Evening service as one of types of intermediate cleaning...

Evening service as a type of intermediate cleaning of rooms

In high-class hotels with a category of not less than 4 stars, the so-called evening service or special evening services for guest rooms ( Turndown Services ) is performed. It is carried out by the maid evening shift. Evening room service is made daily in all rooms, usually in the interval between 18.00 and 21.00 and, if possible, in the absence of residents.

Basically, preparing the room for sleep is as follows.

1. Cosmetic room cleaning, which requires:

• Ventilate the room;

• emptying and cleaning (if necessary) ashtrays, trash cans and buckets;

• Remove dirty dishes from the restaurant if food was ordered in the room during the day;

• to put in order the dishes, which is completed with the number;

• gently fold or hang (if necessary) the clothes of guests;

• wipe the dust in the room;

• cleaned in the bathroom if the guest used it during the day (including changing the used towels and replenishing the toiletry stock).

During the evening cleaning of the rooms should not be vacuumed, as this can interfere with the rest of the guests.

2. Preparing beds for bed, during which it is necessary: ​​

• Change the bedding if the guest rested on the bed during the day;

• remove the blanket, fold it neatly and put it in the closet on the mezzanine;

• bend the corner of the blanket from the side with which the guest prefers to sleep, at an angle of 45 ° with an acute angle from above. If it is difficult to determine from which side the client approaches the bed, then the corner of the blanket is thrown off the side with the bedside table and the phone. If there is a large bed in the room, say, King Size and the residence of one guest - the corner of the blanket will be bent only on one side. If there is in the room the same large bed, but two residents - the corner of the blanket is bent from both sides. In the event that the room has two beds and one guest lives, - the corner of the blanket is bent from one bed. And finally, with two beds and two residents - a blanket is opened on both beds;

• remove the covers from the pillows (if any), fold them and put them in the closet;

• If there is a nightdress or pajamas, put them on a pillow.

3. Other necessary preparations to be made, specifically:

• wipe the ice tray and pail, make sure the ice tongs are clean, replenish the bucket with fresh ice;

• push tight curtains overnight;

• turn on the floor lamp or the night lamp (create a dimmed light);

• Turn the TV in the direction of the bed so that it is convenient for the guest to look at him lying down;

• spread the bedside mat, put the slippers;

• tune the TV to the internal channel, which shows the commercial about the hotel;

• put the TV remote control on the bedside table;

• adjust the room temperature by 20-22 ° C;

• Place a room service menu card next to the pillow;

• put a card on the bedside table asking customers about the quality of service in the hotel (application form) if the guest plans to leave the next day;

• put a mini-pack of chocolate (preferably milk) or mint candies (Mints) on the nightstand. Currently, hotels are changing from traditional chocolates and chills to vitamins;

• Place on the bedside table a special card with the wishes of a calm and pleasant sleep, as well as with the weather forecast for the next day (Figure 3.21). In such a card, in addition to asking for a good night in several languages, the date and temperature indication can be reflected in words or with the help of pictograms weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, precipitation in the form of rain, precipitation in the form of snow, etc.). Information about the weather is available to employees of the economic support service from newspapers, Internet, radio and television messages;

• Turn off the top light before leaving the room.

Samples of weather information cards for informing guests

Fig. 3.21. Template weather patterns for informing guests

If guests are in the evening cleaning hours in the room, you should find out if they need an evening service. If guests refuse to clean, you just need to offer them sweets and wish good night.

All of the above will make your stay at the hotel more pleasant and comfortable.

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