The problem of poverty in Vietnam

Whenever we discuss beggar, this always web page link us the challenge of poverty. It's been an important issue in Vietnam for years. Currently, there continues to be a large amount of men and women lives "social bottom level" life. This is particularly recognizable in the background of strong stratification when the income space between abundant and poor start getting bigger and bigger. The process has a strong character; the indegent are receiving poorer and the abundant even richer. Additionally, it can create some against the law acts in mankind.

In this essay I've considered the next issues: reason behind beggary, children as beggars, and its result to the society. The theme of the essay, which I focused on, was the problem of beggary in Vietnam. The analysis of which I've highlighted the main groups of the indegent especially children being abused for "begging act".


I. Reason behind beggary

It's very hard to give specific reason or establish any reason for the organization of beggary, as is the case with a crime. There may be a couple of causes, including inability to physical, mental derangement, or society, poverty, the custom of offering, unemployment, the collapse of the family business, whether alone or in combination could create a predicament that can cause beggary.

Although the root cause in each case is the family's poverty or underemployment when the family is not able to support and disabled people, but at the same time, there are no security steps from the public forces those to beg.

a) Economical reasons: The three main causes of financial poverty, job damage or lack of career and business income.

Poverty: One of the major factors that pressure visitors to make a unpleasant beggary. It does not mean that enough to aid themselves or their own families, many people vacation resort to begging.

Unemployment: But poverty together cannot be held accountable because all those surviving in poverty aren't used to beggary.

The rewarding business: Due to easy gains and income from begging, some individuals can earn enough to make it as a job instead of doing genuine labor. Not just that, many people make it as business and exploit others by spending some cash in this business. A couple of group activities in large locations, which induce many children to this job. And in the next part I'll discuss more about any of it.

b) Social triggers: On the list of social factors behind family disorganization, lack of parental control, disorganized neighborhoods, breaking joint family system and public custom.

Disorganized family: Family is area of the relationship of our society, which influence our habits of tendencies and activities. Any disruption inside our home state, especially in the case of an unhealthy one brings about a break down of the family, which do happen in beggary.

Lack of Parental Control: The parents don't have the industrial middle of control necessary for their children, but moms also often go to factories to work. As a result children can change to energy in virtually any direction. If they get caught in bad company, they can form love of travel, can lead to beggary.

c) Biological Cause: One of the biological causes may be tackled to illness, physical impairment or mental disability and later years.

Disability or condition: The physical disabilities such as blindness, deafness or obtained initially had this result lot of individuals to beg as economic conditions of their own families so as not to afford the maintenance of the handicapped.

Lack of spirit: You can find people who lack mental or insane and struggling to earn any living and they are forced to beg.

Other reason: Among other reasons may be brought up those obligated to beg. When someone is executed beggary. There are orphans and waifs and touch those who deliberately maimed or deformed to truly have a guardian or other person can earn their living. Many parents also trade on the standard weaknesses of their children employing this additional source of income.

II. Children as beggars

1. What cause children to be on the road?

In this part I want to discuss the primary features of public work with avenue children. In Vietnam, there are definitely more than 1700 children under 18 are homeless and living on the road this year 2010 (tien phong paper, 2010 http://www. tienphong. vn/Thoi-Su/523066/Tre-lang-thang-duong-pho-Rui-ro-nhieu-nguy-co-lam. html). This is mainly orphans; children still left without parental good care, children - runaways. The problem of homeless children is particularly painful. Among them there are children-fugitives - children try to escape from home or from an educational organization credited to break ties with parents surfaced of heavy issue with instructors, tutors, peers, the deformation value orientation and other reasons that led to a crisis of relations. Hardly ever, the reason for juvenile runaways - occurrence of mental health problems can lead the kid to be beggar. Delivered in assisted living facilities, other companies of social rehabilitation of such children often commit recidivist runaways. Among many reasons, the increased loss of family ties or conflicting with family connections, violent, extreme, ill-treatment by parents. The reason behind the great shock of children by the divorce of the parent or a single parent remarries, generally residing with a kid.

