Impacts Of Negative CONDITIONS THAT Affect Tourist Tourism Essay

All the traveler who happen to be and stay in places beyond your normal selection of not more than one year of the time and work at home opportunities. An event that makes the demand of goods and services and the position is considered area of the tourism industry. This industry also includes the forming of a particular product sold to guests even if indeed they do not form a significant part of vacationer consumption. There are many infrastructure sectors such as electricity, telecommunications, water supply and cause the production of some industries such as travel items, activities equipment, images, materials, drugs and beauty products such as airports, railways, roads, drinking water, facilities like electricity, clean drinking water, drainage and disposal of solid throw away. Services and facilities such as hotels, restaurants, recreational facilities and shopping.

Tourist today does not know a lot of Cambodia because of the place and environment. Their main destinations are Angkor Wat which the whole amount of Angkor Wat spans from than 15 decades. During this time period the whole region of Angkor Wat was built.

Cambodia is a lovely place for vacation but a great deal of people are unaware of it and its place where in fact the famous attraction is which the Angkor Wat is. Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy of King Sihamoni. Phnom Penh is the capital and major city government, is a country economic, commercial, commercial and ethnic centre of the primary hub of Cambodia. Siem Reap, near the famous Angkor Wat ruins in a little town is the gateway to the Angkor region, Cambodia is a traveler destination. Battambang in traditional western Cambodia, the most significant city, is famous for grain, Sihanoukville, the coastal places of the development is a major harbor and beaches hotel. Cambodia one around 181, 035 (69, 898 mls), with 1 rectangular kilometers area populace of more than 140, 000 Chinese language red. Usually recognized as Cambodian people. Most of Theravada Buddhism in Cambodia, however the country also has a large quantity of Muslim majority Cham, as well as China, Vietnamese and small animist hill tribes. Agriculture has been Cambodia most significant sector of the current economic climate, some clothing, travel and leisure, development is also an important amount of international people to Angkor Wat more than 4 million. In 2005, the coal and oil reserves situated in the waters of Cambodia, once commercial mining commenced in 2011, the petrol revenues that make a difference the market of Cambodia

After a long series of wars with the neighbouring kingdom, the Kingdom of Ayutthaya sacked Angkor and abandoned in 1432 due to a inability of ecological and infrastructure damage. The Court docket to transfer the capital to Lovek any government attempt to return the glory through maritime trade. Short-lived effort, however, as the war continued with the Ayutthaya and Vietnam led to the loss of more territory and the occupied Lovek in 1594. Over the next three centuries, the Khmer Empire change as his country's administration and the kings of Ayutthaya Vietnam, and the relatively short time of independence and equipment found at the main of quartzite gravel along the Mekong River, Stung Treng and areas Krati Province, and in the Talk about of Kampot, however they are not seeing diandalkan. Some archaeological evidence shows little community of hunter-gatherers occupied Cambodia during the Holocene: an archaeological site is definitely the most early Cambodia Laang Spean cave, in the Place of Battambang, which includes the Hoabinhian mentioned. Excavations in the lower layer to produce a series of radiokarbon in 6000 BC. Top covering on a single page to provide evidence to the Neolithic changeover, gerabah ceramics comprising early day in Cambodia
archaeological record for the Holocene period and Flat iron Age remains the same limited. prehistoric site apart from the time is somewhat uncertain Samrong Sen (not definately not the old capital of Oudong), where the research began only in 1877, and Phum Snay in Banteay Meanchey province north. Prehistoric artifacts are often found during mining activities in Ratanakiri.
Prehistoric proof the most visible in Cambodia, but may "Earthworks circle", within red land in the next to Memot and the encompassing area of Vietnam in the past due 1950s. Function and time is still debated, however, many of them may come from the next millennium BC at least. An important event in the prehistory of Cambodia is a slow-moving penetration of the first rice farmers from the North, which started by the end of the third millennium BC. They may speak Mon-Khmer ancestors

Background of the problem

There is very little of awareness among the visitor in Malaysia and other countries about Cambodia. A lot of my lectures ask me have I been to Cambodia and I answer no I have not been there. He told me that Cambodia is excellent and it is worth to visit there. Cambodia is a third world war country that's the reason a lot of folks would not learn about Cambodia.

The sex tourism in Cambodia is bad where one third of the country is filling with child. A country should guide the children never to do sex travel and leisure as it will affect them mentally and internally. Cambodia should discourage gender travel and leisure in their country.

Most of the holiday knows about Cambodia nonetheless they could not travel there. Making love tourism is one of the primary problems because of prostitute it will engage HIV positive because of gender travel and leisure. Cambodia is one of the poorest countries which are still recovering from their conflict and political repression. A kid do not get education from academic institutions all they know is love-making due to parents did not send these to an effective education because the parents are not able to pay for the education fees. A child should receive a proper education without abiding their children education as you know education is vital to children.

