The Universal Social ISSUE OF Prostitution

This newspaper will describe and review the universal communal problem of prostitution among minors who had not attained 18 years, while concentrating specifically on the way this happening occurs in Israel.

Prostitution takes on many meanings; operationally identified, prostitution is a habit that involves the exchange of sexual services for financial compensation in the form of drugs, money, or needed resources, for example, cover or food (Murphy, 2007;Williamson & Baker, 2009 Understanding the Social and Economical Contexts). In regards to minors, Dr. Anat Gur, a psychotherapist who's an expert in dealing with sexual assault victims, statements that these meaning of prostitution is less suitable for minors due to the fact so it disregards the exploitive dynamics of the sexual relations between your minors and the parents and lacks the equality between your parties. Using the word "prostitution" only obscures the actual fact that minors are exploited( BOOK anat).

According to XXX, prostitution can be classified as human being trafficking finalized towards erotic exploitation. This understanding frames the prostitution trend as exploitation of individuals which includes physical and emotional violence (prostitution phenomenon). The Victims of Trafficking and Assault Protection Work (VTVPA) define real human trafficking is 1. "the recruitment, harboring, travel, provision, or obtaining of an person for labor or services, by using force, fraudulence, or coercion for the intended purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, arrears bondage, or slavery, (p. 8 ) or 2. "sex trafficking when a commercial intimacy act( any sex act on account of which anything of value is given to or received by ant person ) is induced by force, scam, or coercion, or where the person induced to perform such an function has not obtained 18 years" (p 7, 8). Relating toXXX, the VTVPA definition of individual trafficking highlights that every minor, under age 18 who can be used in commercial love-making act is a trafficking victim ( home trafficking).

On August 1996, the first world congress against Commercial Erotic Exploitation of Children was managed by the Government of Sweden in collaboration with ECPAT, UNICEF and the NGO Group for the Convention on the Privileges of the Child. Israel was one of the 122 state governments that participated in the case. The congress recognized that commercial sexual exploitation of children ( under age 18) is a fundamental violation of the UN convention with regards to the privileges of children a form of coercion and violence against them. Additionally they declared that commercial intimate exploitation is a new form of slavery given that children worldwide aren't only influenced by sexual mistreatment but are also systematically entrapped and sexually exploited for commercial purposes ( theme newspaper cece).

According to the protocol that was proven in the congress there are three different aspects of children's sexual exploitation : 1. Sale of children which can be an act or transfer whereby a kid is moved by any person or band of persons to another for remuneration or any other awareness. 2. Child pornography which includes any representation at all of a child involved in real or simulated explicit intimate activities or any representation of the intimate parts of a kid for primarily erotic purposes 3. Child prostitution which is defined as the utilization of children in intimate activities for remuneration or other concern (theme newspaper CSEC).

The United Nations (UN) Convention on the Protection under the law of the Child (CRC) was signed by the Status of Israel on 3 July 1990. Based on the CRC Israel must "take appropriate action to safeguard children from all types of physical or mental violence, injury or maltreatment, including sexual abuse by parent(s), guardian(s) or caretaker(s), from financial exploitation and from doing any work that is likely to be hazardous or even to interfere with the child's education or to be harmful to the child's health or physical, mental, religious, moral or social development. States Celebrations undertake to protect the kid from all types of erotic exploitation and erotic abuse and therefore should "take all appropriate countrywide, bilateral and multilateral options to prevent the inducement or coercion of a kid to engage in virtually any unlawful sex, the exploitative use of children in prostitution or other unlawful erotic procedures and the exploitative use of children in pornographic shows and materials" (convention on the Rights of the kid, Office of the High Commissioner for Man Protection under the law-. --- --- --- -(

The range of the problem

Although Israel is a celebration to the convention, in line with the statistics gathered in 2011 by counter-trafficking non-governmental corporation, the Task Make on Human Trafficking (TFHT), more than 10% of the believed prostitutes in Israel are minors. However, due to the hidden nature of the condition, lack of sufficient focus on the problem and the actual fact that this group is a difficult population to reach, there is absolutely no reliable quotes of the degree of the challenge. Today, almost all of the prostitution activity is nearly not on the streets however in locations that are closed down such as, dating sites, chats, online forums, private apartments rentals, saunas, clubs plus more. The ministry of welfare believes that the opportunity of the condition is much wider, involving a large number of teenagers, under the age of 18, whom the public welfare businesses don't even know about. Furthermore, the ministry of welfare and the Ngo's who are dealing with sexually exploited children in Israel registered a five-fold upsurge in 2011 in the number of teenagers working as prostitutes, though it says that some of the climb can be related to the group's stepped-up efforts to find victims of prostitution. Another reason that is related to the rise is the actual fact that a lot of the activities have changed to the web and on-line boards. Relating to xxx, traffickers advertise children online for sexual purposes through a huge selection of Web sites, and in addition they seek out victims through social networking sites such as Facebook.


