual. Interactions among family has great role in personal development. Matching to Mathew(1999)Family relationships on the whole and the parent-child romantic relationship in particular have a pervasive impact on the subconscious, physical, cultural, and monetary well-being of children" these connections are not merely help to maintain good cultural and interpersonal romance but it has great role in person psychological growth.

Pakistani context 143

In Pakistani societies there is a significant value of family in one's life. we live typically in a prolonged family it helps everyone to talk to each other effectively and maintain a wholesome family dynamics which omit the component of isolation from the world. Matching to Sousa, A. D. (2009), "in countries like Pakistan family is the major support system for the individual that is mentally ill but sometimes the patient is often deprived of psychiatric treatment credited to family burdens that exist. " But on in contrast, due for some myths present in our culture that have end up being the part in our thinking like have confidence in bad evil. Thus parents don't bring their children to mental attention settings instead they send them to religious trust healers for expulsion of so called bad bad. This more often contributes to the sociable isolation of the victim of mental disease. Even it's been discovered that in Pakistani culture parents do not let their children socialize with others because of their illness which eventually results in internal stigmatization of the sufferer. This further causes internal conflicts and could bring about guilt.

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"The family takes on multiple tasks in the treatment process, span of the illness and in relapse prevention. It is therefore very important than inside our daily habit practice we delve into family dynamics and work on this aspect of psychiatric disorder. Psycho-education and family remedy must be entwined in routine psychiatric treatment programs and shall go a long way to lessen family burden and relapse-prevention in schizophrenia and other mental disorders. " (Sousa, A. D. , 2009)

Family dynamics is the integral part of everyone's life and it helps to live life effectively with no extra stressors. But if have problem in their family system or the family dynamics aren't working properly the individual may finish up with mental health issues. As I have previously talk about that the family system of my consumer is not effectively working so as a disturbed family system my client facing problems like low self esteem, lack of confidence, guilt and psychological immaturity. This component of personality is developed through the initial period of anyone life. And during this time period you can find need of proper parenting and the parental support. Along with that as my client is having a inner issues y so there is more dependence on parent's support because these individuals don't discuss more and usually don't express their emotions. In addition during the early childhood the child learns how expressing their sentiment. But if parents wouldn't normally be able to attend this type of need of the kid this might lead to emotional immaturity as my patient was facing the same problem.

Moreover except the parents their age group and sibling also play an important role. Good romantic relationship with the peers and siblings helps the individual to maintain a good marriage with the culture and it brings the good attitude in the individual.

There is multiple factors that how disturbed in family dynamics lead to the mental problem of the average person of the family. The family system condition model briefly point out what factors led to this issue and what exactly are the ultimately solutions of the problem

This model is focus on the three dimensions 'psychosocial Types' of disease and impairment; major developmental stages; and key family system parameters. It give attention to the average person holistically. It tells us that how the psychosocial environmental affect the family dynamics which ultimately lead to the average person. Regarding to Rolland and walsh (2006) "It attends to expected psychosocial needs of the condition through its various stages; family systems dynamics in relation to individual and family developmental issues; multigenerational patterns of coping with illness and loss; and perception systems, including affects of culture, ethnicity, spirituality, and gender"

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Before going to work upon the patient who have impaired family dynamics system, firstly family assessment could be achieved by exploring the issues and problem which is family facing and identify the maladaptive action which they are using as the coping strategy. Along with that people need to explore the relationships one of the family so we can create a base ground after which we need to improve our patients.