Additional risk factor was the position and the institution, which distanced itself from the young adults with a hard life. Coagulation outside the school room work in educational companies, the disappearance of children's organizations impoverishes outdoor recreation of children, their upbringing and development.

In some instances, children avoid from the house - a rsulting consequence the pedagogical helplessness of parents, their distorted view of the restrictions of autonomy of children, lack of control over their pastime. Concerns men and women only meet up with the concern of natural and materials requirements, violation of shared understanding and trust between children and parents. Conditioning parents' employment, forced to incorporate several jobs to ensure the existence of family also leads to an increase in child disregard, increase the threat of their break free from the home. Dramatically on the rise of public maladjustment of children: The first alcoholism and medicine obsession, vagrancy, immorality young adults, prostitution, illegal actions. Child runaways become easy victim for criminal organizations, juvenile criminal offense is known for his cruelty and cynicism. Virtually all children - runaways have lag in mental, physical and intellectual development, weakened health. Sometimes, they are suffering from chronic diseases, sensing its uselessness, these teens often prone to suicidal acts. Creating a system of avoidance and treatment of socially maladjusted children and adolescents, which include and children - a fugitive, is currently a problem of national importance.

2. When children become victims of the "beggars group".

Have you ever wonder why there are many kids beggars on the street? If yes, maybe my account here happens to many others too. When you attend Pham Ngu Lao Neighborhood in Dict. 1, you will easily being accompanied by some child beggar carry a kid on the make. If you ask me that picture is very unpleasant and of course for the first few times, I simply did as almost all of people since will do, I offered them money. But one day after providing money, I try to find what that litttle lady going to do with the money and I found her set you back one woman remain near that and present her money, the amount of money that I just gave her. As well as for awhile, I continue reading paper, there are like "mafia beggars" in Vietnam. They retain kids, kidnap a few of them and switch those to beggars. In order to go the street and beg for the money, every one of the kids have to go through the "training". The first is a prepared talk when people concern, such as "Reside in the middle of Vietnam", "father just perished, they have disorder, or little sibling or sister must be taken attention of. " The next is to the actions. Kneeling bow is one way, emaciated stinking body corrosion on others to enter a "terrorist". Another way is keep pursuing one person until he must give them some money. Among the kids day after day are probably residing in the area of the road and beg for money now, not because they have unpleasant life but because they just dropped in the capture of "beggar business" and become a specialist beggar. They have been deprived to self love, self-esteem and love when people step into the street beggars. In return, they are trained to be rough bottles, cruel and torment each other hand to contribute.

III. Effect of beggars to the society

Beggars tend to present a poor image of a specific location. The presence of beggars were viewed as manifestations of greater cultural ills or issues and may cause others to all the beggar-area population

The ramifications of street beggars can't be overemphasized. Beggars into health risk because most of them can transmit infectious diseases in society. Some traders and equipped robbers abducted therefore constitute security risks in society. Looking at the effects of road beggars, I think the governments of the countries on earth have to hold big responsibility about any of it, no matter where it is, commonly reducing poverty in their country which is one of the factors creating it. The government should increase initiatives to regulate traffic accidents that are making many people handicapped. The medical establishment should be upgraded so that children will never be attacked by patients before and after delivery. Above all, the Government should create a special community to beg than to let them roam the pavements.

IV. Conclusion

As can be seen from all the above facts, people with no fixed income or even see beggary is a business- this is a problem whose solution is the mass of the nuances that want special attention. In Vietnam, beggary still legal, even though the government will try to tell everyone that they can not make children to go on the street and beg for money. The abstract has been investigated not only the essence of social work, but the underlying reasons for the forming of the situation. For each one of these reasons, we can conclude: the most important in solving this problem - is to get over the systemic crisis in the united states, to handle social policies that might be aimed at making sure normal living conditions for the majority of the population, especially the so-called most unprotected.

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