Cleaning materials, machinery, equipment - Technology of hotel activity

Cleaning materials, machinery, equipment

During the cleaning process, the staff of the AXS uses various cleaning materials (cleaning and cleaning products), the choice of which is now very large. Choosing from a large number of proposals for harvesting materials, you should choose those harvesting materials that:

• greatly simplify and speed up cleaning;

• make it as safe as possible for the personnel and do not harm the environment;

• Provide the highest standards in the field of cleaning;

• are economical and efficient.

In high-class hotels, as a rule, not separate names of cleaning and cleaning products are used, but whole complex systems designed specifically for cleaning of hotel premises. These systems include basic facilities for cleaning of hotel rooms and public premises:

• a means for washing and processing sanitary equipment (it is also disinfectant);

• means for cleaning glass and mirror surfaces;

• A means for removing dust and dirt from wooden and synthetic surfaces;

• a means for removing contaminants from tiles;

• air fresheners (all sorts of deodorizing drugs, means for removing tobacco smoke, as well as other numerous tools for automated and manual cleaning.

Such systems have several advantages. As a rule, cleaning preparations enter the hotel in vessels of large volumes. It can be preparations in ready or concentrated form. Vessels are suitable for reuse, as well as for recycling. One container with concentrate replaces hundreds of bottles. This is very important for saving hotel space and reducing waste.

For convenience and clarity, containers (cans) with detergents are digitally encoded and differ in color. On such containers, as a rule, there are still drawings or pictograms explaining the purpose of this tool. Thanks to this, the staff will never mistake the funds and will unerringly choose the preparation necessary for cleaning.

Detergent dispensers, refilled from large cans, are very effective. The dosing system automatically fills small containers (bottles) with the necessary detergents. The automatic filling system monitors the flow of water in cases where preparations are used in concentrated form, and also regulates the weight and filling level of the bottles. The system eliminates the displacement or erroneous filling of the detergent, since only the correspondingly marked containers can be filled from the dispenser. When using an automatic system for filling smaller containers, personnel are less in contact with detergents, which is very important for maintaining people's health. It is important that all the detergents used have one common flavor. It should be pleasant and unobtrusive and in no way remind the smell of bleach.

Depending on the object, the cleaning staff of the hotel uses a variety of cleaning and cleaning products. They can be divided into the following groups: means for daily cleaning; means for the care of hard-surfaced floors; means for multipurpose cleaning; means for special treatment; means for cleaning carpets and textiles; means for sanitary and hygienic cleaning.

The following items can be assigned to the means for daily cleaning:

• A tool for daily cleaning of plumbing;

• a means for daily cleaning of hard floors;

• a universal detergent for daily cleaning of office space.

The following tools are used for the care of hard-surfaced floors:

• a detergent and maintenance aid for the automatic scrubber machine

• a universal detergent for heavily soiled floors;

• a special tool for caring for floors made of wood and natural linoleum;

• a means for deep cleaning floors (removal of old acrylic, wax coatings and old contaminants, including oil), etc.

The following tools are suitable for multi-purpose cleaning:

• a multi-purpose alcohol-containing detergent for washing walls, furniture from plastic, office equipment, windows, glass surfaces, mirrors;

• cleaner for synthetic surfaces - office equipment, furniture, etc.

Often special surface treatment is required, in which:

• aerosol for removing dust, fingerprints, stains from wooden and synthetic surfaces;

• powder for the crystallization of marble;

• lacquer for a floor with a strong sheen;

• A means for impregnating porous stone floors and protecting carpet surfaces.

For effective cleaning of carpets and textiles there are:

• carpet cleaner used for detergent vacuum cleaners;

• shampoo for wet and dry foam cleaning of carpets;

• remover for chewing gum;

• an aerosol remover to remove stains that are not water soluble;

• Foam cleaner to remove stains, water soluble, etc.

Sanitary cleaning can be done with the following preparations:

• remedy for the removal of calcium deposits from plumbing (periodic cleaning);

• a strong acidic agent for the periodic removal of various deposits in toilets and urinals;

• acidic remedy for plumbing (daily cleaning);

• cleanser and deodorant for washing floors, walls, sanitary ware in sanitary rooms, swimming pools, saunas.

All cleaning materials, detergents must have quality certificates and instructions for use.

Harvesting. Cleaning equipment includes: all kinds of service carts, vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning, vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners and carpet cleaners, single-disk machines/floor polishers, floor washing machines, sweeping machines, escalator washing machines.

Currently, hotels use cleaning and service trolleys for various purposes and different modifications. When purchasing such harvesting equipment, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of operation of a particular hotel company. There is a possibility to complete a cart, but an individual order. To the hotel trolleys there are a number of basic requirements:

• they must be made of high-quality materials that guarantee a long service life and reliability (reinforced metal or plastic base, special polymer coating of all metal parts resistant to corrosive environments);

• the fabric of bags should be made of high-strength and durable fabric (vinyl, nylon);

• the trolleys must have protective bumpers to protect them from damage to the steps of the hotel premises;

• the wheels of the trolleys must be on the bearings, giving them good maneuverability;

• buckets and trays must be made of impact-resistant and heat-resistant plastic;

• The overall dimensions of the trolleys must correspond to the capacity of the service elevator booths existing in the hotel.

