Event planning evaluation: The Chingay Parade

  1. Event Release & Background

We wish to do a specific report that predicated on our conclusions on event planning and event analysis process of an event. The event we've chosen is Chingay Parade. The Chingay Parade was first of all launched in Johor Bahru in 2006 which is a block parade event also an integral part of the special event of Chinese New Time. The parade extends go as far as 15km throughout metropolis of Johor Bahru, about 145 organizations usually is maintained from mid-afternoon to after midnight with an arranged row of lion dances, interesting shows including dancing, singing, furnished parade floats and so on.

First, we would like to describe why the event is named ˜chingay. Chingay has two people; Chin and Gay is the Min Nan dialect (including Teochew) for the Art of Decorating. The deities as Chingay Parade have almost never reffered to Johor Bahru residents as twelve-monthly parade. This name is mostly utilized by the non-Chinese speaking open public; probably because of the non-religious extravagant parades in Penang and later in Singapore. Even though the decorated floats and painted Chinese language folk-characters are part and parcel of this annual parade, the primary theme actually is the procession of the Five Deities from the five main dialect-groups of Johor Bahru. Thus for a Johor Bahru resident, especially the Chinese-educated, this gross annual parade is usually pronounced ˜You-Shen, which indicating the Parade of the Gods in Mandarin, rather than Chingay.

As the historical of Chingay Johor Bahru, the Chingay Parade has been held for more than a century. It really is celebrated on the 21st day in the first month of the Chinese language Moon-related calendar and the function attracts thousands of individuals annually also as part of the Moon-related New Time celebration so that as a predictor of calmness and richness for the coming year for the town. Besides, Chingay started out as a special birthday of Chinese gods, whose statues were removed from temples and paraded around the town. In the fact that they will then provide a great deal blessings to the people. Johor's Chingay has heavy spiritual importance, where all parades start at the Old Chinese language Temple in Jalan Trus (Johor Bahru). Chingay procession happened in party with the birthdays of the Chinese language deities or the procession of the Goddess of Mercy (Guanyin). It had been organised to worship and enjoy with the deity.

Today, the JB Old Temple has five main deities for the five main dialect-groups: ˜Yuan Tian Shang Di or ˜Tua Lau Ya for the Teochews, ˜Hong Xian Da Di for the Hokkiens, ˜Gan Tian Da Di for the Hakkas, ˜Hua Guang Da Di for the Cantonese and ˜Zhao Da Yuan Shuai for the Hainanese.

On the 21st trip to about 7 at night is the grand parade, all the devotees and the ones with selected tee-shirts of the individual associations will then get into the Deities Depot to lift their respected deities for the night time parade. This may be combined with troupes of opera characters, musical bands, lion-dancers, dragon dancers, furnished floats, stilt-walkers, big-headed dolls, massive flags and many other groups to entertain the town-folks who at that time will set along the entire route eagerly awaiting the deities to complete.

The order of the procession is definitely predetermined. The first deity to lead the parade will be Zhao Da Yuan Shuai of the Hainanese clan, accompanied by Hua Guang Da Di of the Cantonese clan, then Gan Tian Da Di of the Hakka clan, Hong Xian Da Di of the Hokkien clan nd the previous to gather the trunk is the key deity Yuan Tian Shang Di of the Teochew clan.

  1. Event Planning (Meaning)

In general, event planning is the process of owning a project such as a meeting, convention, party, exhibition, conference etc. Event planning includes money-planning, start and building on timelines, selecting and reserving the event sites, buying permits, planning food, coordinating travelling, developing a theme, planning for activities, selecting sound system and keynotes, organizing for equipment and facilities, taking care of risk, and expanding backup ideas.

As event planner, event planning means consists of coordinating every information of conferences and conventions, from the audio speakers and assembly location to organizing for printed materials and aesthetic equipment. Besides, Event planning begins with figuring out the target that the sponsoring business wants to perform. Planners choose sound system, entertainment, and content, and organise the program to present the organization's information in the simplest way.

In addition to that, event planning is the energizing art of planning people and activities to be able to create a show that creates remembrances of an eternity. Building and producing an event, whether it's a gathering, related to big business event, fund-raiser, tradeshow or any other event, is in lots of ways almost exactly like directing a live stage performance.