According to xxx, women and young girls will be the predominate victims of the making love industry ( yale). Within Israel, quotes confirming the gender break down of commercially sexually exploited children vary; however, the newest data shows that 75% of minors who are involved in prostitution are women who come from all strata of population, another 20 percent are young boys and the remaining 5 percent are transgender (NGO says teenage prostitution worsening in Israel- internet). Information released in 2011 by the Primary Minister's Office indicate that almost all of those working in prostitution start their professions at age 13 or 14 however, there are many cases where prostitution commences at 12 or even 11. Studies have found that at least 70% of mature women who are involved in prostitution moved into the commercial gender industry throughout their adolescent years ( just how do female adolescents manage).

Teenage prostitution within a socio-political-economic context

Prostitution is a complicated habit which is affected by multiple life circumstances. Researches have discovered that there are several types of risk factors which influence and donate to a teenage decision to activate in prostitution. Furthermore, in order to comprehend the social occurrence, it's important to understand the integration and the connection of the factors and not place much importance on anybody particular factor ( anat gur, A Descriptive Study on Sexually Exploited Children).

According to xxx, youth often begin rehearsing prostitution after experiencing severe problems, a literally, sexually and psychologically abusive environment, an undesirable experience of rejection and severe overlook. ( streets prostitution). Among the risk factors is family impact. Dysfunctional families - parental disregard, family substance abuse, family assault, low parental guidance and high levels of parental absence- donate to motivating a teenager to enter prostitution. ( factors that are related to prostitution). Research workers have shown that almost all of the teenagers who engage in prostitution ran away from home, often to escape from their abusive surroundings and from family situations that were intolerable( gur 32, pg 34). According to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, up to 77% of teenagers involved with prostitution report running abroad at least one time before embracing prostitution (Flowers, 2001-prostitution teen, greater than a )Others are disposed of from home, those young ones who are required to leave home or who are not actively sought after when they do set off. Thus, several junior become homeless, who've no stable host to dwelling, where they can feel secure and safe. They live on the avenues in states of extreme detachment, risk and stress are more susceptible to engage in delinquent conducts and increase their potential for being exploited and recruited into prostitution ( yale). Early childhood sexual misuse is another risk factor. It offers being raped, being touched sexually, being forced to touch another sexually, being exposed to or compelled to participate in pornography, and being forced to have sexual intercourse with another person. The most common perpetrator of early childhood sexual mistreatment is a dad or another male family member, although mistreatment by instructors, child care staff, family friends, religious leaders, and neighborhood friends has been reported (W & Zimmerman, 2002 in streets prostitution). Studies have discovered that more than 90% of women who are engaged in prostitution were sexually abused previously in years as a child. (streets prostitution) Dr. Anat gur, a psychotherapist who's an expert in dealing with sexual assault victims, claims that from her professional medical experience all women who are prostitutes have been sexually abused. The sexual abuse damages self perception, giving the adolescent vulnerable to negative outcomes because of the psychological and psychological problems brought on by the mistreatment and therefore unable to reduce the chances of exploitation ( streets prostitution). Another factor is economic hardship- Many of these youth will probably come from low socio-economic backgrounds, thus having experienced poverty and also have been involved with the child welfare system (yale). A kid whose family is moving into extreme poverty and who's needed by his or her family to generate profits is also at an increased risk. (Country wide Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 2002). Furthermore, the 'consumer modern culture' and the change in prices and on the other hand the worsening in the economic situation, pushes children for an 'easy solution' like retailing their bodies in order to consume goods (ecpatwc) It's important to point that the assumption is the fact that poverty alone does not cause teenagers to engage in prostitution. It's the combination between poverty, and other factors that manifests the happening ( gur 40- 59). Delinquency and college problems is another risk factor of teenage prostitution. Prostituted young ones were reported of experiencing been engaged in a number of functions of delinquency including medication use, gang involvement and violent tendencies. One of the central questions in the literature is what emerged first: the use of drugs or prostitution. Several studies have found that the use of drugs preceded the prostitution. For most women, prostitution is the key mean to fund their drugs. Corresponding to xxx, as age the woman who begins to make use of drugs is youthful, the greater the threat of participating in prostitution. ( publication 35). In addition children who have been expelled from institution or are no more interested in going after an education are in a higher risk for becoming involved in prostitution (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 2002). This might be due to the fact that they feel less bonded to the communal system and could develop feelings of alienation, stress, and lowered self-esteem after experiencing inability and rejection( factors that are related to prostitution). The previous factor is the relationship with the pimp. Girls who try to escape from home are usually very prone, hurt, look for attention and company. The pimps take advantage of the problem and by grooming, offering gift items and compliments and offering her the "love" and attention" that she never received at home, profits the girl's original loyalty and trust( yale, gur, local).

