Compare And Contast Of Festival Between Bangladesh Tourism Essay

Festival can be an event that generally staged by a local community. There's a lot of event on earth. There are many different festivals and also there a wide range of similar festivals on earth. All of the country has different celebration and they observe in several ways. There are lots of kinds of event on the globe. Historical festival, Interpersonal festival. Arts event, New Year happening, cultural happening, film festivity. Music festivity. Food happening, folk celebration etc.

2. Etymology of festivals: the term festival comes from English phrase fest, French phrase festivals, Latin phrase festivals. After 1580 it was recoded as noun. Before it was used as adjective. In this time around it the term feste come form Midsection British, from middle People from france, from Latin.

3. Countries of preference: to compare and contest of festivity I've chosen two countries. Among these countries there are extensive festival observed every year. From these I've chosen two festivals to compare and contest.

5. 1 Caribana event in Canada: Caribana celebrations come from Caribbean culture and history which is performed in the summer across metropolis of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Every year hundreds of thousand guests from about the world the world come to the Toronto's lakeshore. It's the largest festivity in the THE UNITED STATES.

It occurs about three weeks. In this time around there held a new kind of event take place. Music festive, folk festive, and many more takes place there in the happening.

5. 2 Record of caribana festivity of Canada: caribana was each year discovered from 1967 in Toronto. It is a gift idea from West Indian community of canards. Within the before years the key festival occasions organised by a nonprofits company of Toronto which name was Caribbean ethnical committee (CCC). It was establish by the Caribbean organiser surviving in Canada. In 2006 this origination semester in financial meltdown so they neglect to arrange this festivity by the end Toronto federal give school funding to run this festival out of this it known as Toronto Caribbean carnival (caribana) celebration.

5. 3 Situations of caribana festival of Canada: the event start with an enormous parade. It occurred in the first weekend of August. In this time a dancer called "mas player" along with live caribana music begin from big audio speakers from 18 wheeler pickup trucks. Calypso Tents Music Series is one of the very most attractive events. Story telling is favorite event of this function. Art work exhibition organised in Royal Ontario museum on July 23 - August 15th. Hundred of works shone there. Mainly African-Canadian painters work. Scotia standard bank Caribana Gala takes place in liberty Grand on July 23rd. an event of arts and celebration. Ruler and queen show is another important event of the caribana festivity. It performed on July 29th in the Lamport Stadium. Another thrilling event is Pan Alive. In such a event musical event are shown presented on July 30t h. caribana food festivity is an enjoyable new event occurs in the Ontario place on August 1st. There is certainly another programme placed in the Ontatia place which is De Scotia loan provider caribana Lime where you may take food, watch party and revel in live music at the same time.

6. 1 Poyela Boishak celebration of Bangladesh: poyela boishak is the first day of Bangla calendar. This calendar is followed by the Bangladesh, Assam, western world Bangla, and Tripura. This festivity is celebrated 14 April of every season. Main festival held in Dhaka the administrative centre city of Bangladesh. About one million people show up at this program. In today all stage of folks attend this event. In today Dhaka become celebration looks. All highways become colourful. Individuals were colourful dresses nowadays. Various types of placates, banners, festoon and many kind of colourful toron are shown. Government declare visit to this day. In this day different cultural program are arranged. A whole lot of processions are receiving out in today. In today a whole lot of fair organized in the united states.

6. 2 Background of poyela boishak: Hindu Vedic solar calendar is nearly to the Bangla calendar. The Bangla yr commences in mid-April of the Gregorian year. At time of moghals period calendar are count up for harvest with hijri yr. But farmer cannot count up this time. That's why Emperor Akbar ordered to reform the calendar. After this order the famous astronomer Fatehullah Shirazi reformed the Bangla New Year predicated on Hijri & Hindu solar calendars. This New Season (fasli san) that's mean agricultural year first introduce in the 10/11 march on 1584. In this time around landlords are arranged different kinds of reasonable to celebrate today. In this day Bangali traders available new account book called "halkhata" in this day traders finish off all due with his customers and give them especial special.


6. 3 Party of poyela boishak: Today are celebrating two ways in the united states. One in rural area and another is towns area. In rural area people were new cloths and they keep their house net and clean. Inside the cities people celebrate this day difference way from rural area. In the cities people detected this day by elaborate programme, Especially in Dhaka. Various types of agricultural products, cosmetic makeup products, toys, traditional food are sold in the boshakhi rational. This reasonable provides entertainment, by staging jatra (traditional has), jari gan, sari gan, murshidi song, bual, arfoti songs. Many level dramas are shone in today especially Yusuf-Zulekha & Radhe- kisno.

Events, kite traveling in the Dhaka, in the village video games are bullfights, traveling pigeons, boat race. In the locations people get up each day and ware especial cloths, young women were white saris with read edge, ful(bouquets) of these head and, Man were Panjabi(shirt) and lungi (long skirt). In the morning Locations people eat pant-bath (rich with water) with fried hilsha fish. A lot of folks gather under the banyan tree at Ramna Playground. In such a place famous melody ,   ¶ -, (come, o boishakh, come, come) sing to inviting New Year. Public cultural organization take out procession and parade around the city, college or university of Dhaka also take out another procession into the campus, news paper hand out especial addition, radio, television set broadcast live this function.


7. Value: now I'll describe about the significance of these celebration.

7. 1 Significance of caribana festival of Canada: caribana is fantastic festivity for the Canada, by this celebration Toronto get especial explanation because a lot of people across the world come to attend this festival that's why it become familiar to all around the world. This festival is held not only Toronto but also Ontario, province, caribana, festival are also remember in the America. Immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago released this caribana festival. Now it is the third biggest Caribbean festivity on earth.

7. 2 Significance of poyela boishak: poyela boishak is now named multicultural because many people across the world be present at this programme. In this day all Bengali round the world mutually celebrated this program that is why it become famous in the subcontinent, in the subcontinent about 30 key people speak in Bengali so poyela boishak is actually a model festivity for these large amount of individuals.

8. Conclusion: festival is obviously important for each country, It familiar one countries culture and tradition to the worlds. Inside the festivity people get recreation, there will vary types of festival in Canada and Bangladesh. And there is also difference celebrating ways but both countries enjoy this festivity with great festive look.

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