  1. Event Planning (Important)

Event planning can help event planner to know very well what is the contribution should be and how to attain event purpose. It is an important point to make sure that the event will achieve success. It also can help planner to recognize their event goals obviously and make planner decide plainly and concretely what the function need to do and can affect the interpersonal that organization desires.

Event planning also can help planner make sure that understand their goal and what they need to do to reach event goal by regarding target consumer in the case planning process. It could make planners all work in a goal-oriented way more than in a loose way where planner just react to issues and cries with not clear event goals as well.

Besides, event planning can helps planner to in charge of what they do. It really is a consequential point, event planning can help planner or organization decide what's the better to use resources including employed people, equipment, time and other, thus that will help planner and organization most significant contribution to reaching their goal.

Finally, event planning important in lays the basis for event organization to asses and examine their accomplishments effectively.

  1. Event Analysis (Description)

In general, event analysis is examination of the efficiency and efficiency of such occurrences using a range of empirical methods. Event evaluation steps investigate impact whatsoever levels. In apart from that, event evaluation is the process of critically watching, measuring and monitoring the execution of an event in order to judge its results (Bowdin, 2008).

  1. Event Analysis (Important)

Event evaluation, as well as event planning cycle, it can help event firm and event planner to recognize how they may improve and right what they are attaining, event group and planners also can take action to build on successes event and duplicating failures in next time event.

Besides, effective event evaluation process permits event business and event planner to work with what they discovered using their company experience to improve what they are achieving in the event.

In addition to that, event evaluation is necessary to make event planner and team-mate more efficiency and effectively before the the next time you organize a meeting. It is about finding the errors and learning from them.

In apart from that, assessing help event planner gets opinions from guests and participants, finding the best and most detrimental bits of an event to know if the event achieved its original aims, or how maybe it's improved for another event.

Moreover, evaluating shows volunteers and personnel the value of their work and the impact of the event on the community. Some funders may require assessments to be conducted, to show value for money as well.

  1. Event Planning Process

Objective, visitor, place

Chingay is a social Chinese New Year festival, so the visitor of the function will be Chinese. Located area of the Chingay Event placed in Johor. Through record, after World Battle II, this activity disperse to the south of Peninsular Malaysia unconsciously, that is Johor Bahru. Johor Bahru Chingay is commonly known as China New Year celebration part 2. There are always a folk declaring on Johor Bahru people that Chinese New Yr never come to end if no celebrate Johor Bahru Chingay. In addition, since the Chinese moving into Johor majority. This twelve-monthly event is inextricably linked to the Old Temple at Jalan Trus. to organizes Johor Bahru Chingay Special event with five Chinese language dialect groups also called as Parade of Deities. Based on how big is the quantity, this event plan in outdoor so that can accommodate more individuals.

Time, time frame, content

The Chingay is conducted in the first lunar month from 18th to 22nd (5days). And which consecutive 3 days from 19th to 21st are operating with the main activities. Each day, when the gong adorned with sacred flag bearer of the team will be regarded to walk and jingle of the gong in the whole parade road, this represents to wash just how before the festivities begin. In the first day on 17 Feb 2014, this is a light up ceremony at Xing Gong. It really is a provisional places that deities choose. It can offer more spacious location to believers to pray. For the second and the third day, there is a street cleansing and installation of deities on holy sedans accompanied by a tiny drum music parade and deities giving the Old Temple carried on holy sedans. The location is from Johor Old Temple to palace. Thereby completing the hundreds of years Chingay for three consecutive days of Overture. In the fourth day, activity presented at night at 7pm. It really is a busy pavements walk of Johor Bahru from Xing Gong and walk around the Xing Gong. The length of the line is about 8 kilometer. The town-folks are associated with adorned floats, lion-dancers, troupes of opera heroes etc. Lastly, 22nd February is the day of deities return to their Divine abodes, after this Johor Bahru resident will feel that they had finished their New Calendar year.