Problem statement

Cambodia has been known as a country that provides sex tourism apart from the attractions which have been associated with so many negative perceptions.

The negative view on Cambodia has been widely known as a country for love-making travel and leisure. Is Cambodia dredging its waterways to death which gives negative influences in Cambodia due to the exports of sand to Singapore and now they are killing their own people for this where fisherman must travel further to feeds their family.

Does sex tourism gives negative effects to Cambodia? And so are Cambodia children obtaining proper education? What can help Cambodia to increase in their travel and leisure? Therefore in this research, researcher main intent is highlight to help Cambodia to upsurge in their tourism whereas can boost their economy also. To rectify the negative issues in Cambodia which is the love-making tourism? The researcher hope to promote Cambodia tourism and help them to resolve these problems.

1. 3 Research Question

1. Is there any ways to help Cambodia tourism?

2. How can we promote Cambodia tourism?

3. What exactly are the positive conditions that can help boost Cambodia tourism?

4. What can the government do to help?

5. Is love-making travel and leisure one of the main problems of Cambodia?

Research objective

To rectify the general public negative notion on Cambodia

To promote Cambodia tourism

To create consciousness to the tourism

Come out with a proposal that can enhance Cambodia tourism

To solve the negative issues in Cambodia

To platform this research with facts from journals.

Theoretical and conceptual framework

The purpose of this research newspaper is to rectify the negative conception of the general public view on Cambodia. The researcher wish to inform the vacationer on Cambodia visitors attractions and culture.

This research paper will mainly use the real facts of information that may be from Cambodia tourism, Federal government website, and other journals will also possible to acquire online. This may conveniently provide the researcher information in order to expose the true facts to the holiday about the sweetness of Cambodia. From the resources that researcher has had the opportunity to obtain which the majority of the resources are publications that are written about positive issues in Cambodia and their fascination which benefits the tourism. It's important for the researcher to work with the true information in this research to be able to persuade the vacationer on the positive issues going on in Cambodia. At the same time to also rectify the negative conception among the tourist as it is a superb damage if the visitor does not know the positive issues in Cambodia and their destinations.

It is also to notice the actions that contain should be achieved by the federal government of Cambodia by rectifying the negative notion and also to promote their travel and leisure and to turn out with proposal to boost Cambodia travel and leisure.

1. 5. 1Conceptual framework

With the conceptual platform that provided at heart map form below, it is to show how this research has been done and accompanied by accordance to the mind map. To turn out with proposal to catch the attention of travel and leisure in Cambodia and also to solve their negative influences that cause tourist not to happen to be their country. Create awareness to the holiday regarding their social, heritage and background also to promote their visitors attractions which is Angkor Wat.

Views on Cambodia tourism

Impacts of negative conditions that affect tourist

Positive issues on Cambodia

Rectification of Negative Perception

Proposal to improve travel and leisure in Cambodia

1. 6 Need for study

The reason for this research is to determine the belief of the tourist on Cambodia. This is done on order to rectify the problem of Cambodia. The negative issues have an impact on the tourism which in turn causes them not to happen to be Cambodia. Sex tourism is one of the issues where the country might be filling with diseases which cause the vacationer not to travel there and because Cambodia did not do much promotion independently country to produce awareness to the holiday. Because of the limited resources that might be open to the tourist and this not much of these destinations have been advertised to the visitor. The vacationer still support the wrong conception on Cambodia which means researcher is also wishing that after this research has been done many effective ways to promote Cambodia tourism to the traveler.

Scope and limitation

This research paper will only concentrate on the positive issues of Cambodia and get an improved view of people thoughts and opinion on Cambodia. I will interview the individuals in Petaling Jaya area. Provide a proposal to boost Cambodia tourism.

The assortment of the info will therefore be limited to the population of this area only. Because of the limited focus group it is assumed that this group will hence symbolize the general traveler view on Cambodia.

Researcher has therefore analytically researched the sampling the results of the research before summarizing it into a far more conclusive data to be released in this research statement. Researcher also disclaims the responsibility towards the opinion accumulated from the vacationer opinion as the data will be gathered randomly.

The research is performed purely predicated on the view and thoughts of the information obtained and researcher own view without advantages of promoting Cambodia travel and leisure in order to make profit. The info obtained by the researcher is bound by the information obtained from administration of Cambodia and journals.

