Innovative receptions in the organization of the service of...

Innovative tricks in the organization of the service of regular guests and VIP guests

In the hotel industry, the term service means a system of measures ensuring a high level of comfort, satisfying the most diverse household, economic and cultural needs of guests. And every year these requests and requirements for services are increased, especially from VIP clients.

The needs of VIP clients are very different from those of ordinary customers. The price for them is not so important, as comfort, prestige and realization of the conceived. They are not only solvent but also demanding, their concept of comfort consists in the possibility of implementing their own ideas, choosing a self-made program and all its components, namely: any airline, the most suitable hotel, bungalow, villa, the ability to move in a rented car, yacht or helicopter. Common features of such customers are their high solvency, the need for expensive services and an extremely sensitive attitude to the quality of service. As a rule, such people travel a lot, so they should offer new and unusual ideas for recreation. One of the main elements of VIP tourist service is accommodation. All the guest's expectations, formed by staying in the best hotels of the world, should be realized. This is a category of guests that requires increased attention.

VIP service assumes an individual approach to the guest, some of the hotel rooms (suites, embassy suites, & "presidential" rooms, penthouses) are equipped in a special way to serve customers who want to have more comfortable living conditions and are willing to pay for them. The increased level of comfort is expressed in the corresponding design of the room, its equipment with television equipment, video equipment and other equipment, the presence of attention signs for the guest (compliments) from the hotel, etc.

Expectations and requirements of VIP guests

Nothing so caresses a person's hearing as his own name (Dale Carnegie). VIP guests want to be recognized, named by name, valued and respected, so that employees have the desire and ability to serve them, never forcing them to wait.

VIP guests expect to receive quality service, which begins with a warm, friendly welcome and greetings. Particularly important persons should feel that the hotel staff is not only ready to provide the highest level of services, but also sincerely glad that this guest chose their hotel, and not another hotel.

VIP guests want to feel care for them and support. You should learn about the client's preferences, act in accordance with them and pass this information on to colleagues so that each employee serving the VIP client can provide him with personalized services.

Particularly important persons want to feel secure in the hotel. Additional security system, organized for VIP guests (additional security at the door of the room, security at the main entrance of the hotel, surveillance cameras in the guest areas, door eyes and latches, etc.), help the guest relax and feel comfortable and safe.

VIP clients want to have the right to freely choose a solution in case of any kind of conflict situations, and they need to provide this opportunity.

Especially important guests want all the staff not only to be able to meet their needs and expectations for providing the highest quality services, but also to anticipate their wishes.

All the efforts of the staff of high-class hotels should be aimed at making the VIP-client's stay in the hotel as convenient and comfortable as possible in any aspect. In such hotels special trainings are conducted to service wine customers.

The work on VIP-services in hotels without exaggeration can be called painstaking and very individual.

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