'Big' Data Knowledge and Scientists

Statistics 'BIG' DATA SCIENCE If you should possibly vacation back in time with a time machine and say to individuals who today a child can interact with...

History of figures and its significance

Statistics History of Figures and its Significance Statistics is a comparatively new subject, which branched from Likelihood Theory and is widely used in...

DuPont Venture Financial Analysis

Statistics With the fast tempo of society, the competitions between companies are becoming more fierce little by little. In order to catch the tide of...

Methods of Risk Examination and Management

Statistics RISK Examination METHODS Risk management can be split into four steps: risk identification, risk diagnosis, risk control, and risk documents....

Gambling Addiction Literature Review

Statistics Literature Review Chapter 2: Literature Review 2.1 Introduction This chapter includes a review of previous literatures regarding this issue...

Methods of Data Collection

Statistics 1. INTRODUCTION This report contains how data are collected and what are the methods to acquire data for research. To boost a study better one...

Business decision making in different ways

Statistics 1.0 Introduction This project is not only done for the sake of submitting once we are asked to but also to get knowledge by the lot of means...

Chain and basic indices - Statistics

Chain and basic indexes the division of the indices into chain and base indexes is connected with the choice of the comparison base for the phenomenon.

Secondary income distribution account - Socio-economic statistics

Secondary income distribution account the balancing items of the account in the form of gross (wfd) and pure (rdd) disposable income are formed as a.


Theoretical foundations of international statistics after studying this chapter, the master must know: • the goals, objectives and functions of.

Arithmetic mean and its properties - Statistics

Arithmetic mean and its properties the average, being a characteristic of the whole population, should be guided by the final, so-called determining,.

Composition and use of working time - Statistics

Composition and use of working time by working time means the length of time during which an employee actually performed work. in accordance with the us.

Industry - Statistics

Industry the value of industrial products, works and services of an industrial nature produced by legal entities and their separate subdivisions,.

Operations with financial assets - Socio-economic statistics

Operations with financial assets this stage of economic turnover reflects the formation of financial assets and liabilities of institutional units.

Redistribution of income in kind, Income utilization...

The account of redistribution of incomes in kind this account in the sna is considered as a supplement to the secondary income distribution account and.

Primary income distribution account, Secondary income...

Primary income distribution account in addition to analyzing the main indicators that characterize the incomes of the institutional units formed in the.

Socio-economic statistics, Population statistics - Statistics

Socio-economic statistics as a result of the study of the section socio-economic statistics the student must: know • the organization of federal.

Modeling and forecasting by time series - Statistics

Simulation and forecasting by time series dynamic series components and simplified forecasting methods. forecasting in the economy is usually associated.

Modeling of periodic oscillations - Statistics

Simulation of periodic oscillations in the study of long time series, there may be a need to isolate life cycles in the development of the phenomenon..

Financial account, Account of other changes in the...

Financial account from the contractual relationship between institutional units, financial requirements and obligations follow, which lead to the.

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