Promotion+ Sponsorship

All the foundation of communication have been use. The organizer, Tiong Hua associations started to promote Chingay. As Chingay can be an on-going parade, it has its own website. Besides this in addition they build a Facebook page welcoming for people to become listed on. In the page, they outlined out all details and the history of Chingay. For those who have questions, they also willing to give answers and the information will be upgrade on time. Within the other palm, the organizer promote the function through newspaper. Meanwhile, you will see banners and posters at any place in Johor. In addition, There also have media discussion helped them publicise. For people who may not be able to see any information on others way, Tv set stations are another choice for individuals to get Chingay information. Chingay is a recurrent activities, so not too much publicity, people are certain to get to know about any of it. Based on the partnership between people, word of mouth also became an instrument of mass media. On this event, people who taking part were dressed in several different styles and different symptoms of T-shirt which are given by the provider that are Carlsberg, Tiger and Country Garden Danga Bay. Thus, the vendors can use this event to market their products.


Due to the large range of activities involved, the number of individuals more, even during the night parade, it is easily lead to the mishaps. To avoid the occurrence of such outdoors bruised and protect the safe practices of members, the organizer had ask the medical personnel to aid. The organizer also prepared a relaxing place for the participants.

  1. Event Evaluation

Chingay parade event is an effective event in Johor Bahru, Malaysia credited to it has a lot of international and Chinese people will join in this event event each year. In this event event, it influence a lot of benefits impacts as well as the cost.

In benefits, social and cultural impacts in this event including broaden peoples horizons since it gets the festive atmosphere with stilt walkers, lion and dragon dances, acrobats, and a large number of furnished floats taking to the avenues amidst the clashing of cymbals and defeating of gongs and drums in this event. On this current issue, planner also try benefits a great deal of new technology aspect inside this event so it will attract teenager subscribing to this event.

Another benefits in cultural and cultural effects are revitalising customs. Due to this event is a traditional festival event, it can promote our traditional culture inheritance to next era as well.

In addition compared to that, this event can increase Malaysian satisfaction as well because have a whole lot of foreign know this event and it can let foreign find out about our traditional culture.

The positive political influences in this celebration event are this event can let our interpersonal cohesion. This event goal is unity ˜Teochew, ˜Hokkien, ˜Cantonese, ˜Hakka and ˜Hainan all of these Chinese people during 19th century. In such a current, can also let other race people find out about Chinese religion so it increase Malaysian cohesion in the united states, because everyone will respect different race religion.

This event also will attract foreign travelers come to become listed on in. It could increases holidaymakers visit or travel in Malaysia so that we can earn and increase a great deal of overseas money.

On the in contrast, this happening event also bring negative impacts in environmental which will make a whole lot of environmental damage and air pollution in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Because of the reason which people 're going for a 15km around Johor Bahru, the participants will toss rubbish at the road and make sound. Besides, it will disturb residents around the city until midnight and this event increase traffic jam as well.

In the politics negative impacts, event manager cannot compute their budget in this event. Their budget come from donation and discover a whole lot of sponsorship. If the year has financial crisis, they will get the donation significantly less than this past year and let the event business lead to failing because they need a lot of cash to be the money float.

Last but not least, it has a politics negative impacts that happen to be insufficient accountability. Event organizer cannot predict the accountable of the amount of people who will join in the event and will make event organizer easily loss control of the event.

  1. Recommendation

Evaluations often make recommendations about how an application can be advanced, how the risk of program failure can be reduced or whether an application should continue. Predicated on environmentally friendly negative influences as environmental harm and noise disruption, we can increase participant understanding about the knowledge of 3Rs which including reduce, reuse and recycle and everyone has responsibility to make sure the environment is clean. As traffic jam problem, we can encourage participant to achieve a showing car plan with others or taking the public bus instead of taking private car. Chingay Johor Bahru can solve the sound disturbance problem by considering to plan the event not concluded until mid-night for next year.

Furthermore, because of the political negative effects which are insufficient accountability, the event organizer can do a study form on communal marketing first, understanding total how many people will take part the function before managing and planning the event.

Last however, not least, the event organizer should planning the financial survey first before locating a sponsorship to record how much they have to spent to regulate their budget.

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