In order to comprehend how the different risk factors are interrelated and contribute to the trend of teenage prostitution in the context of Israel, it is important to place the challenge within the socio-political-economic framework. For a happening to can be found and flourish, there has to be a demand for it. Corresponding to xxx, the reason why that commercial erotic exploitation of children worldwide can be found is because of the fact that countries, where this public phenomenon can be found, maintain a "culture of tolerance" that supports sex trafficking marketplaces ( domestic minimal gender).

Prostitution is identified by population as despicable, immoral and grubby. Teenagers, kids, who engage in prostitution, are seen as offenders or delinquents, because of their illegal activities, and not as victims who are dealing with mistreatment and despair and are being sexually exploited and socially compartmentalized(yale). Without attempt to reduce demand, there's a constant incentive for criminal body to supply the supply(Gili Varon, Activity Pressure onHuman Trafficking). Based on the statement of the Knesset's research and information middle (2011), currently, the in charge ministries of Israel have never offered any unique plan to offer with minors who are inclined to commercial erotic exploitation. Specifically, the ministry of welfare has no special team or product which manages dealing with children who are involved in prostitution. In addition the report reveals that before ten years there was not enough open public curiosity about this phenomenon which affected on the law enforcement efforts to handle the challenge. Many situations were finished by the police and the "clients" were not punished, anticipated to lack of evidence or insufficient open public interest ( Knesset's research and information middle article). On the one hand, modern culture pushes the teenage prostitution happening to the public margins and on the other hand the society uses and exploits this susceptible human population. . Israel, that signed the Convention on the Rights of the kid (CRC), does not allocate resources to cope with a cultural problem, that is becoming bigger every year but on the other hands doesn't have the tolerance and indifference to explicitly recognize the coercive character of prostitution and the fact that the minors who take part in prostitution are victims to a exploitive industry. The absence of policy implementation about the treatment of junior involved with prostitution by law enforcement and child protective services as well as the fact that there are inadequacy of services designed for youth involved with prostitution contributes to the preservation and maintenance of the situation.

Values and teenage prostitution

Reasons that make an effort to explain why sexual violence occurs which is tolerated, inspired and commercialized are complex however, they can be always built on" the mirage of distorted principles, inequality and personal interest (Ecpat iii). When responding to the social issue of teen prostitution, there's a universal arrangement that commercial erotic exploitation of children ( under age 18) is a fundamental violation of the UN convention in regards to the privileges of children) Israeli record). Prostitution has been viewed as a "moral" or "ethical" problem which is unacceptable per societal principles however; society seldom pays focus on age those involved ( domestic modest sex). There has been a question whether to see youth who are involved in prostitution as crooks or as victims of maltreatment (Ayre & Barrett, 2000-----). Just how society defines the situation stems from the competing perceptions, that are rooted in societies prices, of the youth as victims under the control of adults or other circumstances or as crooks who make a happy choice to commit a offense (U. S. Team of Justice, 2004----). Throughout my research, I came across that we now have a number of terminologies to describe the same problem : teenage prostitution, commercial exploited young adults, youth involved in prostitution. Each description reflects worth and beliefs. In Israel, in almost all of the publication articles I have read, the challenge is defined as " youth who are involved in prostitution". I think that this definition reflects societies belief they are "criminals" alternatively than "victims". Additionally it means that they get excited about illegal activities and therefore should bare the consequences.

Another reason society will not recognize exploited women as victims and therefore does not progress to a better solution to the condition relates to societies cultural norms and beliefs regarding girl's and boy's sexuality ( yale). Many western societies respect "good females" as females who need to avoid sexual intercourse ( as opposed to boys) which if they're worthy for safety they might not agree to any payment because of their own exploitation ( yale 19). In addition, society thinks that if "girls were truly victimized, they would quickly acquiesce to and cooperate with government bodies once encountered" (yale 19). This, nevertheless, ignores the coercive causes that cause girls not to trust the law enforcement and social services.

Another example that shows how society's beliefs are reflected in the manner teenage prostitution is defined relates to societal beliefs which accept the devaluation and objectification of females as valid ethnical expressions (Ekberg, 2004, --- --). Values are an integral and fundamental stone in every cultural structure. In the society that accepts prices which view women and children, largely girls, as financial commodities, that can be bought, sold, and sexually exploited by men, ladies who get excited about prostitution are seen as thieves who are breaking the law, and men who engage with those girls aren't always punished and generally the legal data are shut.

