Main technological documents of the AHC of the hotel...

Main technological documents of the AHC of the hotel

Housekeeping Report (Room Status Report, Housekeepers Report). Every day, by the beginning of the 1st morning shift for the LHC chambermaids, the nightly auditors of the reception and accommodation service prepare the Housekeeping Report, the main working document that guides the head of the service and his assistants in the distribution of work for the current day. Housekeeping Report is a report on the current state of the hotel's occupancy.

Leading domestic hotels with foreign management use an automated hotel management system Fidelio. Module Room Fund Management This computer system allows you to get any reports and statistics for any period of time necessary for the work. In addition to the Housekeeping Report, the Room Funding gives a full set of opportunities for the work of the ACS:

• appointment of rooms and reports on all allocations;

• assignment to the maid;

• reports on the work of maids;

• reports on room mismatches;

• Changing the status of rooms using the Phone Interface;

• Function keys for displaying the status of rooms;

• Quick-clean operation;

• Non-living rooms and "rooms on repair".

If necessary with the help of a computer program, we can get: a separate list of VIP guests calling in on that day; a list of numbers to be released today, and a list of occupied numbers; information on the arrival of customers for the current day; information on the laundry and dry-cleaning services provided in the previous day in monetary terms; full list of living clients alphabetically; data on guests' residence on specific floors, etc. (Figure 3.2).

Fragment of the occupancy report

Fig. 3.2. Fragment of the occupancy report

In hotels with foreign management, a computer program is used in English. The task of the head of the AXS and his assistants is to understand the documentation, reports and understandably inform the subordinates. Even in the most high-class hotels, we have no right to demand from low-ranking employees (maids, cleaners, floor polishers, etc.) a fluent knowledge of English and the ability to work on the computer.

A lot of abbreviations are used in the Housekeeping Report. In different hotels, the main statuses can be represented as follows:

CL or CLN (from English, clean) - clean;

DI or DTY (from English, dirty) - dirty;

OS or OSS (from English, occupy) - busy, residential;

DP or DEP (from English, departure) - exit, the guest has already checked out, DN - exit, but the guest has not paid;

OO or LLC (from English, out of order) - number in forced outage, defective, in poor condition (repair);

OS - this status can be assigned to reserved numbers, waiting for especially important guests;

AE - Expected ( on arrival );

NS - non-smoking room.

Often in notes (Notes, Specials, Remarks) you can see the entry sleep out , which means "the guest is registered, but not spent the night, or turn down - ; evening cleaning is required and much more. For the head of the service, his deputy and supervisors, the following statuses of numbers should be clear:

No. 301 - CL AE is a clean room ready to race;

No. 305 - VAC/CLN/INSP - free, cleaned, checked;

No. 412 - DI DN - the room is dirty, the guest has not paid yet;

No. 504 - DI DP - number of exit, dirty, the guest paid and discharged;

No. 511 - CL OS - the number is busy, clean;

No. 628 - DI OS - the number is busy, dirty;

No. 629 - DI DP AE - exit, dirty number, delivered on arrival & quot ;;

No. 630 - OS AE - number for a very important person, delivered on arrival and so on

The duty of the head of the service, his deputy or, most often, the supervisor on duty, is to transfer information from the Housekeeping Report to the maid's personal tasks (floor plans, floor sheets, Floor Reports) in a simplified, subordinate form. Floor plans are made personally for each maid, which indicates the date, surname of the maid, and in particular the room numbers in which this or that cleaning is needed. For greater clarity of the picture of occupancy of rooms, each status of the number is assigned its own specific color. So, in accordance with the procedure adopted in the service, busy OSS numbers, for example, are marked in red; numbers from which guests left or exit is assumed today, DEP - yellow; numbers supplied by the repair, LLC - green, etc. Having such a task, the maid is well aware of the amount of work, what kind of cleaning is required in a particular room and in what sequence should everything be produced.

Responsible for the preparation of tasks for the housemaid should distribute the work clearly and as fairly as possible. At the same time, cleaning rates are taken into account both in the number and in the time of cleaning the rooms of various categories. The rates for cleaning the maid for a shift are approximately 12-16 numbers, depending on the state of employment; room cleaning Apartment It is considered as cleaning of two one-room numbers, Suite - as cleaning of three one-room numbers. Norms of harvesting but time:

• One-room occupied room - 15-20 minutes;

• One-room number after the client's departure - 20-30 minutes.

These norms are recommendatory in nature. It is clear that no one is facing a maid with a stopwatch. If you need to spend a bit more time cleaning, this will be done. The main goal is high-quality cleaning of premises. In this regard, there are certain difficulties in the distribution of the work of maid to the accuracy of one number or strictly in time (Figure 3.3). As a rule, the whole number of rooms is divided into sectors, in which busy, vacant numbers, numbers, which require preparation for arrival of VIPs, etc., can be present. Obviously, the amount of work in the rooms of the listed statuses is different. An experienced leader tries to distribute the load between staff as evenly as possible and never forgets to compensate the employees of the service for their possible recycling.

In order to control the quality of cleaning rooms, supervisors also receive the corresponding tasks. Depending on the scope of work, supervisors receive one, two or more sheets, which means monitoring and checking the work of maid several floors (Figure 3.4).

Sample of a maid's personal job

Fig. 3.3. Sample of a maid's personal job

Sample Report for the Supervisor

Figure . 3.4. Sample report for the supervisor

Work on the distribution of tasks for maid and supervisors should be completed strictly by the beginning of the 1st shift. By that time all the staff should be already in uniform. Together with the tasks, maids and supervisors receive the service keys necessary for work.

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