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This report talks about launching of a fresh tablet launched by apple. This is a brand new style of a tablet that can be used by anybody which is also suited and adopted for each user including children with leaning disabilities due to its customizable features. Like a consultant dealing with the company's event planning team because of this product release, this article will be focusing on the procedure of planning this event. The procedure of ways to get the potential customers and key stakeholders people informed and invited to the function. & most important is designed for the look process to lead to obtaining the business's goals of higher sales goals and to promote the new product to the clients. To meet up this, the function must be prepared in such away that the invited guests and all potential clients gets a positive experience that stimulates the image of the business and the brand being sold.


Event planning is the task of managing a project of the kind through arranging such as a seminar, a convention, a trade good, a team building activity, a hospitality gathering or an exhibition. The planning process includes drawing a realistic budget, pulling a timetable of every activity, choosing and reserving the event locations, obtaining permits where necessary and needed. Planning and making plans for food and beverages, harmonising transportation of people and items, making a suitable theme planning for each and every activity. There is also need to selected and request keynote sound system and promoters in good time and ensuring that the location is well facilitated and prepared with a good public address system if planning for big audiences. Risk management needs to be accounted for whilst having some contingency programs in situations of eventualities. Event Planning contains coordinating every little detail of planning from the speaker systems and reaching location to planning for printed materials and advertising the function itself through chosen advertising.

Event planning commences with determining the objective that the sponsoring company wants to attain. Planners strategically choose loudspeakers, entertainment teams and activities, content, and set up the program to provide the organization's information in the most effective way. Meeting planners are in charge of selecting meeting venues, likely friends and getting these to the assembly. (Institute of Event management, 2012)

According to Complete(2005), Marketing and sales communications is a management process through which an organisation endeavours to share its product information with its various audiences. Through understanding the audience's marketing communications environment, organisations seek to cultivate and present announcements ideal for their discovered stakeholders and interest groups before assessing and acting upon any responses. By conveying announcements that are of significant value, viewers are encouraged to offer attitudinal and behavioural positive response.

This Tablet being an electronic digital item has a prospect of a very wide market. It is likely to catch the attention of attention from various individuals and categories of folks who can include students, educators, parents of children with learning disabilities, educational institutions and just the general public.


Every event planning or product unveiling must have its goals and goals to create the perspective because without them, your event will not have any defined eyesight. However, a meeting can have one or many goals and multiple objectives encouraging the goals which are essential to the success of the function. There should be several purpose for a meeting planning, for example this event is about launching a new product by raising sales aim for and also promoting the brand.

The main purpose of this product start is to place across our communication strategies either utilizing the push or take strategy. The primary focus strategy which will be more vital with the product is the yank strategy, by centering more on the direct consumers than business to business consumers which is also referred to as the thrust strategy.


One very essential level in an event planning is to truly have a budget to guide your expenditure and it is also your responsibility as the function organiser to stay within the limitations of your finances.

Similarly, your also need to develop a online marketing strategy which includes advertising either through the media, internet or digital press for example, social networks and focus teams. And to coordinate the communications and promotional activities for your event as the success of your event will ultimately rely upon your ability to sell the event to the people participating it. (Carter L. , 2007)

In order to create a meeting to fulfil your customer's targets and be exactly what they hope it will be, it's important to begin using their event vision. That's where you will be able to determine what is most important to them. Event visualization is after event goals have been lay out, should be your first starting point for planning the function.

For this product, apple needs to focus on the Move strategy as the product is most likely to directly to individual consumers. So a good area of the advertising cover this event should be focused on digital marketing such as internet marketing, use of public websites like face book, tweeter and the like. Advertising on the internet through search engine optimisations, e-mail marketing using their existing customers' repository, contacts and referrals would also be suited strategies for this product.

Use of mobile marketing strategies such as text messaging, ringtones, game titles demonstrating the product and its own new and unique features would demonstrate a success for this kind of item. The beauty of these advertising is that they would even lead person to person since the announcements are targeted at the consumers immediately.

Another good strategy would be to target influential stakeholders and customers invitation to a planned corporate kick off event. In order to host an event that will fulfil your company's objectives and yet have appositive impact to the friends, the planners have to have a clear vision. This is where you will be able to know what is most important and prioritise the procedure.