For carrying out various cleaning works in the hotel, trolleys are required with both minimal and maximum equipment. For the operation of hotel services, different models of hotel trolleys are needed. The simplest are trolleys for washing floors in small rooms, equipped with only a bucket and a mechanical squeeze for the mop cloth. When cleaning the room fund, multifunctional (combined) trolleys are used, which are convenient for transportation of detergents, inventory, supplies, etc.

The maid's trolley is equipped, as a rule, with a reusable bag for dirty laundry and a garbage bag on hinged holders. This model should have a number of shelves. On the lower shelves, most often, have clean linen, on the top - consumables. This trolley is equipped with a platform for a vacuum cleaner, buckets. Also, additional multifunctional hinged, easily removable trays can be added to accommodate all kinds of cleaning equipment and accessories. An even better option would be if such trays are pulled out by the trolley. This increases the useful volume of the cart by 50%, improves ergonomics and opens up additional possibilities for cleaning operations. In addition, more rationally used hotel areas and increases the efficiency of work. Very convenient is a universal holder for mops, brushes, flawners, scoops, etc., which has the ability to be attached to any trolley. It is desirable that in equipping the trolley there are plastic lids for bags under dirty laundry and garbage.

Trolleys are more aesthetically pleasing, for which the laundry racks are closed with a special curtain or special panels. First, it is competently in terms of hygiene, and secondly, they allow you to hide all "working moments". The top shelf with consumables for guests should be covered with dust linen napkin.

A fully equipped maid for the maid has enough weight. The newest models of harvesting carts are equipped with an electric drive, which makes it possible not to push the cart with great effort, but to calmly and easily control it and even ride it.

For each maid, serving 12-16 numbers, a working cart is put. The maid is obliged to constantly maintain her working cart in perfect condition. Whether the trolley is in order or not depends on the speed of the maid. The trolley should be neat, all necessary items should be laid out in strict accordance with the order established in the hotel. Do not overload the cart, allow linen and other things to fall out of it.

The trolley should not need to stay in the corridors of the hotel unnecessarily. During the room cleaning, the cart must be placed in such a way that it does not interfere with the passage along the corridor, as close as possible to the room. The cart must never be left unattended. In breaks and at the end of the shift it is necessary to return the trolley to the service premise. As a rule, the evening shift maid is obliged to complete the trolleys for the next morning maid's shift. Any damage to the trolley should be reported immediately to the engineering and technical service of the hotel.

Today the United States market offers a wide range of cleaning equipment (mechanisms) for hotels. The task of this training manual is to provide a detailed overview of the technical data and an assessment of the proposed range of such products. On this subject there is a large number of specialized literature and, finally, the Internet. I want to focus only on the most basic.

Cleaning technology in modern hotels should have high performance, exceptional reliability, durability and durability. One of the basic requirements for it is the ability to absorb shock, not to damage furniture. Used in hotels cleaning equipment should have a low noise level, so as not to cause inconvenience to guests and staff. Harvesting equipment should be convenient and easy to handle, ensure high maneuverability and stability.

Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning. At present, there are a lot of vacuum cleaners offered by different suppliers. High-class hotels have in their arsenal compact vacuum cleaners for cleaning small areas; vacuum cleaners for cleaning medium and large areas, so-called vacuum cleaners-racks with built-in electric brush; and even vacuum cleaners-backpacks (knapsack vacuum cleaners) that are used to tidy concert halls, heavily crowded rooms, warehouses and production facilities. Vacuum cleaners are equipped with a series of accessories necessary for specific work (a nozzle for cleaning furniture, a slotted nozzle, a nozzle for cleaning radiators, a nozzle for cleaning pipes, blinds, an electric brush, etc.). Modern vacuum cleaners have a multi-stage air filtration system.

Dust collectors - are universal devices that serve both for dry cleaning and for removing detergent from the floor (system "irrigation - suction"). Additional accessories to them can serve: kits for washing windows and walls, kits for cleaning steps, etc.

Carpet cleaners and carpet washing. Cleaning of carpet surfaces with such machines is done by the method of dry foam cleaning. The foam generator produces a foam with a minimum moisture content, which makes it possible for the carpets to dry quickly. The machine simultaneously performs chemical and mechanical treatment of carpet surfaces, achieving the highest purity results. These high-performance machines very gently treat the coatings of natural fibers and effectively combat allergens.

Single-disk machines (polishers). With such units, it is possible to wash solid floor coverings, dry and damp foam cleaning of carpet surfaces, spray cleaning and polishing, and processing of wooden floors.

Scrubber dryers are the most productive and efficient machines for washing floors.