If there may be problem in patient family system or there may be lack in parents support. Therefore the second step is to maintain the good family dynamics or brings the positive attitude of parents towards the individual. The very first thing which works is the family therapy. Corresponding to Townsend, M. C. (2005), "Family Remedy is a type of therapeutic modality where the emphasis of treatment is on the family as a device. It represents a kind of intervention where members of a family are assisted to identify and change problematic, maladaptive, self-defeating, repeated relationship patterns. " So if any person has problem in family system you can find need to first correct this technique which ultimately really helps to improve the condition of the emotionally ill person. Along your if we concentrate on the family so it will ultimately reduce the relapse rate, reduce the need for hospitalization and also assist in medication management and conformity. "Family hold a huge wealth of information about the client's habits, their moods, and the stability of the things. When it's a psychotic disease, perception of reality is impaired, so members of the family who often live with or near to the customer can help piece together what's been occurring. " (Frisch, N. C. , & Frisch, L. E. , 2005). It's all because of the strong bonding of family with their members, so to appropriately manage the individual condition preventing from relapse we are in need of o give attention to the family based mostly strategy. "Most psychotherapists would concur that apart from medications and CBT, family-focused interventions will be the most appropriate form of remedy" (Mohr, W. K. , 2003)

Moreover due to the lack of awareness of the family or parents, the family didn't recognize that their child has some form of mental problem. This led these to delay in the procedure. Along get back in our society the stigma is associated with the mental illness. That is also the main one reason that the family is reluctant going in the mental healthcare setting. So to prevent from this we have to provide the proper consciousness to the family and other folks at the population level that these individuals are same as us, so that the delay in id in problem should be avoided. Along get back the support of the family and world helps them to recover soon and live a healthy life.

Personal feeling

I personally believe that support of the family concerns allot and specially for the psychologically unwell patient. patients who having mental illness is the unfortunate eole because they become centered upon others person. Keeping ourselves on the patient position make us very depressive. so we can't suppose how much mental health ain they are suffering. Moreover after dwealing with the emotionally unwell atient and interacting with them. I stress that they are identical to us and we have to treat them holistically. Along with this I feel that there is very less family suort yto these eole se we have to sensitize the eole at community and also institutional level so these eole live their life effectively and haily

My thoughts and thoughts regarding family therapy lies in the actual fact that family is a phrase which is very close to my heart because I am living away from my children for more than a decade. I know what my family meant to me. I cannot forget the rituals of bedtime experiences, hugs, holiday seasons and daily meals shared as well as my siblings, that used to provide me a sense of warmth, composition and security. These rituals and traditions, not only create thoughts and leave a family legacy, but create our first journey in life, the one which is positive. Family remedy is a very useful therapy that ought to be employed on any patient. I believe this therapy is beneficial for not only psychiatric patients but all the other patients who are hospilaized scheduled to any reason. I discovered many things after writing paper. I analyzed a lot of literature including benefits of the remedy as well as different researches. This will help me a great deal in my future work and practice.

Conclusion / Recommendation

Literature and studies strongly emphasis on the role of family support for psychologically unwell patients. There is a profound impact of family support on patient's health outcomes. So in growing countries like Pakistan much emphasis should be given on the importance of family support and everything the cultural entities have to take sensible steps in this regard and to promote consciousness programs for basic human population regarding promoting family support in mental health problems.

People with mental illnesses will be the most unfortunate people of our population because, in mental disease a person become much dependent on others. Unfortunately, you can find less support offered to them on interpersonal and family level. The procedure and recovery of patients of their respective mental ailments depends through to both the doctors and social support of the patients. In clinic, the personnel provides personal support to create hands-on good care while members of the family offer psychosocial support to the individual which is one of the most important factors of patient's recovery from psychological health problems (Joseph E. Gaugler, 2005). It really is doubtless that family has an integral role in management of psychologically ill patients. Everybody knows that when there is proper and effective family and sociable support available to the patients can lead to positive outcomes like improvements in quality of life, and physical and psychological wellbeing (Laudet et al, 2000). Family support could work on all the three levels primary, secondary, and tertiary levels so help patients. This means if the family support system is strong and there are coherent relationships among the relative it can avert many stressors which can escort to mental disorders. Further, in case a psychologically sick patient has effective family support at clinic or during treatment can enhance the recovery process of patient. Proper family support can also add effectively in the treatment of patients and can prevent relapse and additional hospitalization.

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