The period of reserved opportunities - Technology of social work

Persistence period

As you know, this period can last up to 80 years and even more. That is, this is a significant period of time, which should bring satisfaction from the consumption of quite deserved bread.

For pedagogy this is a period of a different orientation of social and educational activities: methods and measures are now being used to improve and enrich the daily life of representatives of the third age. The acquisition of appropriate skills at this stage is more difficult than in previous periods of life, and requires a thorough explanation that for health and satisfaction of life, older people are useful, and what is harmful, what is bad and what is good.

The ally of educators (workers of cultural and educational institutions, publicists, public figures, doctors, priests, etc.) is a good psychophysiological state of health in the first years of the third age and a natural desire to prolong this condition as long as possible, to prolong the youth, as it were, to 60 and even 70 years, because people in the initial period of aging are ready to listen carefully to the advice of competent persons and to implement their recommendations. This readiness is more visible among people open to the outside world, which is usually combined with a high educational and cultural level. People who can not freely feel in the world of culture (for example, persons who have not finished even primary school) are threatened with emptiness and boredom at their third age. Constant education will gradually reduce this population among the elderly.

The elderly are most interested in the issue of health. About 25% of elderly people complain about various ailments, loneliness, the fact that time for them lasts endlessly, and they grow old faster. These people need calming and recommending correct behavior in certain situations. Even those elderly people who evaluate their health as good read the literature and listen to lectures on health and rational behavior during this period.

Elderly people with attention, benevolently perceive information regarding hygiene and diet at their age. The old man's assimilation of new hygiene skills requires considerable volitional efforts, but it is not uncommon, especially now that an authoritative lecturer can convincingly tell listeners, for example, about the psychophysical connection of a good appearance with the feeling of continuing youth.

Opportunities to earn money, as a rule, are very relevant for pensioners, who in this connection need to become acquainted with the legal provisions governing the issues of additional earnings at retirement age.

They are very attracted to their classes, which are combined with relaxation, rest: cultivation of the garden plot, breeding of small animals and birds (pigeons, rabbits, chickens). Pensioners account for more than 30% of the total number of owners of garden plots. The provision of retirees with this type of activity, which, on the one hand, generates income and, on the other hand, is a kind of rest, is organized by trade union organizations, as well as cultural and educational institutions, but, unfortunately, not always successfully.

A large number of community workers, working as public guardians and judicial supervisors, are involved in the group of elderly people. Many are engaged in public activities on the territory of their microdistrict (advisors, assessors, guardians of local clubs and yard squads). A remarkable fact is the benevolent relations of pensioners with their neighbors (almost 70% of pensioners who participated in the study), while about 40% of pensioners provide assistance to their neighbors (guarding patients, partially helping with the household).

Social and educational activities for the elderly, which consist mainly of information, advice and involvement in activities, require a network of relevant institutions and organizations (clubs, cultural centers, rest homes, people's universities, pensioners associations, etc.). .), as well as well-trained personnel for these tasks. Accordingly, the prepared incentives old people need to start useful not only in the above institutions and organizations, but also among the media personnel, as well as in ministries, trade unions and associations dealing with the problems of older people. Gerontological pedagogy (that is, teaching people of the elderly and senile age) becomes obvious need of our time.

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