Sweepers - these high-performance machines designed for cleaning warehouses, workshops, ter

minals, parking lots, underground garages and other indoor and outdoor areas. There are battery, gasoline and gas versions of these machines.

Automatic machines for washing escalator steps. These devices allow to wash and dry both horizontal and vertical stages of escalators. Thanks to a special lifting device, the device has a function of self-stepping from one step to another.

Working with harvesting machinery (mechanisms) requires staff knowledge and observance of safety rules. Harvesting electrical equipment must be disconnected from the mains during interruptions. Do not use cleaning equipment with a damaged electrical cable, with a faulty, highly heated plug. Disconnecting the appliances from the mains, you need to take the plug, and do not pull the power line. It is necessary to systematically monitor the serviceability of electrical outlets. Do not leave cleaning equipment unattended. Do not allow cases when electric wires, hoses and other objects interfere with the passage of guests and hotel staff. All harvesting mechanisms must be in good order to avoid accidents.

Inventory. In order to achieve excellent cleaning results, the staff of the service department uses a variety of equipment in their work.

Devices for dry and wet cleaning. This is primarily a mop. They are different in size, design, with conventional and telescopic handles. Usually they are suitable for both disposable and reusable rags (nozzles, linens, pads). Mops with squeezing allow you to squeeze the nozzle, without lowering the hands in a container with a detergent solution. Some models of mops have a rotating head, allowing you to wash the floor in hard-to-reach places. The nozzles can roll to the mop with Velcro or with a special clamp. Mops should be light and comfortable to use.

Along with the mops for cleaning, all sorts of holders , , , MOPs are widely used. Their ragging systems and squeezing devices also make it possible to reduce the interaction the skin of the hands of personnel with detergents, which makes the cleaning process more safe and hygienic. Used for these devices rags (nozzles, linens, pads) are very durable, withstand repeated washing almost with boiling. The most common sizes of such devices and, accordingly, nozzles to them - from 30 to 120 cm.

Window Wipe Fixtures , showcases. Typically, a set for washing windows, shop windows consists of: a tool for wetting glasses or, in another way, sponges for application of a solution; directly a special tool for cleaning glass (shot) and a telescopic handle.

Devices for applying varnish and wax. To carry out such works, for example, restoration and care of the surface of wooden doors, special clamps with a handle, plush rags with a holder for applying varnish, a sponge with a wooden insert, a viscose sponge for applying wax.

For a quick and high-quality cleaning in a hotel, you need a variety of brushes. Here are just a few of the names: a window brush, a shower brush, a universal brush for removing dust from any hard-to-reach surfaces, removal of dust and dirt from the blinds, a brush for removing dust and dirt from the surface and internal cavities of heating radiators, a brush for furniture.

Screeds for removing liquids from the floor are anodized holders with a nozzle of soft, porous double rubber.

Buckets for squeezing rags (baits, cloths) from mops. They are made of high-strength plastic. The nozzle from the squeegee is placed in the squeezing compartment, previously unplugging it from the squeegee. Spin is performed by pressing the foot of a special pedal. The device has a degree of spin regulator.

Rags, napkins. Rags for cleaning the floor. For dry cleaning of floor coverings use both reusable and disposable rags. Hotels purchase packages with reusable rags (three or more per pack) and special dispensers, which contain rolls with disposable rags. The dispenser can hold 150 or more disposable rags.

For wet floor cleaning, it is very important that rags have excellent absorbent properties. Some of the names of rags are able to absorb moisture eight times their own weight. This makes it possible for the floor to dry more quickly, which is very important when cleaning rooms that are constantly open for passage (vestibules, corridors, etc.).

To achieve high hygiene standards, reusable rags should be washed at 90 or more degrees after cleaning. It is important that they do not lose quality during repeated washing.

To remove dirt from other surfaces, all kinds of rags and wipes are used. Napkins should be able to easily and effectively remove dust, oil and other contaminants. In hotels widely apply universal napkins, napkins for cleaning windows, napkins for dust collection, etc. Universal microfiber napkins are suitable for both wet and dry cleaning. They add shine to surfaces, have a different color, they can be washed at high temperature.

Sleeves and sponges for cleaning shells and baths after cleaning should be washed at a temperature of 60 degrees. To clean the surfaces, scratch-proof sponges and napkins are suitable, and the accessories must be separated and selected according to the color designating a certain cleaning zone. So, usually used for cleaning the washbasins, mirror surfaces and tiles are yellow-colored tools, whereas the toilet bowls, urinals, including push buttons and tiles in places where sprays can get, are washed with red textiles. In addition, it is advisable to use a 16-way folding method for napkins. This method provides the most rational operating mode and significantly improves hygiene.

Stepladders, ladders, step-ladders-platforms. The main requirements for this type of products are: stability and safety. In addition, these products are required to be lightweight, have perforated steps, take up little space.

Finally, for cleaning the hotel requires such simple items as: buckets for washing floors , shovels , brooms , baskets for cleaning accessories.

Modern harvesting equipment, materials and tools help to make the cleanliness work in the hotel easier and more enjoyable.

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