In the International Convention for the suppression of individuals trafficking and exploitation of Others( 1949), it is explained that "prostitution and the associated evil, individuals trafficking for prostitution are incompatible with human being dignity and values of people and endanger the welfare of the individual, family and neighborhoods. "( ---- 4). Israel's failure to identify commercially exploited youngsters as victims who joined into prostitution, not always as a subject of choice but as an unwitting endpoint in a cycle of misuse and despair, mirror the way women and young girls are looked at and devalued. Additionally, according to the Ethics of the National Association of Social Individuals (1999), one of the primary values that need to be embraced by sociable workers and will be the foundation of interpersonal work's unique goal is dignity and worthy of of the individual. Personally, I assume that Israel's population, which is shown in the social -political agenda, has quite a distance to move until it'll be able to accept and use the main value of dignity and worth of the individual in it's insurance plan and police. By not dealing with properly this significant cultural phenomenon, this is a violation to the real human dignity that was guaranteed in the UN Declaration on Individuals Privileges 1949. The human dignity and do it yourself price of the susceptible population who get excited about prostitution needs to be restored and increased by ensuring that they have the services they frantically need.

Solutions to the problem in Israel ( All the information in this section is extracted from the report of the Knesset's research and information middle (2011)),

Israel lacks a central federal government agency in charge of identifying and dealing with commercial exploited junior. In 1997, one of the recommendations of the inter- ministerial committee which was established to look at the commercial exploitation of minors, was to build up and operate a unique program that would give attention to commercial sexual exploitation of youth in Israel. Since then, little or nothing has been done. Today, Israel's interpersonal services do not do active reaching out functions of junior who are involved in prostitution. The Ministry of welfare supports the money of Ngo's that are involved in trying activities that locate minors in the prostitution arenas, however, they operate only in two metropolitan areas in Israel. The Ministry of welfare will support some services such as out of the house placements, shelters and residential homes, all of whom have ready lists of a few months. The assistance that are given are only for women working as prostitutes but not children or transgender junior.

The Education system comes with an important role in protecting against the happening and discovering commercial sexually exploited minors. This office handles formulating policy, growing elimination programs and treatment programs and is in charge to put into practice them among students, professional personnel and education groups so they could identify and locate suspected abused or maltreated students as early as possible. Based on the report (2011), 70% of the institutions in Israel organize university activities that focus on preventing sexual abuse.

The main organizations that treats youth ( kids) who get excited about prostitution will be the Ngo's. There are many Ngo's that are specific for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender (GLBT) children who have been declined and alienated for their erotic orientation. Dror for example was created to meet up with the needs of out-of-home GLBT young ones in Israel, which is handled by governmental organizations.

The only group that works with all children population( girls, children and GLBT) and focuses, besides other activities, on youth involved with prostitution is Elem. Elem (Children in stress in Israel) is a nonprofit child welfare organization that was founded in 1981. Their aim is to handle the problems of junior at various periods of risk, assisting them in paving their way towards reintegration in to the community. The personnel are professional psychologists, communal workers, administrative staff, and volunteers Erim Balayla" ( translation- being awake during the night) is a task that attempts to attain out to these young ones, identify the children that get excited about prostitution and decrease the harm induced to them by their occupation (contact with assault, addictions, mental problems). The activities take palce at various dance clubs, on the road and on the internet. In addition, there's a personal rehabilitative program that its mission is to pave the way to reintegration in to the community. Emphasis is put on providing them with a feeling of owed, being accepted unconditionally and educating them for additional personal responsibility.

Personally I feel that Erim Balayla is an efficient program that not only helps to reintegrate the children but also instructs and educates relating to this trend. However, this exciting project functions only in two locations in Israel, Tel-Aviv and Haifa. Inside the other 75 locations, the project will not exist however the phenomenon does.


What solutions can you propose and why

The feminist methodology sees the interpersonal sensation of prostitution as an intrinsic and fundamental layer of the patriarchal interpersonal structure in Israel, which include violence and exploitation of women who are part of computer. Moreover, this occurrence serves and maintains the existing social structure, partly, because of the economic interests which derive from the fortune that is produced from the neighborhood and global commercial erotic exploitation of women and minors.

In relation to minors, experts have begun to refer to the commercial sexual maltreatment of children through buying, advertising or trading their intimate services as "home minor sex trafficking" or DMST ( home minor). According to the FBI, in the US, DMST is one of the very most unobserved and under investigated form of child sexual abuse facing the American world and then the statistics with regards to the prevalence of the public problem are definately not being appropriate ( yale law).

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