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The college hotel was designed as a hotel, which will enable students to learn about the real situations that may arise in it. This hotel is an initiative of the MOC (Local Educational Center) in Amsterdam. The founder of the college hotel, J. Rowan Ankersmit, is both the hotel manager and the manager of the MOC in Amsterdam. The MOC provides educational services in the field of hospitality, tourism, bakery, personal hygiene, maintenance and safety for the preparation of preparatory secondary vocational education and full secondary vocational education, as well as the training of specialists for the bachelor's degree.

The most important argument for the opening of a college hotel is the presence of a big difference between theory and practice among students who receive a diploma by profession, which in practice did not have time to master. This gave impetus to create not just a hotel that will function as a school, but a hotel in the city center that will occupy a certain place in the hospitality industry in the hotel business. The main idea is that students will learn in practice, combined with traditional, conventional hospitality methods. 80% of services will be provided by students, while professionals of Stein Corp will provide the remaining 20%. The development of the situation in the time interval can be seen below.

The concept is based on the following.


The following keywords were used in the development of the hotel: building, soul, skill, classics, traditions, student, the economy of impressions, feeling at home, socializing, quality, comfort, luxury, international.

College Hotel in Amsterdam:

Preparation: beginning - January 2000

Officially opened: since May 2005

Form of ownership: private limited company.

Support: Stein Corpse.

Facilities: 40 different rooms, bar/lounge, banquet room and conference room, restaurant for 60 people, massage services, porters, room service.

The concept: a fashionable shop in the hotel, "Amsterdam School" - style in architecture, Dutch with modern elements.

Permanent composition: 30.

Number of students: 80 to 100 every day (about 500 every year).

Students are involved in the following preparatory programs (in 2005/2006): hotel business and catering, tourism, flour products, maintenance, security.

Educational level: preparatory secondary vocational education and full secondary vocational education, higher professional education.


Experience, emotions, a little classics, constancy, surprise, eclecticism, relaxation, sexuality, innocence, traditional craftsmanship, darkness/light, respect for the building.

The ratio

The hotel welcomes everyone who has the following attitude: a return to traditional values ​​in service; professional skill must become visible; services offered

should bring joy from their fulfillment; professional competence and knowledge of goods are paramount. You should treat the guests as if they were your personal guests. You should not proceed from the fact that your working day is from 0 to 5, but to be guided by the wishes of the customer and the needs of the hotel. Excellent appearance; always at the parade; To be on time means to arrive 15 minutes before the shift begins; ns to smoke and do not eat in or near the building; team feeling. In the college hotel you control your desires.

thematic pictures

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