Analysis of hospitality industry: Kedar Country Lodge

Kedar Country Lodge

It is a four legend lodge with 85 employees, its split into different department particularly Food and Beverage, Front side Office, Kitchen, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Garden, Sales, Human Resources, Administration and IT. The house is 640 hectors with antelopes animals, it offers Paul Kruger Museum, 65 rooms, 7 seminar rooms, Restaurant and Pub. Most of their friends come to do conferencing and the leisure.

Task 1 Staff Organization

At Kedar Country Lodge they are employing Hierarchical structure, whereby each section has a head whom the junior personnel report to and then they are accountable to the operations manager then he records straight to the overall manager.

The Roles and Tasks of a supervisor

The supervisor at Kedar is second eye for a administrator, he/she handles staff straight. Their functions and duties are the following
  • To check daily operations
  • To guide and coach staff
  • To be there all the changing times if there's service
  • To focus on the guest's complains
  • To make sure company standards and methods are being followed
  • To solve discord among staff
  • To encourage staff
  • To make sure that staff complete their careers before they go home
  • To make sure that staff are safe in their working areas

The Roles and Obligations of a Manager

She is the main one who is in charge for everything happening at Kedar property and makes finally decisions, the tasks and duties are the following
  • To do programs to get business
  • To make a decision the salaries of staff
  • To make a finally decisions on hiring
  • To make sure the prospective and goals are being reached
  • To maintain good communication among staff

Planning Staff Rota

The personnel rota has been done by supervisors and two times checked out by the director whether it's right. They actually it according to business occupancy and there's no favoritism. On staff rota there are only four different shifts firstly from 06:00 -15:00, secondly from 08:00 - 17:00, finally from 14:00 - 23:00 and last but not least from 23:00 - 08:00. Personnel rota helps them a lot to see who in and who off.

They are using excel to do the staff rota, on a first column they put the personnel names and accompanied by how many times offs did the business offer you, on first natural they put the number of guests in-house accompanied by the schedules and days, by the end there's a column of days and nights off being owed to staff or days being owed to the company by staff. They save staff rota in personal computers to keep their documents or for later changes. Personnel is permitted to request certain times offs if indeed they do have some appointments but it'll depend how busy it will be that day. When staff rota is done it will be taken to the relevant department and hook them up to notice panel so that everyone can easily see it.

The Purpose and Top features of Agreement of Employment

Contract of work is an agreement between your employees and the kedar owner, it is presented in a form paper with 5 internet pages and if they're hiring the staff has to hint as well as the company. It also provides the code of conducts. At kedar the employees are working during the holiday seasons but in come back they will be paid each trip worked.

Purpose of a Agreement - to explain both employees and kedar owner's responsibilities with respect to a desired development end result to the level of detail necessary to make both comfortable with respect to the partnership and to specify rights, responsibilities and conditions of employment

Features of Contract of Employment

  • The job title and description
  • Which department will employee be working with
  • Company residential address, post address and phone numbers
  • To whom the staff will be confirming to
  • When the employee begins working
  • For how much time is the staff on probation
  • The entitlements of employee (salary, leave, days off)
  • The rules regarding sick leave, family responsibility leave and unpaid leave
  • Which shifts will the employee be working

Financial and Legal Implications of Various kinds of Contract

They are employing the long term or fixed term employees and informal employees.

The long lasting employees - these are the employees that your company has decided to keep them permanently as long they are still willing to help the company. They certainly provide them with the permanent agreement if indeed they have handed the fixed or probation agreement for three months and if the company is happy with their performances. Their permanent personnel they are entitled to

Getaway offs - their employees have entitlement to it and its own either they can be off or they will be paid double for each and every holiday worked for.

Annual leave - they provide their workers 21days leave after 12 months and they will be totally paid.

Study leave - they grant these to employees who are doing in your free time studies when they are writing their exams. The company gives the employee the day off during the day he/she is writing and pay them full.

Compassionate leave - they give them three times off per a year and pay them full salary. The compassionate leave applies when the employee has to package with emergency including someone who will depend on him/her e. g. child, husband or wife.

Sick leave - They may be entitled 12 times off suffering in a calendar year, if the worker exceeds then they will subtract the times from gross annual leave and give them full pay. If it may happen that they have taken the complete annual leave they then notify the staff to have an unpaid leave and they won't pay any salary to the employee.