Choosing a spot is also a very important stage in an event planning, and it requires to be booked at a very early stage to avoid any delays or last second disappointments. The location must be convenience for the tourists and there must be enough room for product screen and also for people to have space to work around the merchandise and illustrate them as well. Parking shouldn't be a difficulty as the majority of the visitor will be driving a vehicle to the function.

Team building is vital within an event planning process; you will need good staffing and a security plan. Such an idea is the glue that keeps the event jointly. Coordinate the initiatives of your staff (paid and volunteer) and vendors with the venue contact person. Include details such as when distributors arrive, where and exactly how they unload their equipment, where they setup, and how they take care of all areas of the event. It's also advisable to address how and when they will tear down and load up to avoid costly surprises. Effective communication on-site is crucial. All staff should be fluent in how to use your communications system (such as walkie-talkies and headphones) and exactly how to get hold of those in charge of crisis support. Every event needs to talk about security, even if it just includes hiring an off-duty officer, working with the hotel's security team, it will be worth it. Possessing a list of emergency phone numbers convenient is also helpful. (Jodi W. , 2010)

Also, another essential part of such an event is to supply the guests with food and refreshments. If possible, seek the services of a DJ to supply the visitors with music to make the environment lively and lift up the spirits of the guests. Engage your visitors with conversations by getting in touch with them in person specially the main element site visitors and stakeholders. When possible equip your team members with good knowledge of the product to activate with the clients and encourage them to try the Tablets for themselves and not merely be told about them.

You could go an additional step by establishing an offer price for a promotional sale of the tablet simply for this start day. This may encourage customers and stakeholders to attend, have personal experience with the product and afterwards spread word about any of it. It could also get many people thrilled to take good thing about the promotional price and boost the sales. Such an approach is regarded as likely to produce positive results. Relating to Duncan and Moriarty (1997), there are some communications that arise from unplanned or unintended encounters and also there are prepared marketing and sales communications.


Stakeholders include, suppliers, customers, investors and the media, they are incredibly important in an event planning because they could be affected by the function and the function can also be damaged by the type of analysis received by the stakeholders. To be able to realise the success of an event, it is important to have wide open communication stations among all stake holders. Since situations have broader influences on a wider open public, such open communications provides more responses to the business. It is also important to keep in mind that stakeholders are people who have vested passions in the business and its products. They are simply therefore potential attendees. Stake holders add value and reputation to the success of the whole event. Additionally getting the right stakeholders to your event can create the chance of any great evaluation for the future event planning as well. You'll find out the particular views and thoughts of key people and important stakeholders by participating in face to face charts with them throughout the function. (Robinson P. et al 2010).


Finally, when the event has ended and the friends have all absent home, while you may well be wanting to put your planning documents and documents away and move one, immediately after the function is the right time to evaluate the success of your event and discuss opportunities for a better improvement in a future event planning. However, a thorough post-event evaluation ensures you will take quite details your company's needs to improve its fundraising. A successful evaluation is also a good start for the arrangements of your next event. You may get feedbacks from your guest in various ways, either by requesting them about their view about the whole event or giving them questionnaires to fill in and hands it again before living. These feedbacks from your visitors can help you evaluate the success factor of the function.

Also it is vital to meet the event committee and all your team members who had been mixed up in event process. Arrange a gathering with them and ensure you give them plenty of time for talk getting their view and gather all essential information from them for an analysis for a future event plan. Be sure you cover every important aspect of the event, being careful to notice which topics struck nerves in a confident or negative way and that means you can keep the assembly upbeat. (greater giving, 2012)


In order to entice the attention of all your potential customers, organizers needs to implement the best marketing strategies at their removal and start good preparing in advance of the event for success. If the company will opt for the services of a marketing specialist or manage these issues independently, it's up to them provided the aims and aims are held in emphasis. All important areas of the planning process need to be taken care of. These will include all the fine details of the whole process such as budgeting activities and steps to be carried out by particular individuals on the look team. Once each one of these are finished with success, it shouldn't be a major problem for the business to succeed by getting the tartgetde ausdeince to its event nadn thefeor achieves their aims and objectives of the marketing process.

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