2. Books review

Why people have negative notion on Cambodia? Due to its sex tourism and even it gives a negative conception to the people. There exists so much more in Cambodia than simply sex tourism that individuals did not see it. In this section the researcher will expose the true information about the beauty of the sights, food and cultural of Cambodia. An additional description regarding its positive issues of Cambodia and their attractions will be reviewed in detail. On top of that the research would help the general public to gain more knowledge and depth understanding on Cambodia travel and leisure it would help them to change their negative perception on Cambodia. The proposal to improve travel and leisure in Cambodia will be mentioned completely in this section.

Negative issues

The politics ecology of change in Cambodia 1989-1999, Tranquility and forest exploitation

For the past few years the forests have enjoyed and very important role in transition from conflict to peace. The best politicized tool of reconstruction process that has failed. The forest exploitation has a financed of continuation of battle between the wintry war. Cambodia being the most politicized source of information of the process that failed either to be renewable or democratic international community. Cambodia forest is an activity of transforming characteristics into money through politics.

The poverty and environment in Cambodia

The environmental can inflict serious destruction on the indegent for their live hoods usually rely upon the natural source of information and their living conditions. The identical minute the poverty constrains may reduce in the indegent and degrade the surroundings at some certain rates that are not incompatible with long term sustainability.

The need for the poverty and the environment has sparse because the info tend to be difficult to acquire in producing countries. The geographic information on the poverty and using the indicator maps and statistical examination. The implementation of the poverty and environment strategies may be cost effective for a few environmental problems.

Status of the Cambodian inland take fisheries sector

Cambodia has hardly any income generating options beyond the natural resources for example agriculture, forestry and fisheries and is economically almost completely reliant on them. This research gives a brief overview of the country inland fisheries which support a thriving industry of your great financial and sociable importance. It is designed to improve knowledge of the issues on the line for the continued sustainable usage.

Gender, love-making and HIV

Human race have marriage through family, community and other through professional ties with each other. The issues of choices during our level of our own lives that may relates to making love but with no parents sexual activity there will never be us. Fatalities are a issues of HIV because of having sexual intercourse that cause this disease that may cause us to terminate our lives.

Identify patients qualified to receive highly productive antiretroviral therapy among HIV positive men and women in Cambodia

The HIV microbe infections in Cambodia determine the sensitivity; designate of the business criteria to start out a antiretroviral treatment predicated on clinical criteria alone or combination. The patients were wrongly discovered to be in a need of HAART among the most.

Global child intimacy tourism

Pornography and children from commercial sexual purposes and one of the first organization that looks for to end the commercial erotic exploitation for children. Child making love tourism is especially happening in Asia and Cambodia is typically the most popular destination for intimacy tourism. The majority of adult male love-making tourists by means of industrial countries to go to developed countries are lower where in fact the law is poor because love-making is cheaper and common. Nearly all adult male gender tourists in the form of industrial countries to go to developed countries are lower where in fact the law is weakened because gender is cheaper and common. Child sex tourism practices can erase the integrity of economical, cultural, and moral nation's most significant victims are helpless children are participating. The voices of the kids too much and their reports untold and taken their plainness. Children must have the effect of long-term emotional, emotional and physical from erotic exploitation


Positive issues

Upland crop systems in Cambodia economical evaluations

Research and development had been done in the highland districts of Cambodia to develop new farming systems and crop management technology. Income degrees of farmers in this region are relatively low because of small size and low production of agricultural plants. This newspaper is also intended to encourage the adoption of the technologies and also to investigate the way the process can be facilitated. To recognize two key technology features or benefits relative to be looked at successful and tradability. A minimum target figure of profit on investment in new technology as men look from investigating how much the increase in relative success may be adequate to drive successful adoption of technology

What can be carried out about the private health sector in low income

The health sector is very large private low-income countries. This involves various suppliers and utilized by many large service providers. There is excellent concern about the high services rendered to the many providers. Private health sector can be explained as comprising all providers who are outside the open public sector where they can be commercial purpose and this purpose is to get rid of illness and prevent disease. They also include large and small companies and professional teams like doctors, nationwide and international organizations haven't any government. They provide services such as nursing homes, home health care and maternity treatment centers run by doctors, nurses and paramedical staff,

Cambodia enhancing governance for ecological development

The Government is very important for future years of Cambodia over the last ages for the move to liberal democracy and market economy. Cambodia donor insurance plan makers and the general public have identified that the strengthening of good governance is vital to maintain economical and social. The study includes three domain structure of government is the public sector, civil world and the multimedia. The range of the analysis hall has two benefits can also help strategic programs at the job level in the government's overall picture. Good governance in the development of an important issue in Cambodia. Through the move to liberal democracy and market economy during the last ages. good governance systems need to adapt to changes in the role of condition and federal as well is to show a key strategy for maintaining public and monetary development in Cambodia

Therapy to prevent vertical transmitting of HIV

The proposal is not advised to extend ARV treatment programs to the regions where early on in working out and equipment for HIV tests that will not happen due to move resources to the less effective to work with. The second run pilot assignments at decided on sites positioned in the district are eligible for health advantages. When running a pilot task would be useful to accumulate the same data as mentioned in the survey to be able to assess the true costs and benefits ex girlfriend or boyfriend post.