Time off - they are entitled to off 6 times a month of which they work five and half days and log off. They'll be paid full salary.

Worker's Payment - If a worker gets injury at the job the company can pay hospital charges and pay the employee the worker full salary during days past not at work.

Casual employees - At kedar they use everyday employees when it's too busy plus they pay them an hour rate. They are only eligible for worker's compensation when they can get wounded whilst working. If they use them during holiday break they pay them double the amount they are simply being paid.

The Cost of Employing Staff

At kedar there exists few cost of hiring staff which are
  • Time and cost to do advertising about available position
  • Selecting and interviewing applicants
  • Type of job and number applicants
  • To raise the space to accommodate new employees
  • To buy new equipment for them to use
  • To pay them their salaries
  • To feed them
  • To pay transport for them
  • To teach them in order to be more skillful and gain job knowledge
  • The cost for their entitlements, . e. g. ill leave, worker's payment, public holidays


It is to make someone have confidence in himself/herself and like what he/she doing.

The Website link between Determination and Productivity

They motivate their employees to possess good efficiency. They always do have competition like the worker of the month and the staff of the year, they give prize to the victor, by doing this each worker works harder to become a winner and on the other side there's a good productivity and lots of job done. There's also the prizes of name of the employee being stated most by guests, this makes the employees to find yourself in guests or even to help them more by the end the friends will be happy for good service and they'll spread the word to others in so doing a great deal of guests will love the area and visit more regularly and company gain more income.

The Characteristics of Effective leader

They do have good leaders who are leading the business, they treat their employees like their children and they're fair, honest, in charge, reliable, strong, competitive and comfortable. They may be good motivators to their employees, they are really always lively in planning ahead and solving any problems between the employees. They are good communicators, listeners and also supportive. They are doing train and increase them to be good market leaders as well. They are really mentors of their workers plus they make the business to be their second home and many people are happy. They don't feel bored and they're patience.

An Effective Team

The way Kedar employees are it may seem they are brothers and sisters, they are one and they can die for one another as a result of good unit they have, the following are the characteristics making them a good team:

  • They sacrifice for every single other
  • They have got clear common goals
  • They are united
  • They always rotate the management among themselves
  • Honest to each other
  • If they do have problems or conflicts they solve them in a civilized manner
  • They show same stories
  • They don't evaluate or discriminate each other
  • They discuss or claim about work but by the end they'll come to bottom line which its normal
  • They all cooperate
  • They are free to each other

The Rules of identical Opportunities in the Workplace

They treat their employees fair and identical no matter where are they via, gender, race, get older, color, physical capabilities, status, terms and religious beliefs.

Equal Opportunities in Employment

  • They esteem and acknowledge staff's and customer's religious beliefs and culture
  • The employees are happy at the work place all times
  • The more skilled employees are promoted
  • They are fairly cured at work
  • Whatever decision has been created by management it is fair to all employees
  • They train their employees to be better so that they can deliver good service to customers
  • No employee is being bullied, harassed and discriminated, all of them are free


They do understand each other and they have put their dissimilarities away, in a safe, positive and nurturing environment. Their workers are mixed; they are doing have foreigners, locals, combined races (whites, blacks, Chinese and Indians), different genders (males, females, gays and lesbians) and different ages. These are one family. They work with more different countries and all their customers they feel pleasant as if they can be in their countries or home because of friendly and respectful employees.

Diversity makes their company more attractive, their employees are growing and it helps with alternatives alternatives when coping with concern or suggestions to grow business. In addition, it motivates the employees. Since they have significantly more different tribes it helps their business grow.

Purpose of an Industry Code of Ethics

A code of ethics is a vital doc for Kedar, as breaches of ethics can land the business in serious trouble with consumers, other organizations or government authorities. Developing a code of ethics makes decision-making easier in any way levels for these people by reducing doubt and considerations of specific perspectives in moral standards. It really is a classic unified effort in which Kedar works to ensure there is absolutely no compromise in service, quality, or integrity


A code of ethics manuals all managerial decisions, making a common framework upon which all decisions are founded. This helps them to make a cohesive knowledge of the boundaries within an corporation and the criteria set for getting together with external companies. A formal, well-communicated code of ethics helps them to protect their company's reputation and legal standing in case of a breach of ethics by a person employee.

