The world metropolitan slum population


In recent years, the world's urban poverty growing than before, cultural problems also lead to further highlight. Together with the deepening of metropolitan poverty, it is becoming unsafe concealed in public and financial life. The metropolitan poor people have many problems not to be effectively fixed; they are simply unemployment, interpersonal security, syndication system, social equity and public development and so on. Since the middle 20th century, combined with the accelerated procedure for urbanization and metropolitan population thickness increased, the world's metropolitan inhabitants increased from 30% to now about 50%, this body will be near 60% to 2030. The population increased has taken a significant upsurge in the metropolitan poor and slum issues become progressively more prominent. Currently, practically 10 million people in worldwide are moving into metropolitan slums. And in line with the World Health Company (WHO, 2006) more than 13 million fatalities annually are credited to avoidable environmental causes. Included in this, the most populous slum in Asia, this amount presents the world's urban slum population greater than half of the total. In the globalization process resulted in poverty and cultural inequality, in 2030 metropolitan slum human population will develop to about 2 billion.

Slums represent the most severe city in the current poverty and inequality, its introduction and existence of many factors. Among them, the battle and the regional situation of unrest resulted in a significant increase in refugees, migrants quickly to metropolitan migration, metropolitan poverty and inequality were increased, living without protect, they are all the causes of slums. So this article will discuss different solutions to poverty in cities. Firstly the writer describes the complexities and impact, and then your report will speak about problems and how to solute these problems. The author use reading much information from literature, journals and internet to accumulate data,

What means of urban poverty? Urban poverty generally identifies individuals or individuals to count on labor income and other genuine income cannot maintain their basic needs for survival in urban areas.

1. Cause and effect

1. 1 causes

Uneven circulation of urban poverty groupings lead to the presence and rapid enlargement of the important factors. With metropolitan poor groups, unemployment, cultural security, distribution system, social collateral are all problems in social development and these problems didn't been effectively settled and sufficient attention. With all the duration of time and social distance between wealthy and poor growing, global locations in the amount of the indegent from poverty being little by little into the long-term poverty, interpersonal poverty in the formation of a huge group.

1. 2 effects

In society, the speediest growing community is slums, slums are growing middle of offense and violence, in conditions of weather change, metropolitan poverty is one of the largest sources of air pollution, in this global village, someone else's poverty very soon become their own problems: lack of market products, illegal immigration, pollution, Products, other diseases, insecurity, offense, spiritual fanaticism, terrorism. People can't disregard the plight of slum dwellers. If people dismiss these problems, it could be a serious cultural exclusion, with the attendant risk to tranquility and security, this is actually the undesireable effects.

2. Problems

2. 1 Refugees and migrant populations have high rates of poverty.

2. 2 Poor living conditions. Slums are usually the most severe health conditions in urban areas, and even spend pile up land (including professional toxic waste), groups moving into slums, often suffering from various diseases triggered by pollution, slum women and their children the biggest victims of these problems. The streets are dusty, some times many people have to talk about one toilet. The dirty condition could cause diseases and specifically for children, they can be easier to get sick (Practical Action, 2008).

2. 3 Basic life, health insurance and employment are not protected. Among the main urban underemployment lately, some countries and regions scheduled to growing poverty and politics instability and war continued, leading to a large variety of refugees fleeing their homes to flee battle and poverty and also to change part of an influx of relatively well-developed and there is no war in the town.

2. 4 Urban poverty increased and serious underemployments lead to all sorts of crime. Society, the task requires not only the hired have an increased level of medical and ethnical knowledge, as the extensive software of knowledge and technology lead to decreased work. Thus, many towns folks who are low education and old age group were significantly reduced employment opportunities, making metropolis suffer from the rapid extension of vulnerable organizations, vulnerable groupings in cities increase offences, including violent criminal offenses is more dominant.

2. 5 Urban poor and disadvantaged categories live in the bottom of society, social position is "low" and even some of the extreme the indegent havent basic interpersonal security benefits.

3. Solutions

3. 1 Through legislation to clear the main responsibility of the parties to the communal security. Through the legislature to build up the appropriate social security regulations, they clearly identified responsibilities of the principal gatherings to the social security.

3. 2 Establish effective communal security system.

Related departments need to further improve the metropolitan minimum living security system. Employees not only should have a minimum wage, but also create a powerful system of Family Planning survey, the conditions to help the inhabitants of current income and family status of resources and other income merged, clear strategies for poor residents to use for assistance, protect the rights of poor residents.

3. 3 The establishment of metropolitan public housing policy at the earliest opportunity. Poor living conditions for the indegent, the federal government should build public real estate, to help poor people enhance their living conditions. Currently low-rent housing coverage introduced in a few towns and their integration in to the interpersonal assistance system. The system should be firmly follow the good, the basic principle of open up, unified per capita housing area, and ensure that enclosure conditions were extremely problematic for low-income residents have access to limited cover support.

3. 4 The establishment of poor medical assistance policy. The health care of the indegent is an progressively prominent social problems, disease triggered poor people worsened the living conditions and even get into despair. Therefore, people need to determine a poverty-oriented medical attention system, the system helps ease the pressure on poor people's lives, additionally it is interpersonal development and progress and an important part of cultural equity. Naturally, this technique reduces the medical burden of the poor people, however, not free.

3. 5 Improve people's education level, because of financial or personal problems, plenty of young people haven't any chance to get better education. As a result, with the goal of guarantee citizens' security, related organizations can help some poor students to entry colleges and give them more opportunities. For example, the organizations can provide money to students, or build a committee to gather funds from society; they can also consulate with colleges to reduce the tuition fee or provide jobs to students. From these solutions, it isn't only advantage for students, but also for whole education system.

3. 6 Try to change the appalling living conditions; people should not dispose sewage in anywhere. People should reduce garbage and collect all rubbish to a special place, please do not thrown away or losing rubbish. People can create a good living space.

3. 7 Urban poverty business lead to a myriad of offense, the best ways to solute this issue, maybe community help poor people to study different kinds of vocational education and enhance the quality of the indegent people; they also can improve basic education plan and try to make more folks to visit school; society can reinforce ethics and law education so that people understand not to do against the law things; community can establish a social security system, it maybe eliminate the poor people's apprehensive, and they also have to strengthen exterior management of the domicile society.


In realization, this report discuss metropolitan poverty and it influences our world in various aspects, there a wide range of problems, and people need to provide the suggestions to solute these problems. Overall, poverty is a serious instability factors, because this is an extremely difficult question, we need more worried about this problem so that more people and community groups alert to the seriousness, to get more help, the company can try to solve the problem within the utmost range.


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