Current issues on PMTCT Cambodia is facing

Drug isn't just the cost voluntary counselling and trials and need also to be provided to the mom and child also to be integrated to the entire provision of primary healthcare
According to the Journal written by the earth health organization that drug isn't just the price voluntary counselling and tests and need also to be provided to the mother and child and also to be integrated to the overall provision of primary health care evidently stated that

Introducing a technique of antiretroviral drugs use and replacing feeding is however a complicated process. For taking benefit of the intervention, mothers need to know they are HIV-positive, and they must therefore get access to voluntary counselling and assessment. Costs and benefits have to be carefully assessed. Insurance policy makers need to choose the type of program is possible and most appropriate for their countries and if to test models of the strategy in pilot assignments before launching it more generally. Such a program requires a commitment to guaranteeing there can be an efficiently functioning major health care system with certain key services as a basis for bringing out the strategy. Where these conditions do not already exist, decisions have to be made about how precisely to strengthen the health infrastructure, what time frame would be sensible, and what else is needed to create the conditions for sage and successful launch of antiretroviral drugs and alternative feeding. "

The given degree of resources to be dedicated on the provision of such a intricate services and you can wonder if keeping the lives of a few children that might be saved through this technique when is worth our time and money to save a person live. You can find a lot to be achieved that they would require also a little more money and time available. It is necessary for the ministry of health to research the aspect to be able to produce recommendations that are acceptable and quality oriented. There could be a risk to start to see the private sector taking over and providing an unhealthy quality or an needless antiretroviral treatment.


Chapter 3: Research Methodology

3. 1 Research Philosophy

Here the researcher will clarify the techniques of the study undertaken from this study. This chapter basically will describe which method to use to acquire data.

3. 2 Research methods and research design

This research will be achieved using two significant common research methods. The researcher will be using qualitative methods.

Where qualitative method would require a far more subjective a way of sampling by assessing individual viewpoint such as interview

3. 2 Sources of data

This research would obtain the data from two resources where a secondary research would involve valuable information regarding the factual statements about Cambodia travel and leisure and other related basic technical information. However there might exist a limitation to the information gained because of its availability and relevance to the current perception. The principal research data would collect directly from the review and interview conducted to specific groups of subject.

3. 3 Extra Research

This kind of research is actually done prior to the most important research is conducted. To be able to obtain more through information regarding this research newspaper before interview can be conducted. The researcher will be able to equip herself with the technical knowledge that is required of her for this research. Supplementary research for this paper would require a variety data from various resources of posted data related to tourism in Cambodia. The researcher has used an amount of journal, articles, authorities site, internet and papers to form a secondary data.

3. 4 Primary research

Primary research is performed in order to obtain information from the general public directly attributed to the research newspaper. This research will target more on the conception of the public towards the negative notion of Cambodia and ways to rectify the negative conditions that the general public have. At a same time the researcher will also try to determine methods that can be done to market Cambodia travel and leisure.

In this research an interview will be conducted to the general public around Petaling Jaya area. The info collected will signify the judgment of the general public in Malaysia generally. An set up interview may also be conducted with one of the tourism sector lecturer regarding travel and leisure in Cambodia

The ways of this research would be conducting an interview to the member of the public. These research methods would become more of the selective sampling scheduled to it being done on only specific sets of the people in public.

The interview would entail questions asked by the researcher one-on-one regarding on the negative notion on Cambodia and to enquire their opinion on how to market Cambodia tourism. The targeted of the public for this would be university students will be chosen randomly.

A special interview will be conducted with the Lecturer that is teaching tourism in order to enquire their knowledge and judgment on Cambodia and also to enquire ways to promote travel and leisure in Cambodia.

3. 5 Respondent

In regards of getting the view of the public because of this research the researcher will perform a review on specific group around Petaling Jaya area. This will also symbolize a broader view of the general public in Malaysia. That is in order to gain more knowledge on their perception and judgment on Cambodia itself and at the same time also to enquire recommendation that will help to rectify the negative conception towards Cambodia.

3. 6 Data analysis

The data extracted from the interview of the school students or the public on ways to promote Cambodia travel and leisure and their suggestion on how to further improve it might be selected based on feasibility. The other interview that is conducted with the lecturer which shows tourism subject will be more feasible than the students. The lecturer information is more exact and appropriate for this research.

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