Importance of Ethics

  • Public image
  • Productivity and Teamwork
  • Asset protection
  • Retain good skillful employees

Industry Code of Practice

Industry code of practice its rules or suggestions to be adopted, they are there to protect their customers and Kedar owners. It makes it clear to public or customers what they are permitted to do and what's prohibited. These guidelines or guidelines are created by the owners to let the customers understand how they run their business some by government protecting locals or internationals.

Need for industry code of practice

  • To deliver a certain standard of practice
  • To encourage consumers assurance in a specific industry
  • To avoid customers or owners taking advantage

Use from it in Tourism and Hospitality

IT stands for information technology, it's the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieves, transmits and control data, it could be folks who are well trained dealing with those technologies. Kedar they actually have their own once and for all hired IT that are accountable for programming the systems, mending and to assist with complex related issues.

Importance of IT in Hospitality Industry

  • To store their important information and record of earlier customers
  • To talk to customers via email
  • To market their lodge through website
  • To put it to use for checking in and looking into of the guest
  • To do bookings online
  • To do function sheets
  • To do personnel roasters
  • To catch and keep records of stocks
  • To print necessary documents
  • To show the prices and customers still to pay
  • To show the forecast and occupancy
  • For guest to access internet
The following will be the IT applications used from Kedar
  • Computer systems - to do various different careers, . e. g. doing e-mails, writing their selections etc
  • Aloha system - they put it to use to show prices of different food, drink and to suggest to them what has been sold when doing their securities. (Product blend)
  • Reservation system - they are employing room master to check on in and check out their customers, it also helps it be better to check the availableness and it shows just how many guests are arriving, departing and keeping so that the kitchen can know how many to carter for and housekeeping to know which rooms to prepare and exactly how.
  • Internet - for guest to access or even to do money transfer. They have made easier for their customers by having Wi-Fi.
  • Mobiles - managers contact the clients using mobile

Business Letters

At Kedar they write their business words using phrase program from Microsoft office 2003 of which they purchased it from Microsoft company to owner it and they installed into their pcs. Their business words are straight forward. In the notice it contains contact details on the top left and underneath provides the initials of the owners. The overall manager is the main one who gives the finally decision, she first of all check it.

The following are some types of characters being written at Kedar
  • Apologizing letters
  • Welcoming words guest on their arrivals
  • Welcome back words for friends who are arriving for the second or third time at Kedar
  • Confirmation letter for booking
  • Quotation letters
  • Anniversary letters if the guests have informed them prior to arrival
  • Birthday letters if the friends have informed them

Spread sheet

A spreadsheet is a paper sheet that shows data in rows and columns, it is mostly utilized by accounts doing variances to show how company will, sales department utilize it showing how are they doing with bringing in the clients also to show forecast, kitchen utilizing it to keep carefully the records of their menus and do their menus of the week and stock controller for capturing, showing and managing data. They make use of it largely when doing their stocks and shares takes. The program that has this is Microsoft office buildings excel.

Benefits of using spreadsheet

  • It has formulas to calculate
  • You will keep as many as you can the info on spreadsheet for as long you save it
  • You can do the changes and save your work
  • It allows you to put yours inputs indifferent colors
  • It does have futures that allow you to regulate data how you want to place it.

The Usage of PowerPoint and Access Database

PowerPoint - it is mostly used by sales and marketing doing presentation to their clients, professionals or recruiting doing training with employees and the professionals presenting what are they planning about the business to the Director, CEO and Chairman.

Access Data source - they utilize it to store connections of clients,


Email is another way of communicating; it is performed through electronic digital exchanging messages through the use of internet and sites.

The use of Email in Hospitality Industry

  • It is cheaper than using cell phone, e. g. it will be to cost full using a cellphone for internationals than simply mailing an email
  • It can be used as a way of marketing by mailing them the info booklets and special about your hotel or lodge
  • It is fast and efficiency

Limitation of Email

  • They must be careful when working with humour - it is often misunderstood
  • Avoid sarcasm and colloquialisms
  • It's not safe or private incorrect people can hack
  • It you can do that the receiver may not have observed the e-mail and it was urgent


Internet is an internationally system of interconnected computer networks that use the typical internet protocol collection to link several billion devices worldwide, it bears an extensive selection of information resources and services and it is composed a great deal of private, general public, business and federal government packet switched networks. Internet makes it easier for marketing and doing online bookings. If there is no internet it was going to be difficult for Kedar. Internet makes it easier to allow them to work.

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