Work And Family Life

Today's employees are working in an extremely turbulent and competitive business and working environment. Because of this most employees work life become so complicated. Because of this work life complexness and current world cost-effective condition leads employees to work extended hours or do multiple careers. With the development of global business and technology, employees of the global firms need to keep up continues contact with their co-workers or customers who operate within 8 or 10 different time areas away. Which means that many employees work within the global businesses have to be standby during a day. Moreover cutting edge technology allows employees to perform their home based or any other place. Actually most of the modern world wedded employees are part of an dual-career couples This makes progressively difficult for married employees to find time to fulfil commitment to home, spouse, children, parents and friends. Therefore, scheduled to these reasons work life tent to be interfere with family life. That is called work family discord.

Since this work family issue contributes to create negative results such as increased absenteeism, increased turnover, diminishing shows, etc; it's important to have a good understanding about this work family conflict in organisational context. Therefore in the current organisations, work place environment has been changed to minimise work family turmoil and to establish a balance between work and family life. This typically include offering flexible work schedule, relocated assistance, adoption assistance, provide training for managers to assist employees in interacting work/family conflicts, give attention to employees genuine performance alternatively "face time", informal day program, etc. Conduct these kinds of programmes within the organisations is important since its tent to reduce mainly work/family issues, job dissatisfaction, and stress related problems. But on the other side it may be difficult to evaluate the direct positive impacts of the programs have on work performances of the employees.

Work and Family Life- reciprocal effects article is principally focus on foresaid work/family conflict. All arguments of the article are bottom on several research studies done by the Australian Institute of Family Studies and other comparative studies. Regarding to article it is been proven that 25 and 40 percent of employees show that their jobs inhibits family life to some extent. Furthermore platform on the study done by Australian Institute of Family Studies discovered that 28% of women and 40% of men assume that work life interferes with home life. At the same manner 35% women and 28% of men believe that their companions work life inhibits home life. But out of all respondents only few men and women believe that the family life interfere with their work life.

This consequence of the study shows the impact of family life to the employees working life. These factors boost the real need of work/family life controlling in order to gain employees performances. Most of the middle years employees(30-49) believe that work life hinder family life with the difficulty of work and family life they are experiencing at that years such as child good care, high peek profession demand, etc.

Courses for work/family conflicts

When analysing work/family issue it can be identify few major factors associated with it. One factor is employee's job situation. Due to job related factors such as downsizing, additional process allocation, challenging projects, and strategies of contribution, job insecurity and regular relocations have helped bring an elevated workload which stimulates anxiety and course to create a true turmoil between employees work and family life. Another main factor outlined in this specific article is employees working time. Based on the research results, 23 percent of women and 66 percent of men were working more than 41 hours per week. This hour of work is tent to impact the amount of impact to generate work/family turmoil. Research finding indicate that 60 percent of men and women are preferred to work fewer time than they presently work because of this of work hinder home life.

In truth job position of the company also determine the level of work hinder family life. Employees in higher job positions have a tendency to work longer hours, under great pressure with higher responsibilities and job tasks. This causes create high stress to the employees. This stress contributes to negative sequences such as unsatisfactory behaviours at job: delays, absenteeism, lack of desire and reduced level of performance.

On the family life, existence of children's can also tend to complex this work/family conflict and will act as obstacle for work family balancing process. One factor which have a tendency to determine the level of work hinder family life is time degrees of children's of committed employees. This varies for fathers and moms. According to the article, youngest children's have a great impact to the amount of work/family discord of mothers while younger children's have better impact for fathers in creating turmoil between work and family. Partners work schedule and conditions have better impact in identifying level of work/family conflict therefore of increasing degree of dual employment opportunities of households. Therefore this brings about determine the contentment of family life bas face to face situations experiencing by the employees.

According to the research findings; out of fulltime working couples with children under 18, 47 percent fathers and 41 percent of mothers strongly believe their work life is hinder family life. Furthermore mothers who work with in your free time is less likely to believe that their work life tend to interfere with family life since they have much more time in balancing work and family life. In fact more men than women tend to think that their work life inhibits family life as a result of working extended hours. Alternatively, there exists high tendency to are present high work/family life for lone moms than couple people since all duties fall on the main one parent.

When considering lessons for work/family conflict many studies and studies argue that many employees tend to imagine, work life more hinder family life alternatively than family life interfere with work life. In addition many studies outlined that employees are better in controlling potential disruptions take place from family life into work rather than taking care of work disruptions have an effect on to family life. According to the research findings (Australian family life course research); only few employees were believe that family life interfere with work life. (Out of full time employees, 11 percent men and 13 percent women and 0 percent of part-time working women) Therefore it can be observed that work life begin to interfere for family life, when job tasks and problems begin to interfere in accomplishing family related commitments.

Outcomes of work/family conflict

As foresaid, it could be distinguish two types of work-family discord: work interferes with family life and family hinder work life. Therefore both of these types of conflict are adverse outcomes for several final results for employees.


Stress can be identifying as you of main end result of work-family life turmoil. A lot of the employees have a tendency to suffer from this stress as a result of not having a much better balance between family and work life. Therefore we can find that there is high correlation between work/family issues with staff stress. A lot of the researches conduct various types of researches to recognize this romantic relationship. Many authors identify Stress as an connection between the factors that causes stress (stressors) and level of specific response towards it (tension). http://icssea. ppiukm. org/paper/PSI-97. pdf Lot of employees are put through have an anxiousness, low work determination, low job satisfaction, pressure and burnout therefore of high work obligations, long working hours, job insecurity, high competition, unmet family obligations, etc. Since all foresaid factors are the known reasons for work family issue most experts has been see that the work/family turmoil as a main source to obtain stress and pressure. According to the Australian Family Course study, 43% percent men and 53% percent women often thought tired and run-down their job duties. From this research findings researches have been identify a confident romantic relationship with work interfering with work and stress which effect employee's wellbeing. (Case)

Job dissatisfaction

Job dissatisfaction is from the degree of employees feeling towards their job. Negative feelings towards the job can contributes to create low degree of job satisfaction which course to have high worker turnover, low performance, high absenteeism, etc. To be able to identify the relationship between work/family issue and job dissatisfaction, several studies have been done. These research conclusions always tend to highlight a poor relationship between work/family discord and job satisfaction. As foresaid, stress, panic and high pressure are some of main results of work/family issue. Therefore due to all these factors, contributes to create low degree of job satisfaction. Based on the model proposed by Kopelman (1983), make clear the partnership between factors like work conflict, family conflict, job satisfaction, family satisfaction and life satisfaction. This model dispute that the factors such as work turmoil and family turmoil brings about create inter role turmoil by employees which inter role issue, affect employees job and work satisfaction. Eventually this both job and work satisfaction have an effect on alive satisfaction. http://psasir. upm. edu. my/3101/1/Associations_of_Work-Family_Conflict, _Job_Satisfaction, _Family_Satisfaction. pdf

This degree of satisfaction is an essential factor for any company, since it's highly linked with employee turnover, absenteeism, performance level and productivity of the organisation. It is therefore extremely important to aid employees o maintain a well balance work and family life.

According to the study conduct by Office of Social Psychology and Technique of Behavior Sciences, University of Granada, Spain; has been identify that the partnership between work/family life and standard job satisfaction is stronger in women than men. In addition it found that basic role of women in a family has a substantial moderate effect on the association between work/family conflict and basic job satisfaction of women.

http://www. academicjournals. org/ajbm/PDF/pdf2010/4July/Calvo-Salguero%20et%20al. pdf

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