Which is the most relevant feminist type today

Which kind of feminism do you consider gets the most relevant political program for the population and overall economy of today? Explain why with reference to at least three traditions of feminism.

All through history, women have battled to attain equality, respect, and the same rights as men. Various people believe that this is due to the idea of patriarchy, an ideology in which men are more advanced than women. It is stated that this type of ideology has permeated the public preparations of societies throughout the world and as a consequence, even in the new millennium, women are still struggling for rights that most men neglect. To be able to fight patriarchy, feminism and feminist theory was created; it tries to provide a critique of current political ideologies, attempting to create more equality between the genders.

Feminism is dependant on social, politics and cost-effective equality for females, which is a philosophy where women and their contributions to world are valued and appreciated. It really is a diverse assortment of social theories, politics moves and moral philosophies, generally determined by or worried about other political ideologies.

Feminism as a whole can be broken down directly into three main different customs and movements. Some of that happen to be valid and highly relevant to today's contemporary society and economy. Liberal Feminism, Marxist/Socialist Feminism and Radical Feminism are practices or motions of feminist theory and ideology, contributing to what we realize as today's feminism. In my own opinion though all the traditions of feminism overlap, and nothing have significantly more or less right and wrong, there does remain one where its' politics program is more highly relevant to the interpersonal and economic framework al ready established. Liberal Feminism remains least radical and extreme when in comparison with the other two main customs. It is because of this more conservative aspect of liberal feminism that we have a tendency to a-line myself with this ideology over another, however, I do also believe that all three have their talents, which for a genuine visionary and socially encompassing ideology all three need to be combined to create a more relevant politics program. Essentially however, that is exactly what feminism is, all three customs in one, fighting generally for the privileges of women. To understand how I came up to such a conclusion as assisting liberal feminism in the other two practices I will illustrate what each strand is and what their politics program is good for population and the current economic climate.

Radical Feminism asserts that population is a patriarchy that primarily oppresses women. Radical feminists seek to abolish this patriarchy. They think that women are systematically oppressed and marginalized because of man and that the eradication of our patriarchy contemporary society is the only way to give women true equality. The radical feminist's ideology is, that "male-based expert and power composition. . . is in charge of oppression and inequality, and this as long as the system and its own values are set up, society will not be in a position to be reformed in virtually any significant way". They see that the only path to rid modern culture of patriarchy is to assault the causes of the problems and to address the essential components of culture that support them.

The politics program of the radical feminist is designed to address inequalities based on gender identity, contest, and social category, perceived attractiveness and sexual orientation as quick as you can by any means possible. It is considered so radical and extreme that go up to such a culture means certain loss of life to genuine man. This ideology is often from the activists of the sixties and seventies because of their extreme rebellion up against the norms of contemporary society. They often times speak out against all social structures because of the belief that they are all created by men, and often, refuse to reproduce so that men can no longer inflict their will on approaching decades. Radical feminists are the most important and drastic when it comes to all the customs in feminism and frequently argue that contemporary world is so substantially patriarchal that the only way to escape is to stay in feminine only communes.

Socialist feminism asserts "concentration upon both the general public and private spheres of the woman's life" and argues that liberation can only be performed by attempting to end both economic and social resources of women's oppression. "Socialist feminism is a dualist theory" that broadens Marxist feminism's debate for the role of "capitalism in the oppression of women" and radical feminism's theory of the role of gender and the patriarchy.

"Liberal feminism asserts the equality of men and women through political and legal reform". It really is a unique form of feminism which focuses on a women's capability to "demonstrate and keep maintaining their equality through their own activities and alternatives. Liberal feminism looks at the personal connections of women and men as the starting floor from which to transform world into a more gender-equitable place". It fundamentally sustains that all people are manufactured equal and should not be refused any form of opportunity because of gender. Liberal Feminism targets cultural change through the development of laws and regulations of employment routines.

"Corresponding to liberal feminists, all women can handle asserting their potential to attain equality; it is therefore possible for change to occur without altering the composition of society". Issues important to liberal feminists include reproductive rights and abortion gain access to, sexual harassment, voting, education, good compensation for work, affordable childcare, affordable healthcare, and having to light the frequency of sexual and domestic violence against women.

To understand obviously between the three main customs of feminism we can bring on prostitution for example. In liberal feminism, prostitution is thought of as an exclusive business deal, a contract mutually benefiting two individuals. They contend that a woman should be free to enter into agreements and this their political program would allow women to do so readily. Radical feminists, on the other side, view a prostitute as a individual who has been reduced to a piece of merchandise. They believe that a prostitute's need to enter into such a "contract" is not done of her own free will alternatively, the patriarchal character of society coupled with a feeling of worthlessness. The radical feminist usually views prostitution as an exploitative romantic relationship where the girl is intimidated and bullied, their politics program would protect girl from such exploitation. "To the socialist feminist, the prostitute is a victim of the problem of contemporary society which accompanies class distinctions. The oppression of school in a materialistic contemporary society degrades people by categorizing them in a particular course and objectifying them. They assume that the cause of prostitution is in the structuring of contemporary society, and that is where the perfect solution is will reside". Therefore, their political program is always to overrun the category system which in turn will then make man and women equal.

As we can see from this example, the three customs overlap to an extent yet continue to be independent to each other. In my opinion it is actually best to ingest aspects and features of all three practices, because all three are good ideologies and not one is wrong or right. However, easily must choose one right ideology without other as affect then as a traditional I would have to a-line myself with an increase of the liberal procedure. Due to its conservative nature in regard to the extremes within feminism, liberal feminism in my opinion gets the most relevant politics program for population for the reason that it builds feminist ideology slowly and gradually and sustainably in a world built on patriarchal views and worth. Sudden change to feminist ideology might well have detrimental results on the current economic climate through workplace relations regulation and fair work acts. In my opinion, a more conventional non-hurried approach is in the end a more effective final result not only for women, but all contemporary society in general.

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